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Electrical fault finding and repair services in Melbourne

Ensure your safety and protect your property by hiring a certified electrician to complete the diagnostics of any electrical faults you might have!

  • Fully insured certified electricians near you
  • Same-day electrical repair services available
  • Efficiency testing by utilising the latest in test equipment
  • Special rates for half- & full-day bookings
  • Supply of electrical replacement parts
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How do our fault finding and repair solutions work?

1. Make an appoinment

Book your electrical fault finding and diagnostics service online for a day that suits you best.

2. Meet the pro

A registered electrician contractor will arrive fully equipped to investigate your electrical issues.

3. Time to fault finding

You’ll be given a precise quote on-site for any electrical repair work that needs doing.

4. Enjoy the results

Upon request, the certified electrician will proceed with fixing your electrical problem, unless they need to order additional replacement parts, first.

How to identify that you need electrical fault finding and repair assistance

Electrical systems are prone to wear and tear like any other system. What’s more, electrical faults can also be caused by extreme weather, human errors, malfunctioning appliances, structural issues with the property (like a leaking roof), rodent activity, etc. And if a blown light bulb or a broken ceiling fan can “wait” to be addressed, some electrical problems need immediate attention.

So, what you should look for, in order to determine whether you need to call an electrical fault-finding specialist to inspect your property in Melbourne straight away:
- Load and voltage drop
- Power loss
- Electrical circuit problems
- Loose or corroded connections
- Overheating cables
- Flickering or dimming lights
- Faulty switches
- Ripping circuit breaker or meter (caused by a blown fuse)
- Exposed wiring
- Malfunctioning immersion heater
- Sparks coming out of electrical sockets

You see, the above electrical troubleshooting issues can be the result of all sorts of faults with your electrical system that only a qualified electrician can diagnose and repair. Be it internally broken wiring, electrical circuit faults, exposed electrical wiring, a faulty earth connection, dead continuity or short circuit issues, the skilled and experienced electrician will apply the most advanced electrical fault finding techniques to identify what’s wrong with your property’s electrical components or outlets.

electrical Fault Finding and Repair

The most common electrical faults we’ve addressed in Melbourne

We’ve been called out as a matter of urgency a number of times by customers, due to the following electrical problems:

Electrical surges - These can lead to costly damage to your circuit breaker or other electrical outlets in your home or place of business.

Intermittent wiring faults - The electrician will carefully investigate where exactly the problem is and will suggest the best course of action.

Electrical shock issues - If you experience an electrical shock when you try to plug in something, you should call a professional electrician right away.

Voltage drop - There could be a number of reasons behind this issue, such as an increased load, due to too many connections and electrical components using power.

Malfunctioning fuse board - This can be caused even by a single faulty electrical appliance.

Open circuit - The lack of an electrical current between two terminals is caused by incomplete electrical circuits.

Short circuit - Your fault-finding service provider will diagnose why a safety fuse has blown.

Insulation breakdowns (damaged wiring insulation) - The electrician will check for dangerous live wiring, where the protective insulation has been damaged.

In addition, you can call for Fantastic Services’ electrical expertise to make sure that your property is electrically sound and meets all safety standards. The certified electricians we work with will perform a thorough safety check and provide you with their recommendations for any electrical repairs if needed.

Wire checking by the hands of a professional electrician

Why choose Fantastic Services’ electrical fault finding and repair services

Fantastic Services has been providing electrical services for a good decade. We count on vetted and insured registered electrician contractors, who hold all relevant certifications and qualifications, in order to achieve the most effective result. So, you can rest assured that their electrical fault finding methods will help them get to the bottom of the problem efficiently and with your safety in mind.

See below what do you get with us:

  • Emergency, same-day electrical diagnostics appointments;
  • Flexible schedule and 7-days availability, including public holidays;
  • Serving private homeowners, landlords, tenants and business proprietors alike;
  • Advanced electrical equipment and tools, as well as timely provision of electrical replacement parts;
  • Systematic approach and thorough testing;
  • Expert electrical repair services at competitive rates;
  • Fast online booking procedure via our GoFantastic app or the contact form on this website;
  • Special rates if you join our popular Fantastic Club.

Just get in touch with us at the first sign of an electrical repair issue and we’ll assign a local electrician to perform all the necessary testing and checks of your electrical system and its components.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is there a call-out charge for your electrical services?
A: Yes, there’s a callout charge for your fault finding service. Note that it’s inclusive of 30-minutes labour cost for any electrical work that you might require to repair the issue.
Q: Can you replace a blown fuse?
A: Absolutely. Once the specialist diagnoses the electrical problem with your circuit breaker, they will proceed with fixing it and replacing any blown fuses.
Q: What is the cause behind a flash coming out of the socket?
A: There could be more than one reason behind this, such as an unusual electrical surge, faulty wiring, poor installation, etc. The experienced electrician will investigate the cause and repair the issue.
Q: I think my cooker is not functioning properly. Can you replace it?
A: Yes. Just book our appliance installation service and we’ll send an expert to replace your malfunctioning cooker and install a new one.
I’m a landlord and own several properties for rent. Can you perform an electrical safety check on them?
Of course, just contact us in due time and we’ll assign a certified electrician to ensure that your properties are safe and in rentable condition.
What is your electrical services coverage?
We operate throughout Melbourne and the surrounding areas.
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