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Regular Gutter Cleaning for Better Roof Protection

Ensure that your home’s gutterwork is in top condition twice a year

  • Removal of gutter blockages
  • Non-time limited service
  • Free flushing of downpipes
  • Ensures the seamless waterflow
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Our Gutter Cleaning Service Explained in 4 Simple Steps

1. The gutter cleaners arrive promptly at your property

2. They inspect the site and your home’s gutter work

3. All plant matter, blockages & any insect nests are cleared carefully

4. The downpipes are flushed and the dirt is bagged to be removed

Why Choose Fantastic Gutter Cleaners for Your Property Maintenance

  1. All the organic waste that is cleared out from the gutter lines will be disposed of in your bin.
  2. This Fantastic service includes flushing the downspouts to ensure that nothing obstructs the main rainwater pathway.
  3. The experts will stay as long as it takes to service your gutters, as they do not work by the hour.
  4. They are equipped with all the necessary tools, required to do a quality job.
  5. The gutter cleaners are fully trained, experienced and insured.
  6. You can benefit from further discounts by combining the gutter cleaning service with having your windows professionally washed. Or you can opt for sprucing up your garden and book a garden maintenance service with us.
Two hands cleaning gutters
Gutter full of leaves that need to be cleaned

The Importance of Regular Gutter Cleaning Explained

Professional gutter cleaning services are sought after throughout the year.

The causes for blocked gutterwork:


  • Storm debris in Autumn and Winter, as well as fallen leaves and branches from nearby trees are the main cause for preventing the seamless flow of rainwater.
  • Exuberant plant life in Spring and during summertime may also block the gutters when the pollen count is high and trees shed their blossom.  

How often and what to watch for:


  • Specialists advise on having your gutterwork checked out and cleaned by the experts at least once or twice a year.
  • A good sign to watch for is when the water is cascading in spots from the roof instead of flowing freely down the pipes. If not - you might have clogged gutters.

The possible mishaps from delaying a service:


  • Expensive repairs. Postponing the work that needs doing will only result in costing you more in the long run by having to call for an expensive repair service.
  • Fire hazards. There's the realistic risk when dry leaves are left to pile up in the gutters during bushfire season.
  • Pest infestation. Gutter debris creates the perfect habitat for a variety of insects and rodents. If you have a pest problem be sure to check out our pest control services and find the solution to your problem.

Take advantage of our preferential rates when you entrust Fantastic Services with your regular gutter maintenance clean.

Frequently asked questions about gutter cleaning

Q: How do I know my gutters have to be cleaned?
A: You should clean them at least twice a year - before winter and in early autumn.
Q: Do you do gutter repairs?
A: No. We prevent your gutters from needing repairs. Our service is designed to provide the client with a gutter maintenance clean on a regular basis. The risk of having to look for a repair service is often associated with one neglecting their gutters for over a year.
Q: Are you qualified to do gutter/roof repair work?
A: No, we only do the cleaning.
Q: Do you work in the rain?
A: We cannot perform outdoor services in extreme weather conditions as this will jeopardise the high level of service standards we are accustomed to. Heavy rain may also endanger the safety of the cleaning technicians. Light drizzle, however, usually does not prove to be a problem for the cleaners to perform the gutter cleaning service.
What are the payment options I can choose from?
We accept debit and credit cards, standing order or bank transfer.
Is gutter cleaning an hourly-based service?
No. The service is not limited by time. You will be provided with a quote, based on the type and size of your property, the number of gutters that need cleaning, etc.
What if I need to cancel the service?
If you want to cancel or reschedule, please notify us at least 48h beforehand. Otherwise, a cancellation fee will apply.
Do you have the necessary insurance covers?
Yes, we do.
How much does gutter cleaning cost?
The price depends on the size of your property and how many levels there are. It can also depend on the access to the gutters. For more information simply contact us.
Do I need to be present while your team is doing the cleaning?
Generally no. You just have to give us access to the roof and water/electricity supply.
How long does gutter cleaning take?
It depends on the property size and we can't give you an exact time.
Do you clean gutters located on 3rd floor or above?
Currently we do not.
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Fantastic Cleaners in Melbourne, Brisbane, Sydney and Perth

Gutter cleaning is a seasonal service request for Australians and Fantastic Cleaners, a subsidiary of Fantastic Services, has joined successfully the market niche. The service is designed to save property owners the need for costly repairs by maintaining the good working order of gutters and downpipes. For guidance on the complete range of cleaning services, we offer, get in touch with us anytime by phone or online. Pressure cleaning, after builders cleaning, hourly cleaning, and BBQ cleaning are just mere examples of what we can do for you.