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Why Your Cactus is Turning Yellow

Why your cactus is developing a yellowish colour?

While cacti can thrive in the harsh world of the desert, they can still experience hardship when people are taking care of them. Pot cactuses show when they are stressed out by yellowing. Stress can come from numerous factors like improper watering, wrong sunlight exposure, etc.

While they can handle a bit of neglect, succulent plants like the cactus will need to be set in the proper conditions to thrive.


Easily Attracting Songbirds to Your Backyard

How to attract songbirds in your home
Shutterstock/Bachkova Natalia

All of us love the calming chirps of songbirds. There is nothing like drinking a peaceful cup of coffee in your backyard coupled with the beautiful tweeting of a Common Myna.

But if your backyard doesn’t offer the proper habitat for songbirds, your only choice is to listen to recordings of songbirds on YouTube (not quite the real deal though).

Worry not, because birds are easily attracted, and with just a couple of simple tweaks in your garden you can easily attract songbirds in your garden.


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