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Expert hot water system repairs in Melbourne

Keep your hot water system in efficient working order with regular servicing, maintenance and timely repairs!

  • Emergency hot water system solutions, available
  • Licensed and experienced plumbers near you
  • Parts and materials supply, included in the price
  • A 6-years guarantee on all plumbing work
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How to book our hot water systems repair service in Melbourne

1. Request a service

Use the provided contact form to schedule a hot water system repair service and we’ll organise everything from there.

2. The Fantastic plumber arrives

On the arranged day, a fully equipped, qualified local plumber will come to your address and investigate your boiler issue.

3. Time to repair

The professional will assess the situation and complete the requested job.

4. Stellar job execution

More often than not, the hot water repair service will take place there and then, but if extra parts are needed, the plumber will schedule another visit.

Why opt for Fantastic Services to maintain your hot water system

Entrust your hot water system servicing, maintenance and repair needs to Fantastic Services in Melbourne and get value-for-money plumbing solutions!

With us, you can rely on emergency plumbing assistance (if needed), 7 days a week. We also guarantee the prompt arrival of the plumbing experts, where if any delays occur, you’ll be informed in a timely manner.

Furthermore, we perform a thorough investigation of any boiler repair problems and offer professional on-site consultations when it comes to more complex water heating system projects, like boiler replacements and new hot water system installations.

We count on the experience and proven skills of fully certified, licensed and insured local plumbers, who have the equipment and knowledge to help you out in the most efficient manner. Their work is guaranteed for 6 years and comes with a compliance certificate whenever this is required by the Law.

Our hourly and fixed rates are competitive and with no hidden fees, and include replacement parts and labour. Last but not least, you can always turn to our customer support team with any questions that you might have.

How the Fantastic hot water service repairs in Melbourne goes

The boiler repair experts follow a well-devised service delivery protocol that includes a few straightforward steps. Regardless of whether you’ve booked your annual boiler servicing with us or you need our hot water system repair assistance, expect the following on your appointment day:

  1. The experienced local plumber will arrive, equipped with advanced diagnostic tools to inspect and address the repair issue with your hot water unit or to simply service your boiler and the system’s components.
  2. The specialist will advise you on whether the repair can be completed on that day or in some cases, on whether your boiler can be fixed at all. In the later case, you’ll be given a range of boiler replacement options.
  3. Depending on what needs doing, you may be given a quote there and then. For more complex hot water system repair or replacement projects, you’ll be sent a price estimate within a couple of days after all specifics of the service have been discussed in advance.
  4. A second appointment will be arranged if additional parts are needed, which can be supplied by the plumber and will be included in the final price. You can also opt for getting the parts yourself.
  5. Once the hot water servicing or boiler repair job has been performed, the plumbing technician will test the boiler and the entire hot water system to make sure that everything operates efficiently and as it should.

Note that the expert will need easy access to the main water valve to be able to deliver any hot water repairs or service your immersion/gas water heater.

What does our hot water system service in Melbourne cover?

Our company specialises in a range of hot water system services, from new installations, boiler replacements and hot water unit repairs to annual inspections and hot water servicing. The Fantastic hot water technicians are fully certified and trained to perform the following plumbing tasks:

  • Hot water system repairs - This can include all sorts of fixes that need to be done, be it on the hot water unit itself or on any of your water heating system’s components like piping, radiators and connections. Sometimes, the issue may be resolved with a straightforward heating system power flush that will restore the efficient operation of your system.
  • Boiler repairs - Regardless of what type of boiler you have - electric, gas, combo and so on, the skilled plumber will get to the bottom of the issue and fix it by replacing the faulty part, either on the same day or during a second appointment, once they source the needed element.
  • Hot water heater replacement - You can request for your old boiler (vented, unvented, regular, combo, etc.) to be replaced if it’s beyond repair or it costs you too much and too often to be fixed. The hot water engineer will discuss with you your individual needs and check the condition of any existing pipework before advising you on your best boiler replacement options. You’ll be provided with a quote shortly after. Note that we may be able to dispose of your old boiler, upon request.
  • New boiler installation - We offer expert consultations on new boiler installations, after a detailed on-site survey that is designed to determine your property’s hot water needs. Again, the plumber will take into consideration the size of your property (newly built or not) and your specific requests. You’ll be provided with a quote by the hot water system installer that includes the cost of the new hot water unit and the labour.
  • Boiler and water heating system servicing - The service includes a thorough inspection of the boiler (all piping, connections and electric components; gas flue check, gas rate and gas tightness check, etc.). The plumber will use a range of diagnostic tools (gas flue analyser or electric multimeter, for instance), in order to make sure that your hot water unit is combusting correctly, as well as that there are no leaks or electrical malfunctions. Your entire system will be tested before you’re given a detailed service report.

Frequently asked questions

  • Q: How often should I service my boiler?

    A: It’s recommended that your hot water heater and the whole system are checked and serviced once a year, before the cooler season starts.

  • Q: How is the service charged?

    A: The certified plumbers we work with operate at hourly rates. Our plumbing services come with a call-out fee that includes 30 min labour, as well. In some cases, depending on the type of repair work that needs doing, you may be offered a fixed quote.

  • Q: Do you provide boiler repairs, regardless of what type of hot water unit I have?

    A: Absolutely. The plumbing experts we rely on in Melbourne are certified and trained to service and fix gas boilers, solar heating systems, electric hot water units and oil boilers, as well.

  • Q: Is it normal for my water heater to make noises?

    A: Well, this depends on the type of sound your boiler makes. There could be various reasons behind an unusually noisy hot water unit, such as different repair issues or the build-up of debris and sediments that should be flushed out. Only a qualified plumber could diagnose the problem for sure.