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Pest control services available in Caroline Springs

Bed bug control

Domestically available insecticides may not work on bed bugs as they are resistant to many commonly used chemicals. Certified technicians stay current on effective formulas and use professional compounds which will kill these beasts. Treatments to exterminate bed bugs generally need to be done in two rounds. The first round kills adults, the second is completed 2 or 3 weeks later to kill any eggs that have hatched since the first visit. Your technician will also advise on measures you should take to maximise the efficiency of bed bug control.

Spider control

Spider control is available for the inside of your house and also for yards or gardens. The technician will use insecticide sprays or dust as required. Spider control can usually be achieved in one visit but if the infestation is severe or a garden is very overgrown a second round of treatment may be required. Whether you're phobic or worried about bites, a resolution to your spider troubles is available.

Rodent control

Rats or mice in your home represent a significant health hazard. Rodents carry fleas, which themselves can spread disease and they'll also directly spread a range of bacteria and viruses that can cause unpleasant or even life-threatening illnesses. Rats and mice contaminate food through their urine and droppings. The technician will inspect to determine the location of rodent infestations and will lay out feeding stations baited with poison. The technician will outline ways to make your property less vulnerable to rodents in the future.

Wildlife control

A humane capture service is offered to remove squirrels, birds, foxes or possums. Traps are laid down and then visited daily to ensure that the animal is not trapped for an extended period of time. Some vermin is removed entirely from the premises. In the case of possums, it's a legal requirement that they're released close to the capture point. You'll be advised on how you can best secure your property against repeat wildlife invasions.


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Real pest control quotes from Caroline Springs:


Cockroaches infestation

Caroline Springs Apr 14, 2021
Hi, I need a cockroach control service for my 2-bedroom flat. I see cockroaches in the kitchen when I wake up at night. Please send me a quote, I'd like the service for the ne
xt week.
... More

Service: Cockroach control


Rats and cockroaches infestation

Caroline Springs Feb 21, 2021
Hello, Please provide a pest control service for rats and cockroaches ASAP. We live in a 3-bedroom house, there are rats in the garage too. Send me a quote first.

Service: Cockroaches and rats control


Move out pest control service

Caroline Springs Jun 26, 2021
We need flea treatment as part of move out requirements. Is this treatment for the whole home? Can we enter the house after the treatment has been completed? Thanks!

Service: Pest control

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*Data has been extracted from our internal database for the past 12 months

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