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Professional fogging services against a range of flying insects

  • Certified and insured pest fogging experts near you
  • Emergency and same-day appointments available
  • Various insects, treated - mosquitoes, flying ants, fleas, moths, etc
  • 7-days availability, even on public holidays
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Our pest fogging solutions in 4 simple steps

1. Request your fogging service

Use the online booking form, download the GoFantastic app or call us to arrange your fogging session for a day and time that suits you.

2. Before the service

Clean up your property and remove any food left in the open that may get contaminated during the treatment.

3. The expert arrives fully equipped

After inspecting the affected arrears, the pest technician will proceed with the service once you’ve kindly left the premises with your pets.

4. Enjoy your pest-free property

You can now relax and enjoy a healthier environment at your insect-free home or place of business.

What do you need to do before the fogging service

You may ask yourself the question ‘what is fogging?’, especially because the term is often used instead of fumigation. Well, fogging is ideally used against infestations with flying insects, which can be directly exposed to the insecticidal spray dispersed from special fogging equipment for their complete elimination. The treatment is also often used as a health & safety measure prior to renting out a property to new tenants, and this is usually stipulated as a clause in the tenancy agreement. With that clarified, you should be aware of a few things you'll be asked to do before your fogging service so that the insect infestation on your property can be dealt with appropriately.

  • Open windows to try to get rid of some of the flying bugs;
  • Vacuum clean and dust surfaces in the affected rooms;
  • Remove any sticky traps and baits if you’ve placed any in an attempt to fight the flying insects yourself;
  • Clean up any food leftovers and rubbish;
  • Remove exposed food and store it in cupboards safely;
  • The same goes for pet food and water bowls - put them away.

All the above will help the pest control technician execute the treatment more efficiently and in a safer manner.

What to expect from the fogging service?

The Fantastic pest controllers follow strict procedures, in order to complete the service with guaranteed high-quality results. They take your safety very seriously, hence, you should also comply with all the requirements so that the treatment takes place in a risk-free, yet, effective fashion.

Have a look at how the fogging service goes with Fantastic Services:


The certified pest control technician will arrive fully equipped at your property and will start the service by inspecting the affected areas, first. They’ll discuss a few service-related matters with you and ask you to leave the premises along with any pets that you might have, including fish. This is done for your safety and to avoid any fogging health risks. You’ll be able to return when the fogging agent has settled.

Fogging treatment

Most likely, an ultra-low volume fogging machine will be used to treat your property or individual affected rooms, depending on the severity of the infestation. The equipment will disperse a suitable insecticidal agent in the form of a very fine spray (aerosol), again, based on what type of flying insect is causing the pest issue. Whether mosquitos have been biting you night after night, due to their nearby breeding grounds, or you’ve been suffering from an invasion of nasty flies or destructive moths, rest assured the infestation will be eliminated for good.

Post-service advice

You’ll be given expert advice on what to do and avoid doing after the service, as well. For instance, you should air the place well for some time by opening a few windows. Furthermore, you’ll be asked to refrain from vacuum cleaning the floor and wiping surfaces for a few days, where the treatment has taken place. Keep in mind that the fogging product doesn’t leave any visible residues that may damage your furnishings and other surfaces.


The expert will also provide you with a written service report, which will detail important information, regarding the used treatment and products. It may contain warranty-related specifics, as well. In addition, the professional will give you some pest prevention and proofing tips that will help you prevent future insect infestations.

Rodent inspection with endoscope camera.
Pest technician coming for rodent treatment.

The advantages of booking Fantastic Services’ fogging treatment

We work with fully trained, certified and experienced insect control specialists in Sydney, Melbourne and other major cities in Australia. They are fully qualified to perform a fogging service in domestic and commercial environments in an effective and safe manner by following all relevant regulations, and health and safety practices. Our fogging service comes with a number of benefits, which you can check out below:

  • Approved insecticides - The fogging agents are regulated and approved for use in residential and commercial properties.
  • A range of insects treated - From flying ants, fleas, mosquitos and flies to pesky clothes and pantry moths, we can eliminate the infestation by fogging your premises in no time.
  • Post-service safety advice - Expect some detailed information on the dos and don’ts you need to observe after the service has taken place.
  • Prevention information - Upon completion of the service, the pest technician will advise you on how to protect and proof your property against future insect problems.
  • Discreet solutions - Upon request, the fogging specialist can arrive in a non-branded van, in order to protect your reputation or business image.
  • Emergency services available - Subject to availability, we can assist you on the very same day of you getting in touch with us, 7 days a week, including public holidays.
  • Serving homeowners, tenants, landlords and businesses - The fogging service can be booked by anyone in need of help against an insect infestation.
  • Helpful customer support - Contact our customer support team if you have any queries or concerns, related to the service!
  • Exclusive rates - Join the Fantastic Club for a year and enjoy special rates and numerous other benefits!

Need help against another type of pest?

Did you know that we offer a wide range of pest removal services against infestations, caused by rodents, flying and crawling insects, birds, and even wildlife intruders, like foxes and possums? So, if you have other types of vermin issues on your property, be it your home or place of business, don’t hesitate to contact us and book an emergency or same-day pest inspection and treatment. From cockroach control, ant treatment and bed bug control to rats and mice removal and bird control, Fantastic Services is here to assist you.

Frequently asked questions

Q: How long does the fogging service take?
A: This will depend on the size of your property, its layout and the scope of the infestation. Worry not, the pest controller will be able to tell you a more precise time estimate once on-site.
Q: Can fogging be used against crawling insects?
A: It can but it’s rarely that effective, as insects like cockroaches, bed bugs and ants can easily hide away in crevices and gaps. Fogging is best used against flying insects, which are exposed directly to the insecticide.
Q: Are there any risks for my family and pets if fogging is used?
A: Fogging involves the use of approved insecticides with some toxicity. So, it’s important that you leave the premises along with your pets. Still, when every precaution and safety practice are followed, there is no risk for people and animals.
Q: When is the best time of the year to book a fogging service?
A: Well, this really depends on the type of insects that have been bothering you. In general, insect infestations are on the rise towards the end of summer, when the pests are seeking warmth and alternative food sources.
Can I make changes to my appointment?
Absolutely. You can reschedule your fogging service by logging into your Fantastic account. Please, do this no later than 48 hours before your original appointment.
What is the Fantastic Club?
This is a yearly subscription club, which offers plenty of benefits, such as reduced rates, priority booking, credit towards future services, access to special deals by partners and more.
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