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The professional mattress cleaning service that guarantees a good night's sleep!

  • Suitable for single, double, queen, and king size mattresses
  • Flexible 7-day booking options
  • Fully trained and qualified technicians
  • Specialised cleaning equipment
  • Mattress lifespan increased by years
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How it works

1. Book your mattress cleaning service online.

2. Be prepared and get the mattress ready for us!

3. An expert cleaner will come for a top-to-bottom mattress clean.

4. Enjoy your freshly cleaned mattress, sleep tight!

a professional cleaner cleaning a mattress

Why book our mattress cleaning service?

Your mattress can act as a host for bacteria and dust mites. It also accumulates dust and dirt and is exposed to stains and sweat. Regular sanitising will resolve all of these issues.

Our hot water extraction technique involves the use of industry-standard equipment and solutions which will remove allergens, treat soiled areas, and eliminate the stains on your mattress. This method is fast and effective.

In addition to mattress deep cleaning, we can also help you arrange professional cleaning services for your upholstery and carpets.

Our mattress cleaning process explained

Your cleaning technician will arrive, immediately set up the equipment, and discuss any special requirements with you. The service will be carried out like so:

Firstly, any dust, dead skin flakes, pet hair, or dust mites will be removed with a powerful vacuum.

Secondly, any stains or soiled areas will be identified and treated.

Thirdly, hot water extraction equipment will be used to extract any dirt and grime located deep within your mattress’ fabric.

Finally, you'll be given advice that will help you keep your mattress well-maintained on-going.

The benefits of our professional mattress cleaning

Neglecting to clean your mattress can result in you experiencing allergy and sinus issues, as well as a runny nose and watery eyes. On top of this, if you have asthma, this can be exacerbated. Rest assured that we’ll clean your mattress using non-toxic cleaning products. These won’t cause any side effects for customers suffering from these kinds of health conditions.

You should know that expert mattress cleaners with years of experience will carry out your fully insured service. All the necessary materials, cleaning solutions, equipment, and labour will be provided for just one fee. What’s more, all cleaning methods will be both child and pet-friendly, and if you’ve got any individual requirements, all you’ve got to do is ask.

Bi-annual or at least annual cleaning will increase the lifespan of your mattress. This will keep it in your property, and out of a landfill - which will prevent you from adding to the worsening mattress waste problem.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How often should I have my mattress professionally cleaned?
A: At least once a year. This will extend the life of your mattress, keep it smelling fresh, and eliminate any germs.
Q: How quickly can I use my mattress afterwards?
A: Usually between four and six hours after the service has been completed. But you can speed the drying process up by using a fan or a heater.
Q: Can I have my mattress cleaned at the weekend?
A: Yes. Fantastic Services offers booking slots for every day of the week including Saturday and Sunday.
Q: Do you clean sofas too?
A: Yes we do. You can add our upholstery cleaning service to your order, and save yourself both time and money.
What do I need to do before the technicians arrive?
All we ask is that you remove the sheets and pillows in advance. All the required equipment will be brought to your property by the technicians. You won’t need to provide a thing.
Can you deodorise the mattress?
Yes. Please request this when you make your initial booking. But you should know that there is an additional cost.
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