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Moving from Sydney to Melbourne

Moving from Sydney to Melbourne Guide

Changing the hustle and bustle of Sydney to settle down in the family-friendly city of Melbourne is a big step.

Whether the reason for relocating is professional growth, or you’re taking the next step in your life and want to raise a family in a more appropriate city this type of logistics are never easy. There’s always too much to plan, think about and research before you take this step.


7 Dead Simple Ways to Beat the Winter Blues

A simple guide on fighting the winter blues.

The sad, damp weather of the Australian winter is getting closer and closer. This means no more endless fun under the Australian sun. Instead, rain and colder weather will take its place.

With bad weather comes the Winter blues. But it shouldn’t be, as the winter can be an amazing opportunity to advance in your career, have more time to spend at home, thus improving it, and even learn something new!


How to Organise an Easter Egg Hunt

Kids on an egg hunt in Australia.
You know it’s fun!

Who doesn’t like to spend Easter with family and friends? Just by mentioning Easter in most of our heads pops up a picture of fun, laugh and… egg hunting!

In Australia, egg hunting, or also known as Easter scavenger hunting is an event most of us have participated in when we were younger.
While you are most likely the organizer of the Easter egg hunting events, they are still a lot of fun.


The Amazing Events You Should Visit in Sydney and Melbourne in Autumn 2018

The Sydney Opera House during a light event.

With the winter and damp weather almost around the corner, we, Aussies have just a couple of months left to enjoy the outside.

And with the ungodly hot weather of summer coming to an end, some pretty exciting events start to take place in Australia’s biggest cities – Sydney and Melbourne.

From light shows to food markets where you can eat the most delicious produce, we’re giving you the eight best events to visit in Australia.


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