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Popular pest control solutions in Middle Park

Cockroach control

These insects contaminate food, carry a variety of disease-causing bacteria and have a reputation of being hard to kill. They are resistant to some over-the-counter insecticides so using a professional service for cockroach control is recommended. The pest control technician will firstly establish the species of cockroach and the extent of the infestation then apply the indicated treatment. A baited gel is often utilised as this is taken up by cockroaches without drifting onto food or kitchen surfaces. Treatment may take a few weeks to show its full effect.

Flea control

Flea infestations most often originate in household pets but the insects can also be carried in on second-hand soft furnishings. Flea bites can cause an allergic reaction and these insects transmit certain diseases. The pest controller will treat infected carpets, soft furniture and anywhere else where it's suspected the fleas may be present. If you have pets it's important that they are treated by a vet at the same time as the property so that the infestation cycle is broken.

Rat control

Rats and mice contaminate food, spread disease and can cause structural damage to property. Rodents also act as hosts for other pests such as fleas. The pest controller will lay baited traps for rats or mice. There's a degree of skill involved in setting these in such a way that intelligent and suspicious rodents take the bait. This is one reason why home treatment for rodents often fails. Rats can give birth to up to 12 young every 3 weeks and the young reach breeding age within 2 months, so it's important to act fast if you suspect a rodent infestation.

Possum control

Alongside traditional extermination services pest controllers also provide humane capture for possums and vermin such as squirrels, certain birds, foxes or rabbits. Once laid traps are checked daily. By law, possums must be released within 50 metres of their capture point, other wildlife can be removed from your property. In either case, the technician will also assist or advise on blocking entry to attics or crawl spaces.


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Pest control quotes from Middle Park


Rodent activity

Middle Park Sep 15, 2021
Hello, I need a quote about a single-bedroom apartment with a nasty rat infestation. How quickly can you come over and inspect the situation, I'm on the verge of a mental brea
... More

Service: Mice control


Moths invasion

Middle Park Oct 23, 2021
Good day, we have a bad moth infestation, all our clothes are up in cocoons and the little freaks are flying everywhere. It is a single-story house, can you give a quick quote
... More

Service: Moths control


Bed bug problem

Middle Park Nov 1, 2021
I have bed bugs in my flat and my landlord said it's my responsibility to deal with them. How much for a quick treatment, I only have one bedroom? Hurry please, it's very bad.
... More

Service: Bed bugs control

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