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Efficient garage clean up services

No space for your car? It's time for a garage clean out service

  • Easy to organise garage junk removal
  • Rubbish sorted, loaded and transported
  • All non-hazardous waste taken
  • Environmentally responsible - unwanted items recycled when possible
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Here are the four easy steps of garage clean out service

1. Book a service

Arrange your appointment easily using our fast and simple online booking form.

2. Meet the specialists

Your Fantastic professionals will arrive on time, fully prepared for a perfect service.

3. Time to junk removal

The team will follow your plan for removing and arrange all the stuff in your garage.

4. Enjoy your tidy garage

After the service, you can enjoy the free space in your perfectly looking garage.

Why choose Fantastic Services for garage junk removal

If you want to know that your unwanted items will be responsibly disposed of, it's important to use a reputable company for rubbish removals. Choose Fantastic Services for your garage clearance and you'll pay a very reasonable rate to benefit from the attention of friendly, hardworking professionals who'll get rid of the junk and save you hours of hard labour.

Garage Clean Out Service

Reclaim your garage with a clean up service

When getting into your car involves walking crablike between the junk and the vehicle, it's definitely time for a garage clean out service. Making your garage a less cluttered space will allow you to move around comfortably, without risk of injury to yourself or damage to your car.

You might even find that with the things you don't need gone, you're inspired to get some shelves in so that you can use the garage for storage without blocking access. A Fantastic Services handyman could help with the shelving too, but that's another story.

Garage Clearance Service

Organising and using a garage clean out service is so simple

To find out how much your garage junk removal will cost, call us, use our app, or fill out our online enquiry form and request a quote. You can even send photos to show the rubbish that needs to go. You'll get a guideline estimate based on your description of the work to be done, the final price for your service is agreed upon once the rubbish removers have assessed the job.

Then it's just a matter of arranging a time and day for your service. Your rubbish movers will arrive in an appropriately sized van and sort and haul away your junk. Reusable items go for recycling, anything that has no value to anyone goes to the tip.

The team can organise things that remain in the garage when the junk is gone so you have space to move around. And your garage will be left clean and tidy before your workers leave.

Frequently asked questions about garage clean up services

Q: Is there anything I should do before the garage clearance team arrives?
A: There's nothing you have to do. If you choose to, you can separate and pile up the items you want taken away and ensure that there's easy access to them. This will reduce the time it takes for the work and the overall cost. If you don't have time to sort things out, that's fine. Your work will still be done, it will just take a bit longer.
Q: How many removers should I book?
A: If you have heavy items to be taken away you will need to book enough workers to move them safely. We generally find that a team works more efficiently than a solo worker but if you have a small volume of light items for disposal one person and a small van should be sufficient.
Q: What sort of rubbish can I get removed?
A: Use this service for general household waste, builders waste or green waste. Fantastic Services rubbish removers can't take anything classified as a hazardous material but apart from that, they're very flexible.
Q: How is my quote calculated
A: Several factors are taken into account. The volume, weight and type of rubbish to be moved, the number of workers you need, the size of the van and the time the service takes. If items have a fixed disposal cost at the tip you'll also cover that. Currently, this applies to mattresses, fridges and tyres.
Once the rubbish is gone, is there anything else Fantastic Services can help me with?
Definitely. Fantastic Services does a whole host of things to make maintaining your home or business easier. We've mentioned the handyman for those garage shelves, we also offer cleaning, gardening and pest control.
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