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Tile and Grout Cleaning - Enjoy a Sparkling Floor

No need to regrout your bathroom walls, when they can be professionally scrubbed clean by our tile cleaners

  • Eliminates grime, limescale and mould
  • Restores the original look of surfaces
  • Boosts overall hygiene at home/at work
  • Enhances the property value
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How it works

1. Book your service online

Use our fast and simple booking form and schedule an appointment directly in our pros' schedule.

2. Meet the cleaners

They will arrive on time, fully prepared to provide you with a professional grout cleaning service.

3. Time to grout cleaning

Just provide them with detailed instructions and they will start with the service.

4. Enjoy the results

In just a few hours, your surfaces will be refreshed, sparkling clean and perfectly polished.

Our Tile and Grout Cleaners Will Provide You With the Full Package

Professional approach, High-end equipment, proficiency, additional protection, free quotes and no extra charge.

Tile & Grout Cleaning - Simplified by Proven Techniques

Whether you require a small wet room to be scrubbed and polished or the tiles and grout of the entire hard flooring in your property to be cleaned, the Fantastic guys are more than equipped to assist.

  1. The technicians arrive with everything they need for the job: a hot water extraction tile and grout cleaning machine, a vacuum cleaner (dry/wet), tile and grout cleaning wand (for small areas and corners), brushes, mops, cloths and professional detergents.
  2. The preliminary measurements of the area that needs cleaning are confirmed.
  3. Any light furniture is removed from the room if not done already.
  4. The floors (walls) are examined for particularly stained areas or damaged grout.
  5. A suitable cleaning detergent is applied and the surface is, then, agitated to speed up the process of dissolving the grime.
  6. The tile and grout cleaning equipment is employed and the floor area is thoroughly rinsed.Subsequently, the moisture, together with the soiling, is efficiently extracted up to 95%.
  7. Tiled walls are treated, scrubbed and polished manually to remove limescale and other contaminants (mould infected patches are effectively disinfected and sanitised with the appropriate cleaning detergents).
Fantastic cleaner cleaning tile and grout with a machine
Tile and grout cleaning machine for natural stones

Natural Stone Sealing. Floor Buffing & Polishing

The Fantastic tile specialists are trained in different kinds of cleaning - like bond back, regular and carpet. They can provide you with professional advice on the additional floor protection techniques, surface restoration options and finishing floor solutions, available to you. They have the knowledge and proficient experience to protect your investment, such as a newly installed natural stone flooring, by applying the most suitable quality sealant or impregnator. In the case of restoring the original condition of your hard floors (tiles, natural stone, vinyl, etc.), the experts will strip the old sealer, treat the surface with a neutralizer and apply the new sealing solution in several coats.

If you have already sealed floors we can perform tile stripping and sealing or we can just buff them to give them a great finish. We also offer honing and polishing of natural tiles with a specialised equipment.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How long should I wait before I can walk on the floor after it has been cleaned?
A: The hot water extraction equipment leaves hardly any moisture behind. Allow some time before you walk on the freshly washed surface and watch your step, as the surface may be a little more slippery.
Q: How often should I clean my tiles professionally?
A: This depends on the level of use and whether the surface has been additionally treated with a sealer. Regular mopping is sometimes not sufficient to maintain the grout or relief tiles, for instance, in optimum hygienic condition. Moreover, after a standard mopping, when the detergent residuals dry out, they attract pollutants quicker. Professional rinsing, followed by the extraction of the dissolved grime, keeps your floors clean for longer.
Q: Can the technicians help me clear the room of any furniture?
A: Yes. Please, note that the tile cleaners will not be able to move heavy pieces of furniture. The cleaning can be done around those bulky items.
Q: I cannot be at home during the surface. Is that a problem?
A: We always recommend that the client is present at the end of the service to inspect the job results and to receive professional aftercare advice if needed. This especially applies to specialised services like the resealing of your floors, etc. However, if you cannot be at home, please, arrange a key pick-up or ask for someone to open the door upon the technician's arrival.
Can I book a tile and grout cleaning service for a commercial property?
Of course. Fantastic services offers professional tile cleaning and sealing for all types of public venues and commercial properties.
Do you operate after business hours?
Yes. We can ensure that your business operations are not interfered with by providing you with tile and grout cleaning or sealing services outside your business hours.
I am not sure how to measure the area...
We need the square meters of the room. It's simple - Room width X Room length = square meters of the room. E.g. if width is 4 sqm and length is 6 sqm it = 24 sqm.
Can you make blackened grout back to white?
Most of the time yes, but it all depends on how you maintained your floor during the years.
How often should I get my tiles cleaned?
It all depends on how you maintain your floors. If it's a neglected area, it will be hard to clean it yourself. As a general rule, once a year is okay for professional cleaning.
Do you provide grout sealing?
For now, grout sealing is provided only in Sydney.
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Tile cleaning and sealing - courtesy of Fantastic Cleaners, which is part of the Fantastic Services brand, is suitable for floor and wall surfaces alike. You can book this service through the mobile app “GoFantastic”, over the phone or by completing the online form on this website. Our company offers a vast range of other specialised cleaning services, such as duct cleaning, pressure cleaning, hard floor cleaning, carpet steam and dry cleaning and more. For further information, you can contact a member of our customer care team through the live chat option or by phone. We are always happy to hear your feedback, as your opinion about our services is of our utmost priority to us.