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Save your property and livestock with our fox control service

We know just how to deal safely with foxes invading your garden!

  • Certified and highly qualified fox control experts
  • Professional treatment with effective results
  • Offering tips on how to fox-proof your home
  • Flexible schedule and same-day availability
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How our fox control service works

1. Schedule your service

Hire a professional fox removal specialist easily by filling out our online booking form or giving us a call!

2. The professional arrives

Your assigned pest control technician will arrive promptly with their professional equipment and inspect your property!

3. Efficient fox treatment

We will eliminate all foxes from your premises by employing an industry-proven pest control method!

4. Enjoy your fox-free home

The specialist will proof all access points in your garden and advise you on how to prevent future fox visits!

How do you know you are having a fox problem

Foxes can be hard to spot as they are timid and try to avoid people. Being mostly active at night, these canines often hunt during dawn and dusk. However, foxes can leave a trace behind, which can signal you that you are dealing with wildlife intruders and you need to contact a reliable fox control company.

Here is what fox infestation signs to look for on your property:

  • Paw Prints: The paw prints of foxes are narrow, have a triangular shape with the toes close together and appear in a straight line.
  • Holes in the ground: You may notice unexplained holes in your garden or backyard, as foxes tend to dig in the ground to look for earthworms and grubs.
  • Injured or missing animals: Foxes are agile predators and will attack small animals, like pets or livestock, such as poultry, rabbits, lambs and goat kids.
  • Damaged crops: Foxes also feed on fruit, some vegetables and crops, such as corn and barley. They can also damage your crops while digging for worms.
  • Dispersed waste: Foxes can rummage through trash cans in their search for food.

If you notice any of the above-mentioned telltale signs on your property, don’t panic immediately, just contact us and we will handle the fox problem for you!

Pest technician coming for rodent treatment.

Our fox control service in Australia in more detail

The Fantastic fox removal specialists operate throughout Australia, including Melbourne, Sydney and other major cities. They are all professionally trained and always approach each pest removal project according to its unique characteristics. Depending on the situation and the level of the fox infestation, we use two fox control methods. Here is how our service works:

Site inspection

The specialist will arrive at your property, fully equipped with everything needed for the correct execution of the task. Once on-site, their first job will be to inspect your premises, check for signs, determine the entry points and examine any type of damage caused by the animal. According to their findings, they will decide on the most appropriate fox control technique.

Fox treatment

One of the methods we employ to deal with foxes is the spraying treatment, where the expert applies a fox repellent to deter the intruder from coming near your premises. The product is completely safe for plants and animals you may have in the garden. Alternatively, we can opt for the trapping method. Here, cages with baits will be placed in locations where fox activity has been noticed.

Property monitoring

We also offer a guaranteed fox control service, where if you think the problem persists, upon request, the specialist will return to your property. They will inspect the situation and make sure the unwanted visits by foxes have been put to a stop.

Prevention tips

At the end of the service, the professional will block off any potential access points. They will also provide you with useful tips and tricks on how to make your property less attractive to foxes and prevent the problem from recurring in the future.

What is included in our fox control service

Foxes can pose health hazards, as well as cause damage to your garden and endanger your livestock. To protect yourself from the nuisance, foxes can be, consider resorting to a reliable pest control company, such as Fantastic Services. We work with specialists in the field, who can guarantee you an easy solution to your fox problem and offer you a service that comes with more than you have bargained for. Below you can see just a few examples of the perks our fox control service offers:

  • Certified professionals
  • All fox control technicians, Fantastic Services works with, are vetted, properly trained, equipped and licensed.

  • Guaranteed results
  • We always employ proven industry-grade pest control methods and aim to deliver a first-class service experience.

  • Proofing your house
  • The professional will determine potential entry points in your fence and block them off to fox-proof your garden.

  • No more property damage
  • By effectively eliminating the foxes from your yard, we ensure that your plants and animals remain protected.

Pest technician searching for signs of rodents.

Additional pest control services we offer in Australia

Did you know that Fantastic Services also provides other pest control services? That’s right, relying on our extensive experience and knowledge in the industry, we know how to approach each problem individually and deal with it effectively! We can help with any type of pest infestation, from pigeon control and wasp treatment to rat removal and many more.

Q: Can foxes climb fences?
A: The powerful legs and claws of foxes make them extremely agile. They are excellent climbers and capable of jumping over a fence that stands up 90 cm. So, if your fence is about that height or shorter, you should consider taking some preventative measures to keep foxes at bay.
Q: What is attracting foxes to my property?
A: Foxes are attracted to food sources, such as waste, crops and small livestock animals, like poultry and rabbits. Moreover, some people leave food outside their homes to feed foxes, however, this makes the animals more accustomed to people and unafraid to come near residential premises.
Q: Is it illegal to kill a fox in Australia?
A: Foxes aren’t protected under the law in Australia and it’s legal to kill them, but only in a humane manner, either through shooting, den fumigation or lethal baiting. However, here it’s important to mention that shooting should be done only by people, who are properly licensed, and never in urban areas.
Q: Are foxes dangerous and do they attack people?
A: Foxes are timid and would only attack if it’s during their breeding season and they feel threatened. However, the canines are known to carry several diseases that can be transmitted to humans and other animals. Therefore, you should always try to stay away from foxes and never approach them, first.
Can you just relocate a fox to another location instead of killing it?
Foxes are widespread throughout most of Australia and are declared a vermin for their impact on agricultural and native species. For that reason, transporting a fox to another urban area or releasing it into the wild is prohibited.
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