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The pest controller follows an established protocol that ensures effective pest extermination.


One of the vetted pest controllers will arrive promptly on the day of the service to conduct a thorough inspection to determine the infestation levels and type of pest.

Treatment against the pest

The pest control solution selected is always tailored to the type of insect or vermin to be treated, the severity of the problem and the property where the work is to be done.

Options for follow-up visits

Depending on the level of service you've chosen the expert will either arrange a date to return and assess the effects of the work or advise you on what to look for and when to expect to see results.


That's it! Your pests have been caught, removed, or exterminated. But what about next time? Examine a detailed report of the service you've just had carried out. It will point to entry points that you should have sealed.

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There's more to our vermin removal solutions, from offering real-time availability to being by your side in pest emergencies!

  • Contactless service options - Key collection and drop-off can be arranged if you need pest removal service, but can't meet the professional.
  • A full pest control experience - We offer a three-step service that includes a thorough inspection, expert treatment, and prevention techniques to ensure you won't get the same pest problem in the future.
  • Detailed instructions and advice - A checklist of actions you're advised to take to enhance the effect of the pest removal service and keep yourself safe.
  • Loyalty program perks - Our members experience low rates, premium booking slots, and seasonal deals for the low price of $89 per year!

Some of our pest control services in Mulgrave

Termite control

Leave the elimination of a termite infestation to the knowledgeable pest exterminators at Fantastic Services! Termite control usually involves more than one visit and treatment with the use of professional insecticides and monitoring stations. Termite prevention is also important, so our experts will gladly advise you on the matter at the end of your termite control session.

Insect control

From fleas to bed bugs, Fantastic Services provides effective and safe extermination of insects. Your technician will be a trained, certified and experienced professional who'll deliver the most appropriate treatment regime and advise you on any steps you should take to ensure that once the insects are gone, they stay gone.

Flea control

It is quite unpleasant to deal with fleas. They are tiny, quick, impossible to catch. The only effective approach is by using reliable insecticides. We've got the means and the know-how to eliminate such infestations. Fleas stand no chance against the pest control methods that we have developed so book your service today and forget about your troubles. As an added benefit, if you have dogs or cats in your home, they will be quite thankful for taking care of the problem.

Bees or wasp control

A wasp nest near your home is a nuisance. If you or any member of your family has an allergy to stings, large numbers of wasps or bees can be life-threatening. In that case, removing a hive safely requires the right skills and safety equipment. Call in a professional to get rid of the nest so you can enjoy picnics and BBQs once again without being bothered by stinging insects.


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*Data has been extracted from our internal database for the past 12 months

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Real pest control quotes from Mulgrave:


Moth problems

Mulgrave Dec 29 2021
Hi, my wife reported a moth problems in the bedroom wardrobe and carpet as well as in the lounge room carpet. I would like to request a professional service if possible. We ne
ed the service to be done this Friday. Thank you!
... More

Service: Moth control


Pest inspection

Mulgrave Dec 22 2021
Hi. Please quote me for a small 2 1/2- house, including outside house perimeter and also a small shed. I am looking for cockroach pest control and spiders as well as rats.

Service: General Pest control


Noise problem

Mulgrave Dec 21 2021
There is a noise on the roof in our house. Probably rodent or possum. It's a 4-bedroom house. Please help as soon as possible! My wife is really afraid of these noises. Thank
... More

Service: Rat control

How much does a pest control service in Mulgrave cost?

$196 $308 $478

The average cost for professional pest control in Mulgrave is $308.

Almost 70% of our customers in Mulgrave request a second (follow-up) visit.

1 in 5 customers becomes a member of our Fantastic Club and enjoys countless benefits!

Nearly 40% of our customers combine their pest treatment with a cleaning service!

*Data has been extracted from our internal database for the past 12 months

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Postcode coverage: 3170

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