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The most requested pest control services in Collinwood

Bed bugs control

It's easy to bring bed bugs home. They often travel on clothing or suitcases if you stay in an infested hotel. These insects aren't so easy to get rid of as they're resistant to many insecticides available to domestic customers. Your pest controller will use highly effective professional-grade formulations to kill bed bugs and will advise on measures you can take to maximise the success of the treatment. In accordance with the Australian Standards and industry codes of practice, we recommend that bed bug extermination is done in two visits.

Rat control or mice control

Contrary to common myth, rodents will move into any home they can gain access to, infestation is NOT a sign that the home is dirty. Mice and rats spread a range of diseases directly, transmitting viruses and bacteria through droppings and urine. They're also hosts to fleas and ticks which themselves carry diseases. Rodent control is completed through the use of traps or baited feeding stations. The technician also assists by blocking small holes that the pests have used to gain access and advises on other measures to keep your home rodent-free.

Flea control

Fleas could be carried into your home on pet fur but occasionally second-hand furniture or carpets can harbour flea eggs. Fleas can be resistant to commonly used insecticides, the formulas used by professionals are more effective. You should clean and vacuum before treatment as it will be necessary to leave the insecticide in place for a few weeks after. Flea control can sometimes be achieved in a single visit providing you make arrangements for any pets to be treated on the same day as the house is.

Bee and wasp control

Removing a hive of stinging insects without triggering their territorial instinct to attack isn't easy and it's NOT something we'd recommend you try yourself. It's much better to hand the job on to an expert with the correct tools and safety equipment. The pest control officer may remove the nest directly, or use dust and baits to destroy the colony.


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Real pest control quotes from Collingwood:


Regular pest control

Collingwood Apr 10, 2021
Hi there, I was wondering if you still offered pest control services for an NDIA Participant? It is a one-story house needing general maintenance on the interior and exterior.
... More

Service: Pest control


Wasp hives

Collingwood Jul 14, 2021
Hi, I need an urgent quote for pest control. We have 2 wasp hives under the balcony. It would be greatly appreciated if you can attend to that as soon as possible. Thank You

Service: Wasps control


Rats and cockroaches

Collingwood Apr 30, 2021
Hello, Please provide a pest control service for rats and cockroaches ASAP. It's a rental property, the tenants will move in two weeks. Please contact me if you need more info
... More

Service: Pest control

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The average cost for professional pest control in Collingwood is $315.

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Nearly 40% of our customers combine their pest treatment with a cleaning service!

*Data has been extracted from our internal database for the past 12 months

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