Fantastic Services update on COVID-19

As the coronavirus (COVID-19) continues to spread, we want to assure you we are putting the safety of our customers and team members first. By following all guidelines for sanitisation, cleanliness, and precaution we continue to provide our customers with fantastic services every day.

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6th September Update - Stage 4 Lockdown Dates Update

Today, Daniel Andrews announced that the Stage 4 Lockdown in Melbourne would be extended. This means that Fantastic Services will keep providing essential services for several more weeks.

See here for more information about going to Step 1.

As of 28th September, Victoria will move to Step 2 of the plan. This will see a small number of businesses open such as Gardening, Handyman and Pest Control services.

It's still unclear if the residential house cleaning will fall into this category and we will keep you updated as soon as we have clear information from the government institutions.

Stage 4 Lockdown - August 6th

As you are already aware Melbourne is in Stage 4 Lockdown from Thursday 6 August till Sunday 13 September - 6 weeks.

We have received some clarification from Business Victoria regarding which services can continue to be provided during the lockdown. The good news is that a number of customers can still receive their services.

We would like to confirm the services that we could continue to provide in Melbourne and clarify for you some processes and procedures:

Antiviral sanitation - for domestic and commercial premises - both options

  • Spray, wipe & mop
  • Fogging

Pest control services - The professional pest management industry is an essential service that is responsible for the protection of public health, food and property. Please check the attached document from the Australian Environmental Pest Managers Association (AEPMA)

Commercial cleaning - all services at commercial buildings/premises will continue as usual. The assumption is that commercial cleaning services will be required for health and safety reasons so our services will be considered essential in order those businesses to continue operating under the current Stage 4 Lockdown.

All customers receiving welfare support (have some kind of disability) - from institutions such as NDIS, TAC, Workcover or equivalent, or are unable to clean the property on their own (because of some kind of disability) are permitted to have a cleaning service in their home. Our service would be considered as essential in those cases for health and safety reasons.

All customers should be aware that at the time of the cleaning service in their property there should be no more than 5 people present at the house including the cleaners (a team of 2 cleaners will be sent)!

All services provided for one of the essential industries below:

  • Offices
  • Supermarkets
  • Grocery stores
  • Bottle shops
  • Pharmacies
  • Petrol stations
  • Banks
  • News agencies
  • Post offices
  • Hospitals

Move out cleaning/EOL cleaning

Move out services will continue. It has been stated that any cleaning services required to allow other essential businesses to continue are permitted. As move out/end of lease cleans are required to ensure that the real estate industry continues operation, they are permitted. To ensure that we have no issues with the authorities we would request from customers to fill in a form - Request for a cleaning service - where they need to confirm that they are not able to do the cleaning themselves and that there will be no residents at the property at the time of the cleaning.

Keeping our customers, franchisees and professionals safe and healthy is a top priority

As a leading home-services provider, we’re dedicated to delivering high-quality services that people and businesses rely on. We’ve put in place everything necessary to continue to safely perform these services throughout the COVID-19 outbreak.

We had to make some changes and adapt our services to the situation. Below, we’ve underlined the measures we take in regards to keeping our customers, franchisees, employees and all partners safe and healthy. You can also see what actions we’ve undertaken to help the Australian population, as well as our approach to reducing the virus’ spread.

How we protect our customers

We’ve been dedicated to bringing our customers happiness since day one. Now, more than ever, we are trying to keep them safe and make them happy at the same time. Here is what we did to help people go through these tough times as safely as possible:

  • We are responsible: We perform daily checks on our pros, making sure they don’t have any symptoms and haven't been near high-risk areas lately. In case, any of this happens, we send a substitute professional.
  • We set limitations: All of the technicians who perform services haven't travelled outside of the country within the past two months.
  • No cash payments: We don't want to exchange cash as a risk of contamination. At this time, only online payments are available.
  • Daily body temperature checks: At the start of the working day, all professionals are required to check their body temperature and confirm that it’s “normal”.
  • No handshakes: We’ve instructed all pros to keep a minimum distance of one meter with all people they come in contact with. They will refuse a handshake to protect our customers and themselves. So, if you want to greet them, smile, and they’ll smile back.
  • Fresh air in the properties: All professionals are keeping the windows open during the service (if possible) in order to ensure proper ventilation.
  • We offer Antiviral Sanitisation Service: All customers can book this service as an addition to our cleaning services. We've also made sure to offer Antiviral Sanitisation as a separate service.
  • We help the NHS: Being on the front line is hard. That’s why we support every NHS worker with free cleaning. In the last five days, we’ve helped more than 100 NHS workers, delivering a total of 200 free cleaning hours!

Our instructions to all the technicians

We make sure that, apart from following all official guidance, we daily update our franchisees and pros on important health and safety standards.

Every Fantastic Services service provider:

  • Carries and frequently uses alcohol-based hand rub;
  • Regularly sanitises all frequently-used items such as mobile devices and keys;
  • Wears protective gear (gloves, masks and additional equipment, if necessary);
  • Washes and disinfects working shoes and clothes daily;
  • Uses overshoes inside all properties;
  • Seals and securely disposes of all used cleaning materials;
  • Disinfects all tools and equipment that have been used for the job.

What more?

  • Every customer is asked to confirm that there haven’t been any positive cases of COVID-19 in the household and the property is not under official quarantine;
  • We have cancelled all employee and franchise events;
  • All 500+ support staff and customer service employees are working from home;
  • We strictly follow all the instructions provided by the Australian Government.

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