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  • Smear-free windows require expertise

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Window Cleaning is a Risky Job - We Make It Safer

The window cleaning technicians can reach windows that are situated as high as the fourth storey of a building. They will employ an advanced cleaning method, which consists of purified water being fed through an extension pole. Thus, the cleaners’ safety is not jeopardised as they stay firmly on the ground. And your privacy remains intact, as there is no peeking into your bedroom.

The windows are left to dry naturally.

Window cleaning prices

TypeStandard (up to 1.5m)Double (up to 2m)
PricesFantastic Club*
In & Out/Ground$9
In & Out/1st Flr$13

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Minimum for the service is $109The standard rate does not include D&E.
The rate may vary depending on the area.
These are Melbourne starting prices. For Sydney, please check our prices and availability
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What to Expect from the Fantastic Window Cleaners

  1. The window cleaning technicians hired by Fantastic Services are certified and comprehensively insured.

  2. They have gained their qualifications from industry-approved agencies.

  3. Your service is executed by applying ammonia-free detergents or purified water.

  4. The window cleaners are trained to operate specialised equipment and tools.

  5. During service, they will respect your privacy and protect your interior.

  6. You can benefit from having your windows cleaned at regular intervals, where discounts may apply.

Combine Window Cleaning With Other Services You May Need

  • Bond Back Cleaning. If you're moving and you need someone to help you bring the property to mint condition, our bond service can help.
  • Blinds Cleaning. What are clean windows without clean blinds? Freshen up the air in your home by adding this service to the window cleaner's checklist. If the blinds are textile upholstery cleaning is your go-to service.
  • One-Off Cleaning. Need to have your whole house cleaned according to your priorities? This one is for you.
  • Post Construction Cleaning. After a renovation, you windows often suffer from paint splatters or plaster. It's a pain to remove them one by one, let us do that. And while one team is cleaning you windows, another one can clean your whole property and make it look like a home.

Exterior and Interior Window Washing - More Questions Answered

  • Along with the shiny and streak-free windows, you will enjoy perfectly polished window frames and sills, as long as they are PVC/uPVC. We do not attempt to wash wooden window frames, as they may suffer damages in the process. Your fly screens can be also cleaned, upon request, where additional charges may apply.
  • To ensure that your floorings and furniture are well protected when the interior glass of your windows is washed, the operatives will cover everything that is in close proximity to your windows with a sheet.
  • To facilitate the window cleaners’ work, you may be asked to remove all breakables and valuables from the window ledges. Clearing the area below your windows on the outside from items will also help the technicians complete their job safely and efficiently.

Frequently asked questions

  • Q: Is there a risk of streaks on washed windows, which are not dried subsequently with a paper towel?

    A: No. We only leave windows, cleaned with purified water, to dry naturally. The water does not contain minerals and impurities, hence the glass dries streak-free.

  • Q: Do I need to be at home when the cleaners arrive?

    A: It will be helpful if you let the window cleaning technicians in so they can inspect your windows and window sills for cracks and scratches. However, you do not need to be present during the service. As long as a means of access to your property has been arranged beforehand, you do not have to rearrange your daily schedule.

  • Q: Do you work on weekends?

    A: Yes. We operate seven days a week at the same rates.

  • Q: What types of windows do you clean?

    A: We clean windows of all shapes and sizes, as well as French windows, interior glass doors, balustrades, stained glass windows, commercial windows, etc. We may not be able to wash the exterior of awkwardly positioned skylights or roof windows or situated at a difficult angle.

  • Q: What if I believe that the window cleaner has scratched my window?

    A: The operatives are fully insured, so you need not worry. Please, note that the windows are inspected for damages before the service begins. Furthermore, the cleaners use industry-powered scratchless squeegees and window scrapers.

  • Q: What if it starts raining halfway through the service?

    A: Exterior windows cannot be washed in heavy rain. Your appointment will be postponed for another day.

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