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See some of the popular pest removal services we provide in Caulfield

Cockroach control

Cockroaches carry and spread a range of bacteria that can cause food poisoning or other diseases. In a kitchen, they contaminate uncovered food and work surfaces through their saliva and droppings. The pest control technician will inspect to determine the location of the infestation and lay down bait. Cockroaches that eat the bait die and since other roaches will eat them the treatment works across the colony in a short time. This method exterminates the roaches to return your home to a sanitary condition without presenting an exposure risk to people or pets.

Wasp removal

Wasps are among the most dangerous pests, since they can provoke heavy allergic reactions in people and pets. That's why, if there is a wasp nest near your home, you shouldn't waste time with questionable DIY methods. Instead, you should let a professional pest control technician take a look. Our exterminators know how to safely remove a wasp nest, or relocate a beehive. As an added benefit, you will get professional advice on how to keep insects away in the future.

Bed bugs removal

Bed bugs are resistant to many insecticides available over the counter so DIY bed bug treatments are rarely effective. Professional pest exterminators utilise formulas with superior efficiency and complete the work in accordance with the Australian Standards and industry codes of practice. Bed bugs control is generally completed in two visits so that a second outbreak is prevented.

Rat and mice control

Schedule our mice control or rat control service to put a stop to the destructive activity of the pesky rodents! You probably know that rats and mice can cause property damage, contaminate surfaces, ruin stored foods, chew on cables and gnaw on wooden structures in your home or place of business. Most importantly, the vermin can carry diseases. We use traps and baits that will successfully eliminate a rodent infestation of any scale.

What to expect from the pest control technician in Caulfield

The pest exterminator follows a proven procedure to rid your property of pests and protect it from them in the future.

Inspection. To understand the type of pest, the degree of infestation and why it happened.

Intervention. This could involve laying down rodenticides or insecticides as powder or bait or other indicated methods. Humane wildlife removal is also available to deal with squirrels, birds or possums.

Observation phase. Depending on the level of service you've chosen the expert will either arrange a date to return and assess the effects of the work or advise you on what to look for and when to expect to see results.

Prevention. Your pest control service includes a written report. This details what's been done and recommends actions you should take to make your property less vulnerable to pest invasion in the future.

Why use professional pest control services in Caulfield?

Speedy interventions and guaranteed results are central to effective pest control - we deliver both of these things.

  • A vermin and pest-free environment - Treatments are always administered in accordance with all safety guidelines.
  • Online booking management - Use the online system to make a booking or even to amend it. Rescheduling is free if you give us 24 hours notice.
  • Transparent pricing with no hidden extras - Our pest control rates are transparent and competitive, and include all the equipment, pesticidal products used and the time spent to eliminate the vermin infestation.
  • Convenient, hassle-free services - Use any of your booking options to secure pest removal the moment you discover a problem.

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*Data has been extracted from our internal database for the past 12 months

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Real pest control quotes from Caulfield:


Possum infestation

Caulfield Sep 02 2021
Hello. I have a problem with possums attacking my mango tree in the yard. I need you to come and treat my yard as soon as possible. What would be the price, I am a Fantastic C
lub member. Thant you!
... More

Service: Possum control


Rats and termites

Caulfield Apr 14 2021
Hi, I have had a minor history of rats in the backyard. Would like second inspection to replace traps. A quick termite treatment under the house would also be appreciated due
to the presence of timber structure. No termites have been detected during previous visit. Thank you!
... More

Service: Pest control


Mice problem

Caulfield Dec 21 2021
We saw mice and want to get rid of them. Might be rats too, but were small, so probably mice. I need someone to come and inspect the whole property. Send a price first, please
. Thanks.
... More

Service: Mice control

How much does a pest control service in Caulfield cost?

$211 $314 $457

The average cost for professional pest control in Caulfield is $314.

Almost 85% of our customers in Caulfield request a second (follow-up) visit.

1 in 5 customers becomes a member of our Fantastic Club and enjoys countless benefits!

Nearly 40% of our customers combine their pest treatment with a cleaning service!

*Data has been extracted from our internal database for the past 12 months

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