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Door Repairs, Replacement and Installation Services by Skilled Pros

  • Secure home after break-in with quick door repair and replacement service
  • We repair all types of problems on all types of doors
  • If a part is broken or missing, we can provide it upon request
  • Qualified and trained professionals that love to fix doors
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Complete door care in 3 easy steps

1. Book door repair, installation or replacement service for a convenient time.

2. Let the specialists inspect the door and find the issue.

3. The door professionals will repair efficiently and with precision.

Our door repair and maintenance takes care of common door problems

Did you know that the foundation of your property moves with a couple of millimetres due to weather conditions each year? This may cause a perfectly-functioning door to start jamming and not close properly. Check all doors in your property periodically to ensure that your home is safe and secure from burglars.

The professional handymen can perform repairs and replacements on a wide range of interior and exterior doors made of aluminium, wood, or PVC: Garage doors, Entrance doors, Sliding doors, Bi-folding doors, Roller doors, Pivot doors, Entrance doors, Glass doors, Bamboo-jute composite doors

You might be faced with an annoying door stiffness, springing or squeakiness… Or the door may suffer from a minor adjustment issue, due to a broken hinge or because it is slightly warped. No matter the problem, just leave the task to the specialist and his proven expertise. Below is a list of other door maintenance tasks that we can take care of:

  • Changing misaligned, stiff or broken door locks;
  • Replacing, fixing or installing door handles, hinges and door closers;
  • Refurbishing wooden door surfaces, due to holes, splits and scratches;
  • Fixing roller and sliding doors that do not close;
  • Installing new locking mechanisms and door handles;
  • Fitting spyholes, mail door plate slots and cat flaps;
  • Installing and changing door stoppers and draught excluders;
  • Installing and repairing pet doors

Door repairs and replacement services in more detail

When the handyman arrives at your property, he will check carefully what is the malfunction, what is causing it and whether it can be repaired or the door needs to be replaced. The professionals come equipped with modern power tools and extra hardware parts.

Door installation and replacement

If the door is so broken that it’s beyond repair or if you want to install a new door or rehang an existing one to open the other way, you can count on the Fantastic professionals. Installing a door is way more complicated than repairing broken hinges, that’s why it’s not recommended to DIY it. The door installers will:

  • Take correct measures and make sure that the door will fit and close properly;
  • Trimming the door to fit the door frame if necessary;
  • Install the door hardware properly;
  • Re-hang the door to open from the other way;
  • Install the door handle, striker plate and faceplate;

The Fantastic pros always bring spare fasteners from reputable suppliers, just in case, to save time if something unplanned comes up. At the end of the service, the technician will perform a function test, to ensure that the job is done to a high level of standard and up to your satisfaction.

If time allows it, you may be able to have another odd job done within the hours you have booked, whether you need a painting hanged properly, TV wall installation, flat pack assembly a shelf fitted in the kitchen.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Q: Do I need to supply the materials for the door repair service?

    A: This is up to you. We can purchase and deliver all the materials and their cost will be included in the final price.

  • Q: What happens if the handyman completes the job earlier than anticipated?

    A: Don’t worry. You’ll be charged for the actual time that it took the pro to complete the task.

  • Q: I believe that my door is beyond repair. Can you replace it?

    A: Please, speak to our advisors about the type of new door you wish installing, first, to ensure that we can assign an available handyman for a day and time of your preference.

  • Q: Can the technician come in the evening after I come back from work?

    A: Yes. We can arrange for the door repair service to take place outside business hours, including evenings, weekends and public holidays.

  • Q: Do you fix electric garage doors?

    A: We work with qualified and experienced door repair experts who can fix different types of garage doors. Just specify what type of electric garage door you have and our customer care agent will advise you on the available options.

  • Q: Can I book you for an emergency door repair job?

    A: Yes. We’ll do our best to send someone to assist you as soon as possible, subject to your location in Melbourne or Sydney and to our availability, regarding appointment slots and free technicians.

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