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Take a look at some of the pest issues we can handle for you in Sunshine

Mosquito treatment

We are all aware of how hard it is to get rid of mosquitos. Besides being a nuisance, they can spread diseases that are hazardous to human health. So, there is more than one reason to keep the annoying insects away from your home and garden. We offer an effective solution to this pest problem. The Fantastic exterminators in Sunshine will not only expertly remove the mosquito infestation but will gladly advise you on how to keep the pests at bay.

Moth control

Although they are not a direct danger to human health, moths are a type of pest that you want to get rid of because of the damage they cause to clothes and linen.Not to mention pantry moths that can ruin your stored foods. Professional help in dealing with this pest is a must because the type of moth needs to be determined, in order to choose the right treatment. Keep in mind that you will be asked to remove your belongings from closets and wardrobes, or food packages from your kitchen cupboards, spending on the type of moth infestation you have. Once you do that, the professional exterminator will eliminate the annoying pest.

Wasp removal

If there is a wasp nest close to your home, you better don’t waste time before seeking professional help since wasps can be extremely dangerous, due the allergic reaction they can cause. Book a pest removal service and a wasp control specialist will remove the insect's nest, in accordance with all safety rules. You will also receive useful advice on how to prevent a new wasp colony from bothering you in the future.

Mice control

These little pests can be annoying but also dangerous to people’s health. Since they reproduce extremely fast, a single mouse can cause a severe infestation before you know it. The good news is that a professional exterminator could deal with mice issues of any scope. Note that a less severe mice problem can be resolved in a single visit from the exterminator. In case of a serious infestation, however, booking a guaranteed service with a follow-up visit included is highly recommended.

How does the pest control session in Sunshine go?

Thorough inspection

The first thing your exterminator will do upon arrival is a detailed survey of the infested area. The type and level of infestation will be expertly determined, in order to choose the most appropriate and effective treatment.

Pest removal method

The method chosen will depend on the type of pest that has to be eliminated. It can include the use of aerosoles, sprays or other pesticidal products, as well as the use of baits or traps. In some cases, you may be asked to leave the house during the treatment along with your pets, as a precaution.

Written report

In addition to the pest treatment, your pest removal specialist will provide you with a thorough written report, where the type of pest, the method applied and the pesticides used (if any), are described in detail.

Prevention tips

The treatment of the pesky vermin, performed by the exterminators, is, of course, the main part of the job. But you will also receive useful advice on how to keep the vermin away for good because the best way to ensure that your home is free of pests is prevention.

Some other benefits you get from your pest removal service in Sunshine

Flexible working schedule

Our pest control services are offered 7days a week. You can even book a weekend pest removal session at no additional charge. Public holidays are also available.

Emergency visits

We know you want to get rid of the wasp nest in your backyard as soon as possible. So. we offer same-day pest removal services, as well.

Benefits for loyal clients

We created the Fantastic Club so that our loyal clients can benefit from additional special deals, discounts, credit towards other services, priority booking slots and more.

Proven pest control solutions

The pest control methods we use and the pesticides we work with are all tested and approved, in accordance with all state and national safety requirements.

Variety of pests treated

Whatever your pest problem is, we can solve it. The local exterminators successfully treat rodents and all common types of crawling and flying insects. Bird and possum control is also available.

Guaranteed services

The booking of a guaranteed service ensures an additional visit after the initial treatment has been provided. It’s optional but highly recommended in some cases, such as rodent control, bed bugs, termite or cockroach infestations.


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Real pest control quotes from Sunshine:


Rodent activity

Sunshine Jul 09, 2021
Good afternoon, can you please help me with pet extermination for my one-bedroom apartment? I think I have a rodent situation here, however, I can't confirm for sure if it's m
ice or rats. Please hurry with the quotation, the situation is dire!
... More

Service: Mice control


Moth problem

Sunshine Aug 22, 2021
I have an NDIS participant who has moths in their house. They are flying all over the place, so have in mind that the extermination can be long. Please give me advice what to
... More

Service: Moths control


Bed bug invasion

Sunshine May 22, 2021
Hello, one of my tenants is NDIA managed and needs help with a bed bug problem. It is a small flat with one bedroom. Could you provide a quote, please? I am not sure about the
condition of the property. Please contact me ASAP!
... More

Service: Bed bug treatment

How much does a pest control service in Sunshine cost?

$210 $315 $435

The average cost for professional pest control in Sunshine is $315.

Almost 75% of our customers in Sunshine request a second (follow-up) visit.

1 in 5 customers becomes a member of our Fantastic Club and enjoys countless benefits!

Nearly 40% of our customers combine their pest treatment with a cleaning service!

*Data has been extracted from our internal database for the past 12 months

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