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BBQ Cleaning Service - So You Can Enjoy Your Grilled Meat Again

No need to cover the burnt taste if your barbecue is clean

  • Removes burnt taste from food
  • Prevents from fire mishaps
  • Decreases the risk of corrosion
  • Deters pests & eliminates health hazards
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How do our BBQ cleaning services work

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2. Tell us what you need

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3. Choose your date

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4. Submit your request

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A cleaned barbecue by Fantastic Cleaners

Prolong the Life of Your Grill With Our BBQ Cleaning Service

  • The BBQ cleaners determine the most suitable cleaning solution
  • They dismantle all removable parts and clean them individually
  • All other elements are carefully scrubbed and brushed
  • Protective oil is applied to prevent the BBQ from rusting
  • The BBQ is tested to confirm that it works properly
  • The barbecue cleaning is a perfect addition to your spring cleaning routine

The Fantastic BBQ Cleaners Are Always at Your Service

The BBQ cleaning process unfolds as follows:

  1. The Fantastic specialists arrive equipped with all the necessary tools and a variety of detergents to suit a wide range of materials and composites that the BBQ may be made of. The immediate floor area around the appliance is covered with a mat and the right cleaning detergent is determined.
  2. The chosen degreaser is applied to work its magic for 20-30 min and, then, all the burnt-on food, carbon deposits and grease are scrubbed off. All the removable parts - grates, grills, flavorizer bars - are brushed and cleaned separately. Cabinets, the bottom tray and the drip tray are degreased and scrubbed clean.
  3. The inside of the BBQ, around the burners, as well as the rangehood are also degreased and cleaned with a wire brush. The final touches include the thorough rinsing, wiping and polishing of the appliance (inside and out).
  4. The inside of the BBQ is, then, sprayed with special oil to prevent the appliance from rusting. All the dismantled parts are put back in place.
  5. The technicians check the BBQ, at the end of the service, to make sure that it is working properly.

If you're moving out and the barbecue belongs to your landlord, you can incorporate cleaning it in a bond back cleaning service.

Fantastic cleaner using a spray cleaner on a barbecue lid

Further Benefits From a BBQ Cleaning Service

  • No more smoke - That's right! No more fall outs with your neighbours every time you light your BBQ and the wind carries the billowing smoke over the fence.
  • Pest-free - Harbouring pests, attracted to grease and food leftovers, is an outright health risk. Don’t let rats know what you had for dinner last night!
  • Reliable expertise - The service is brought to you by trained and certified cleaning operatives. The technicians are specialised in oven cleaning too. You can combine both services to get a discount.
  • Improved taste of food - Meals not only taste better but there is a lesser chance of food getting contaminated with bacteria and residuals from previous cooking sessions.
  • Fire prevention - Grease buildups combust easily and unexpectedly. This can result in sudden flare-ups, which pose a serious fire risk, especially in hot seasons, when close-proximity vegetation may be on the dry side.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is the cleaning of the BBQ cabinets included in the service?
A: Yes. The technicians clean the cabinets inside and out, as well as the drip tray and the bottom tray.
Q: How long does the service take?
A: Depending on the size of the appliance and the condition that it is in, it may take from 1,5 to 2,5 hours for the specialist to fully sanitise your BBQ.
Q: I've discovered cockroaches in my BBQ. Will you get rid of them?
A: Yes. We will sanitise your appliance completely. This will successfully deter insects and rodents from nestling in. Please, note that we also provide professional cockroach control services if matters ever get out of hand.
Q: I believe that this is a rather messy job. Will my deck get all dirty and greasy?
A: Not at all. The cleaning experts ensure that the floor area around your cooking appliance is well protected at all times.
Do you do repairs or replace parts?
No. We only offer BBQ cleaning.
Are the technicians insured?
Yes. The BBQ cleaning specialists are fully qualified, certified and insured.
Do you replace gas bottles or gas hoses or fix anything related?
No, we are certified for cleaning only. So we won't be able to help with that.
Can you clean the BBQ off-site and bring it back when it's clean?
We do not take the Barbie with us. The service is always provided on spot.
Can you clean my apartment balconies?
Yes, as long as there is enough space and water access
What payment methods do you accept?
We accept debit and credit cards, standing order or bank transfer.
How often should I get my Barbie cleaned?
It depends on how often you use it. You should clean it after every use and deep clean it every now-and-then.
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