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Give Your Home a Makeover with Our Newest Partnership with Minnie and Me Interiors

Image by Minnie and Me Interiors

Every parent wants the absolute best for their children. And the perfect little bedroom, filled with stuffed animals, sweet family photographs, oh, and let’s not forget about the cute flower pot on the window sill – you get the picture, is a big part of their vision.

However, redecorating your child’s bedroom can quickly transform from an enjoyable project into a complete nightmare. Of course, there is the fun furniture shopping, and trying to find that perfect shade of pink or baby blue. Still, there is also the messy, sticky, and just very unpleasant, wall painting and wallpaper glueing.

But we will let you on a little secret:

There is a way to spruce up your child’s bedroom or baby’s nursery without spilling a drop of paint or having to mix smelly wallpaper glue.

And the way is called Minnie and Me Interiors.

What is Minnie and Me Interiors?

Minnie and Me Interiors is a family-run company, based in Victoria, Australia, that creates unique wallpaper and decal designs. And we aren’t talking about any wallpaper and decals here. These are DIY premium designs printed on a re-positional polyester adhesive fabric (boy, that was a mouthful), that can be applied to almost anything, are suitable both for dark and light surfaces, and don’t require a drop of glue. And get this – they are both removable and reusable.

But how does one come up with such a genius idea?

Let us tell you a story…

It all started in 2017 when Kristy (one of Minnie and Me Interiors owners), was designing a nursery for a close friend of hers. Kristy really wanted to find the perfect wallpaper for the room, one that truly spoke to her and fit her vision, but couldn’t. That led the talented interior designer to share the project with her brother, Jon, who owned a sign company with their dad. Kristy showed him a couple of inspiration pictures and right there, at that moment, an idea was born.

Jon told Kristy that he could actually print her a custom “peel and stick” wallpaper for the bedroom. Needless to say, the project was a success, baby Abigail got her nursery, and the rest is history… and success.

Quite the fairytale, right?

Why do we like Minnie and Me Interiors?

Like Fantastic Services, Minnie and Me Interiors also started with an idea that came out of the blue, so you can imagine how much we can relate to their story. That said, here are a few more reasons why we like the company:

  • Everything is custom – All of Minnie and Me Interiors’ designs are created in collaboration with talented Australian and international artists.
  • They offer decoration services – If you live in the Melbourne area, you can have Kristy herself give your home a makeover or you can schedule yourself an online appointment with her.
  • It’s just easy – No need for special tools or sticky glue. You just peel the backside of the wallpaper or decal and stick it to the wall!

Can’t get more awesome than this, right? Well… it can.

Fantastic Service are happy to share with you that Minnie and Me Interiors are our newest partner! 

Now all of our clients can enjoy 15% OFF their Minnie and Me Interiors wallpaper and decal purchase.

How to get your discount

The process is super easy and takes only a few mouse clicks!

  1. Enter your Fantastic account.
  2. Visit the Fantastic Treats section. 
  3. See our Minnie and Me Interiors offer? Just click on it and receive your discount code!

Stay tuned for more… 

… and get to enjoy many more awesome perks like our Minnie and Me Interiors offer!

Make sure to check the Fantastic Treats page regularly and don’t miss out on the amazing offers we’ve prepared for you!

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