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Reliable pigeon pest control service in Melbourne

Let us help you forget about the annoying birds on your roof!

  • Certified pest control experts
  • Employing humane methods only
  • No more property damage
  • Individual approach to every job
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Your bird control service with us in 4 easy steps

1. Schedule your pest control session

Requesting a service with us is simple - just fill out the online booking form and we’ll send you a local expert!

2. Meet your assigned pest controller

An experienced and fully equipped bird control technician will arrive promptly and inspect the situation on-site.

3. Employing effective bird treatment

Employing effective bird treatment After determining the best pigeon control approach, the expert will treat your property and get rid of the birds!

4. Enjoy the long-term results

Your property will be left pigeon-free! Also, you will get free advice on how to bird-proof your house in the future!

What pigeon infestation signs to look for

If pigeons, nesting on your roof, are left unbothered, they can turn into an infestation quickly, cause serious property damage and even attract other pests. That is why, as soon as you notice any signs of a pigeon infestation, you need to decide on a course of action.

Here are the most common signs indicating a bird infestation:

Noise: Such as tweeting, cooing, scratching sounds and cries, typically coming from seagulls and young chicks.

Clogged gutters and downpipes: With feathers, nesting material and other organic matter, carried by pigeons.

Pigeon faeces: Droppings on your window sills, deck or around your patio, as well as staining and corrosion on the surfaces caused by the acidic pigeon faeces.

Nesting material: Everything from dead twigs, dry leaves, pine needles and plant fluff to feathers and tree bark pieces.

Damaged shingles: Scratched, displaced, broken and even missing roof shingles.

If you notice any of those signs on your property, contact us promptly and we will take care of the ongoing bird infestation for you!

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What our professional pigeon pest control service includes

Fantastic Services is a certified pest control service provider and works with experienced specialists only! To ensure we meet the relevant health and safety requirements, each project is subject to a thorough site survey before work commences and a post-project evaluation. Below you can see the steps of our service in Melbourne explained in more detail:

Property inspection

The pest control expert will arrive on-site fully equipped and will make an assessment of the infestation. They will need to inspect your property to determine the bird species, level of infestation and location of the nests. Then, the professional will be able to decide on the most appropriate treatment.

Pest treatment

There are two different methods we employ to treat pigeon infestations, both of which are non-lethal. Depending on the situation, the pigeon pest controller will place either plastic bird spikes or netting, where needed, or they can decide to use a combination of both. A special “fire” gel, designed to repel pigeons, can also be used.


If you have booked a guaranteed service, upon request, the pigeon control technician can return to your property in the 3 months following the initial pest treatment. They will observe your building and make sure the applied pest control method shows effect.


Once the technician has finished treating your property, they will provide you with a service report. The specialist will also be able to advise you on what might have been attracting the birds to your yard in the first place and how to pigeon-proof your house in the future.

Why entrust Fantastic Services with your pigeon control needs

When pigeons become a problem, the task of removing them from your property can prove very challenging. And that is why Fantastic Services is here to help you! Our service comes with numerous benefits and perks to guarantee you a first-class experience and quality results! Here is what to expect from our pigeon pest control:

Equipped and licensed experts

All Fantastic pest control technicians are professionally trained, fully equipped, vetted and certified.

Non-lethal pest control methods

Both techniques are humane and harmless to the birds, yet, known to be highly effective in deterring pigeons from properties.

Protecting your property

Helping you reduce the risk of fire, water damage, other pests infestations, contamination and general property nuisance.

Peace of mind for you

Birds can be quite noisy and can also carry diseases, but by eliminating them, we guarantee you no more noise and health hazards.

Commercial bird control service

Fantastic Services provides professional pigeon pests control for commercial premises, as well.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is the best way to keep pigeons away from my house?
A: Pigeons are usually attracted to properties, which provide them with a convenient food source and a comfortable nesting location. However, while eliminating any food sources can be useful, the most effective way to keep pigeons at bay is to make your roof and other surfaces of your property uncomfortable for the birds to land on by installing plastic roof spikes and netting.
Q: Is it true that pigeons carry diseases?
A: Yes, pigeon droppings are known to carry several diseases and pathogens, like salmonella, ornithosis and even tuberculosis, and when they dry, they become airborne and can be easily breathed in. They can also cause fungal infections, such as histoplasmosis and cryptococcosis.
Q: What if I have to reschedule my booking?
A: No problem! Just log into your Fantastic account, proceed to the Dashboard section and from there, make any changes you want to your booking. You can also give us a call and let us know you want to reschedule!
Q: Do you offer any special discounts?
A: Yes, we do! You can benefit from the opportunity to book services with us at a reduced rate for the next 12 months, simply by becoming a member of our Fantastic Club! The membership also comes with many more benefits and perks!