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Put an end to your home’s infestation with our reliable moth treatment

We use first-class equipment to effectively eliminate adult moths, as well as their eggs and larvae!

  • Certified and experienced pest control technicians
  • Save and industry-proven moth extermination methods
  • Offering post-treatment tips and moth-proofing advice
  • Flexible schedule and same-day booking availability
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Guaranteed moth-free home in 4 simple steps

1. Request your service online

Schedule your appointment quickly and easily by filling out our online booking form or via our GoFantastic app!

2. Meet the professional

Your assigned pest control technician will arrive fully equipped and inspect your home to assess the moth infestation.

3. Safely treating your home

By using proven moth extermination methods, the professional will ensure that every trace of the pests is gone!

4. Enjoy your insects-free home

To prevent the problem from recurring, the specialist will advise you on how to protect your home against moths in the future!

What moth infestation signs to watch out for

While adult moths are mostly harmless, during their larval stage, these pests are capable of inflicting serious damage to carpeting, upholstery and clothes. To take preventative measures in time and protect your fabrics, you will need to know what the signs of a moth infestation look like. Here are the most common of them:

  • Strange patches on the edges and corners of your carpets and rugs
  • Unusual holes in clothing and furs that shed extensively
  • Tiny silken furrows or cases, in which the larvae live, found near fabrics
  • Cream-coloured moths, which most often crawl rather than fly

Indian meal moths, also known as pantry moths, on the other hand, feed on improperly stored dry food and you will be able to recognise them by the holes in plastic food packaging, cobweb-like material inside pantry corners and eggs or larvae inside food packages.

Once you notice these telltale moth signs, consider resorting to the help of a professional pest control company. Putting off the problem will only result in a growing infestation. Even if you’ve noticed a crawling moth or two, there is a high chance that they have already laid eggs somewhere in your home.

pest control technician inspecting surfaces for insects

What to expect from our moth control solution?

The Fantastic pest controllers operate in Sydney, Melbourne and many other major Australian towns. They are all professionally equipped and follow strict industry-proven procedures to guarantee optimal results and your safety, as well as this of your property and belongings. Here is how a professional moth removal session goes with Fantastic Services:

Property survey

Your assigned local moth control specialist will arrive at your property, bringing everything needed for the moth extermination procedure. First, they will thoroughly inspect your home to locate the source of the infestation and identify the exact type of moths you are dealing with. Based on that, they will decide on how to proceed.

Moth treatment

No matter the moth species, the professional will employ an appropriate treatment to effectively rid your home of the nasty critters. They will use a powerful insecticide to spray all affected areas. For that, you will be asked to remove all your clothes and linen from wardrobes and cupboards and put them in plastic bags. Depending on the infestation, the expert might decide to proceed with a fogging treatment.

Follow-up treatment

In the unlikely event that you notice any left signs of moth activity in the first 3 months of the initial treatment, upon your request, the pest controller can return to your house. They will inspect the situation further and if needed, perform a secondary treatment to ensure that the vermin have fully left for good.

Preventative measures

At the end of the treatment, the moth exterminator will provide you with a written service report. They will also offer you some advice on what to do with the affected by the moths textile and carpeting, as well as share useful tips on how to prevent moth infestation problems in the future.

What are the advantages of our moth treatment?

Fantastic Services has extensive experience in the extermination of various pests, including clothes and carpet moths. No matter whether it’s your house or your commercial property that is suffering from the presence of these flying vermin, we will be able to put a stop to the infestation in no time! Moreover, our moth treatment services come with numerous benefits and perks, some of which you can check below:

Certified moth control technicians

All pest controllers are vetted, trained to deal with all types of moths, fully licensed and undergo regular quality monitoring.

Safe extermination methods

We spray only on the affected areas and never directly on the fabrics, using an insecticide that is safe for people and pets!

Included prevention advice

Our moth removal service includes free post-treatment tips on how to preserve your home moth-free in the long run!

No more textile and carpeting damage

With our effective moth removal methods, you will soon forget about the damage to your fabrics, as the issue will be gone for good!

Fantastic Club perks

The Fantastic Club membership comes with numerous exclusive benefits, such as premium booking slots and special rates!

Pest controller spraying in bedroom

Dealing with any other type of pest at home or the office?

Fantastic Services offers numerous pest control solutions across Australia! Whether you are dealing with an infestation of birds, flying or crawling insects, rodents or wildlife intruders, like foxes and possums, we can send you a trained professional to handle the problem effectively. So, if your premises are suffering a pest infestation, rely on us for anything from mice control, pigeon removal, wasp treatment and many more.

Frequently asked questions

Q: What is attracting moths to my house?
A: Pantry moths feed on flour, grain and other dry foods, so if you are storing such items in the pantry or kitchen cupboards, you may be unconsciously attracting these pests. Carpet and clothes moths, on the other hand, derive nourishment from animal skin and natural fibres, like wool, fur and silk.
Q: Can I reschedule my moth treatment for another day?
A: Yes, no problem! You can contact us in advance if you want to change the time of your appointment, but you can also manage your booking with us easily and quickly by creating a Fantastic account.
Q: What should I do if I see moth larvae on my carpet?
A: Regular washing and vacuuming of the carpets and dust cleaning of the furniture can help you fight a moth infestation in your home. However, depending on the level of infestation, cleaning thoroughly your home may prove simply not enough. If the population of moths in your home is on the large side, you will need to call a professional.
Q: Do you offer any special deals?
A: We offer regular discounts to our customers, as well as many exclusive perks, such as premium rates, credits towards future services and priority booking, should you become a member of our Fantastic Club!

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