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Some of the most requested pest control services in Newport

Cockroach control

Cockroaches are most often found in kitchens where they contaminate food. They carry a wide variety of pathogens so having them in your home is a significant health risk. The most effective treatment against cockroaches is gel baits, these deliver insecticide to the pests without contaminating the property being treated. Since cockroaches eat anything, including each other, one dead roach will spread the insecticide to many more. Within a few weeks of the bait being laid the pesticide will spread through and destroy the colony.

Spider control

A few spiders may not be a bad thing, but large numbers or the wrong species is another matter. Spider control can be completed within your property or in outdoor areas such as patios and yards. To maximise the effectiveness of spider control you're advised to ensure that the areas to be treated are as clear and uncluttered as possible.

Bed bugs control

Bed bug populations have increased enormously in recent years as these insects have become resistant to many common pesticides. Professional insect exterminators have access to advanced formulas which are effective against bed bugs and they're trained to use them correctly avoiding the risks of increasing resistance levels. Bed bug control is completed in two visits spaced around three weeks apart. This allows two generations of bugs to be killed which is generally enough to break the infestation cycle.

Rodent control

Mice and rats have been living alongside humans, stealing food, damaging property and spreading disease for centuries. If your home has become the latest battleground of this ongoing war you'll want to resolve the situation quickly, before the rodents start breeding. The exterminator will set baited traps along with rat or mouse runs. They'll also locate easily accessible entry points and seal them to prevent more rodents from entering in the future.


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Pest control quotes from Newport


Bed bug problem

Newport Sep 22, 2021
Good day, I am contacting you on behalf of a bed bug problem at my property. Could you provide a quote, please? It is a two-bedroom apartment. Please contact me if you need ad
ditional information. Thanks!
... More

Service: Bed bug control


Rats in the garden

Newport Oct 30, 2021
Hello there, I need a quote for a pest control service. I see rats in my back garden. Could you please come and check? It's a small garden in our two-storey house. Thank you!

Service: Rat control


EOL flea treatment

Newport Oct 25, 2021
Hello, Could you please quote me a vacate flea treatment for my 2 bedroom rental property? I need the service for the next two weeks. Please send me the available dates. I am
a FC member. Thank you.
... More

Service: Flea control

How much does a pest control service in Newport cost?

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The average cost for professional pest control in Newport is $315.

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Nearly 40% of our customers combine their pest treatment with a cleaning service!

*Data has been extracted from our internal database for the past 12 months

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