Plumbing or electrical issues are quite common. Unfortunately, you can’t choose a whole lot of what happens to you. And when it happens. Having a misbehaving boiler or shower, a broken kitchen appliance or electrical problems could be very serious, given the current coronavirus outbreak and the amount of time people spent at home.

So, if you need some sort of repair and you want to know if tradesmen are working during the COVID-19 lockdown, read on!

Are tradesmen allowed in your house?

Yes, tradespeople are allowed to visit your house during the lockdown. To find out what restrictions has the Government implemented on non-essential services, go to this page.

Is it safe to book tradesmen services during a lockdown?

In Australia, most of the service providers are currently operating, despite the crisis. We cannot guarantee that each company provides its services safely. However, we can ensure that we follow all guidelines for sanitisation, cleanliness, and precaution, provided by the WHO and CDC. Also, apart from all official guidelines, we’ve implemented even more restrictions and rules that are strictly followed by all Fantastic Services technicians.

Need professional help during the coronavirus outbreak?

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One thing is for sure – you need to be very careful when choosing a company to fix your boiler or light switch.

During the coronavirus outbreak, you have to keep yourself and the people around you safe and healthy. Our advice is to always make sure that the company you book follows all Public Health Association Australia guidelines, including maintaining a two-metre distance from any household occupants to ensure everyone’s safety.

Unfortunately, we think that this is not enough. There are many additional measures to consider when allowing a stranger to visit your home during a lockdown. Read on and find out what we did, in order to keep you and our teams safe.

How is Fantastic Services operating during the COVID-19 outbreak?

As one of the top service providers in Australia, we strive to help you go through this as safely as possible. That’s why we developed a strict safety guide for all the team members. We are closely monitoring the official guidance updates from the Australian government and WHO, but we’ve also imposed far-reaching restrictions on the pros.

Each technician is required to wear protective gear (masks, gloves, overshoes), to sanitise their equipment, tools, and to follow all our safety measures. This way, we can safely deliver tradesmen, gardening, pest control and other maintenance services.

What tradesmen services do we deliver during the lockdown?

We continue to deliver handyman, plumbing and electrical services during these tough times. Our purpose has always been to make you happy and we are hoping that we’ll be able to make your life a little easier by offering our services in the safest way possible.

See what are the tradesmen solutions that we SAFELY deliver during the COVID-19 outbreak by visiting our main website.

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Emergency plumbing and boiler repair services during the COVID-19 situation

We advise you to only book a plumbing or heating engineer for work that is essential.

But what’s essential?

Taps, toilets, showers, baths, pipes, faulty boilers, and all work to maintain uninterrupted freshwater supply. Maintaining hot water supply, heating and disposal of sewage and wastewater are very important throughout the COVID-19 lockdown. In addition, any gas heating fault that could pose risk to your health also calls for hiring an emergency plumbing repair specialist.

The problems we can solve during these difficult times include:

  • Poor flush – if you have to pump the handle, this means that your diaphragm is worn out and may stop working very soon;
  • Shower going hot and cold – this is a sign of interruption of hot water supply;
  • Boiler going on and off, not heating or making noises – this is major and could result in breakdown interruption, hot water and heating;
  • Other minor issues – dripping tap, leaking toilet water into the pan or dripping shower may not seem urgent but with so many people staying at home, a build-up of these minor leaks throughout the county could cause a water shortage.

With waterworks staff being at home, it’s vital we join together to help reduce the wastage of fresh clean water and decrease the strain on the water providers.

Emergency electrical services during the coronavirus crisis

If you face electricity issues or your kitchen appliance needs repair, you shouldn’t be dealing with such repairs by yourself. It could be very dangerous. That’s why our advice is to leave your problems in the hands of the professionals.

Despite the situation, our professionals safely deliver the following services:

  • Appliance repair: We can help with cooker, oven, hob, dishwasher, fridge, washing machine and tumble dryer repairs.
  • All kinds of electrical and heating services: We can fix your lighting, fuse box or radiator.

Also, as part of the door repair services, we offer the so-called boarding up service. Since Australia went into lockdown, many businesses have had to close temporarily. Lots of offices, shops and business buildings need to shut down and many of them request help with boarding up their doors and windows.

  • Last update: August 12, 2021

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