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  • Quality of all repair work is guaranteed
from $125/h

How to get things fixed and repaired at home without being a handyman?

1. Book a minimum of two hours with a skilled handyman expert.

2. The technician comes fully equipped at your premises.

3. All odd jobs are done, all electrical supplies repaired and all furniture assembled within the booked time.

4. Surprise everyone at home with the amount of repairs all checked and done.

Fantastic Handyman Prices

First Hour after minimum $55
Minimum For Service $125*
*covering 2 hrs of service
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Why Choose Fantastic Services for Your Property Maintenance

A handyman is called handy for a reason. He is not only dextrous, well versed and adept at solving technical problems but is also at hand when you most need them.

  • Professional equipment: The technicians employ high-end industry-powered tools and equipment. They arrive prepared with a set of industrial fasteners that may come handy.
  • A wide range of jobs: We do not limit ourselves to the standard list of odd jobs and repairs a home or business owner may need doing. We will chop your wood and stack it neatly if we have to.
  • Discounts & deals: While the handyman is fixing your garden fence, a Fantastic gutter cleaner could be checking the downpipes and another professional cleaning your duct & air conditioner all at preferential rates.
  • Guaranteed quality: We pride ourselves to work with skilful and conscientious handymen, whose professionalism and self-respect will never allow them to bodge a job.

Your Odd Jobs are Never Too Small or Too Big for Us

The Fantastic handymen have been called out to assist with some very unusual problem situations. Still, have a look at the versatile list of tasks and odd jobs that you can count on us doing for you:

  1. Furniture assembly - The handymen are vastly experienced and equipped to assemble any piece of flat pack furniture as per manufacturer’s instructions.
  2. Small electrical fittings repairs - We can organise the replacement of sockets, light bulbs and light switches, etc.
  3. Kitchen & bathroom basic repairs - It is not a problem for us to replace taps, washers, extractor fans, etc.
  4. TV Wall mounting - The technicians have the skills and tools to help you with the TV wall mount installation, the mounting of light fixtures, or to hang properly paintings and pictures.
  5. Other home repairs - Changing the locks or replacing a door handle are just examples of what you might need fixing.
  6. Additional installation tasks - Blinds, curtains and curtain rails, rods & tracks can be installed for you by the handyman upon request.
  7. Outdoor repairs - Fencing and repairs, wall fixes and any other light repair work in your garden can be performed as part of our hourly handyman service.
  8. Other odd jobs - If you have anything at all that needs doing, just ask! A handyman can be sometimes seen as a superman by a frail elderly lady.

Frequently Asked Questions:

  • Q: Do you service commercial properties?

    A: Yes. You can book a handyman service for your business property any time.

  • Q: Can I book a handyman for a couple of days for a home maintenance project of mine?

    A: Yes. We all need an extra pair of hands sometimes or a handyman to hold the other end. You are eligible for discounted rates when you book our services for more than just a few hours. Large projects may be charged per job rather than per hour.

  • Q: Do you charge any fees if I need to cancel my appointment?

    A: No. As long as we receive a 48-hour notice from you. Unfortunately, we will have to apply a cancellation fee if you fail to notify us about the change of your plans.

  • Q: Do you provide the materials, required for an odd job to be completed?

    A: If any supplies and materials need be purchased, the handyman will go and fetch them. The time for shopping is also part of the hourly service. Still, please note that the odd jobs technicians always arrive equipped with basic set of hardware supplies and industrial fasteners.

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