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Some of the pest control services we offer in Docklands

Insect control

Wasp nests in the garden, cockroaches in the kitchen, bed bugs, ant invasions, or any other kinds of flying, crawling, biting or stinging insects. A trained and qualified pest exterminator will select from a range of advanced pest control solutions, choosing the one that will get rid of unwanted guests in the most efficient and safest way. In a short time, your home will be returned to a sanitary condition and you won't have to worry about bites, stings, structural damage or insect-borne diseases.

Rodent control

Rats and mice carry numerous diseases and contaminate food and any surfaces they move across. They can also cause property damage with their constant gnawing. Rodents are intelligent creatures and it takes a degree of experience to set baited traps that will outwit their suspicious nature. A pest controller has the skill required to set baited stations where rodents will feed upon them. Your professional will also assist in sealing your property to prevent more rats or mice from entering in the future.

Wildlife control

Certain birds, squirrels, foxes, rabbits or possums in or around your property are sometimes a delight and sometimes simply a nuisance. Unfortunately, on occasions, they cause damage and some vermin carry diseases that can affect people. Wildlife control is achieved through the use of humane traps which are checked regularly once laid. Captured wildlife is removed or, in the case of possums, released near their capture point as required by law. Your professional will also advise on or assist in making your property wildlife-proof.

Spider control

Spiders can have a role in controlling the population of smaller insects but if there are too many of them, if you think there are species present which might have a nasty bite or if you're simply spider-phobic a spider extermination service is available. Spider control can be delivered within your property or in your yard or garden.


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Real pest control quotes from Docklands


Rodent activity

Docklands Mar 18, 2021
Good afternoon, can you please assist me to arrange a pest control for my one bedroom flat. In my humble opinion we have a rodent situation here, however I can't confirm for s
ure if that's the real problem. Please be quick in quotation, thank you!
... More

Service: Mice control


Moths invasion

Docklands Aug 05, 2021
I was wanting to organise a one-off pest control for one of my NDIS participants as there are moths throughout the entire house. They are literally everywhere, so have in mind
that the treatment can take longer than usual. Please advise on how to proceed.
... More

Service: Moths control


Bed bugs problem

Docklands Apr 29, 2021
I am contacting on behalf of my client who is NDIA managed and who requires assistance for a bed bug problem at their property. Could you provide a quote please? It is a one b
edroom apartment, I am not sure of the condition of the flat. Please contact to discuss further or with any queries!
... More

Service: Bed bugs treatment

How much does a pest control service in Docklands cost?

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The average cost for professional pest control in Docklands is $314.

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Nearly 40% of our customers combine their pest treatment with a cleaning service!

*Data has been extracted from our internal database for the past 12 months

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