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Your Insect Pest Control Service in 4 steps

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2. Meet your exterminator

Fantastic professionals are always fully equipped for a high-quality service.

3. Time to treat

Our vetted and skilled technicians will thoroughly inspect and treat your property for insects.

4. Enjoy the results

Now, you can enjoy your insects-free home again. Don't forget to share your feedback with us.

The Fantastic Insect Pest Control Specialists Have a Licence to Exterminate

That is right. Fantastic Services can provide you with your personal James Bond in pest control. Flying pests, creepy crawlies or blood-sucking bugs will pose no problem to the experienced exterminators.

A living creature can be a pest in one country, a rarity in another, or a welcome delicacy in a third geographical location. Australian climate offers a favourable environment for a number of insects to flourish. They are considered pests at the backdrop of human habitats, especially when a manageable symbiotic existence becomes an out-of-proportion pest infestation.

So whether termites are jeopardising the very structure of your home, fleas are making your family scratch all day long or aggressive wasps have claimed your porch by building a nest - there is no need to suffer the adverse effects.

It’s A Straightforward Insect Removal Process with Us

The pest control technicians will arrive at your property and inspect the site of infestation. The appropriate treatment will be applied and if necessary a pest management plan will be drawn that may include a follow-up visit.

Be sure to use our one-off cleaning service afterwards, as well as carpet steam cleaning. And to prevent the pests from coming back - we can offer you our regular domestic cleaning service. Also, don't forget that Fantastic Services provides rodent pest control services as well so no matter the problem - we got you covered.

Adult bed bugs on a mattress.
Pest controller spraying in bedroom

The Specialist Pest Controllers Know Their Bugs, So You Don’t Need To

The Fantastic insect pest controll specialists will treat and remove successfully the following pests:

  • Ants - A powdered insecticide is used to put a stop to a destructive ant invasion of your home.
  • Bed bugs - our bed bug control service includes 2 professional visits.
  • Bees & wasps - You can go about your business, while the pest controllers remove/destroy the beehive or wasp nest that disturbs your daily activities.
  • Beetle borers - Wood boring beetles can destroy timber structures before you know it. Professional beetle control and treatment is a must.
  • Centipedes - A rising centipede population is controlled by a combination of chemical and nonchemical solutions.
  • Cockroaches - One or two cockroaches may offer some entertainment for your cat. However, this is rarely the case with you. The disease-transmitting insects breed fast and are a health hazard in the waiting. The cockroach controllers will get rid of them promtly.
  • Dust mites - These invisible pests are some of the most common house allergens, so dust mite control may provide a comprehensive relief for the asthma sufferer.
  • Fleas - Pets are not the only cause for a flea infestation. You may well need a mice removal expert along with your flea control treatment.
  • Flies - Physical barriers, like fly screens, are not always a sufficient measure against flies pestering you and contaminating everything they touch.
  • Millipedes - These little critters will feed on timber wood, hence infestation problems need to be addressed.
  • Mosquitos - We all put up with the odd mosquito bite every year. But when your home has been invaded by the little vampires, firm control measures are recommended.
  • Moths - Fumigation is rarely required for the removal of a moth infestation. The Fantastic pros will deal with the moths in one visit and save your carpets and clothes.
  • Silverfish - These pests are not just outright creepy. They can destroy some of your valuable belongings like antique books or clothing.
  • Scorpions - Aussie scorpions are not all that lethal, but their poison can cause an allergic reaction. An UV light can be used to catch the creature if hidden in a dark place and then, the technician will remove it back to the wild.
  • Spiders - The reaction to the venomous bite of some Australian spiders can differ. Do not try to remove the arachnid yourself.
  • Termites & woodworm - DIY treatments usually fail, when it comes to timber eating insects. Termite control and woodworm extermination require expertise in applying the right and the most effective solutions.
pest control technician inspecting surfaces for insects


Q: Do you use insecticides to destroy a termite colony?
A: The initial steps of a termite control treatment involve placing monitoring and baiting stations, which is a proven and effective technique. Insecticides are sometimes used to treat a termite problem that is in an advanced stage.
Q: Is the solution you apply against cockroaches poisonous to pets?
A: The cockroach control and extermination measures we employ are pet safe.
Q: Will the pest controllers come to check if my pest problem has been completely eradicated?
A: This depends on the type of pest issue you have had. Some insect control and management solutions involve more than one visit, whereas other pest infestation problems can be solved within one scheduled appointment.
Q: Can I cancel a pest control appointment as it seems the problem I have had is no longer an issue?
A: Please, give us a 48-hour notice to avoid paying a cancellation fee. However, we do recommend that you take advantage of our expert opinion. Be safe and call a professional pest controller to confirm that you have no issues with pests in your property.
Is the insect pest control treatment dangerous for people?
Fantastic Services uses only industry-approved pesticides. We take safety extremely serious and always follow strictly the product application instructions. The insect controllers will inform you about any after-service specifics, which you need to know with regards to health and safety.
Should I open the window in the room after an insect control service?
This is not always necessary. It will depend on the particular treatment that has been used. The pest management specialists will ensure that you are provided with comprehensive aftercare advice, regarding the specific circumstances.
How fast can you respond to my problem and how soon can you treat my home?
You can book us at any time of the day and we will reply as soon as possible. So call us at any time!
What will a pest technician do for me?
They will do a thorough inspection and then take action according to the infestation. At the end they will give you a checklist of things done and tips for avoiding further infestation
What type of pests do you treat?
Rodents, creepy crawlies and others. Most popular are rats, mice, bed bugs, wasps, fleas, moths, cockroaches, ants, possums, dust mites. We treat them all and even more! So call to ask for your specific problem.
How long does the average visitation take?
It's not a time-limited services, so as long as it takes to solve the problem.
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Fantastic Pest Control

Your insect control service is powered by Fantastic Pest Control - a subdivision company of Fantastic Services in Australia. We are fully insured and certified to protect your property from all types of common insect and rodent infestations. We use industry-tested pesticides and advanced methods, which are approved for domestic and commercial use by the regulatory authorities. The pest controllers, we work with, hold all relevant qualifications and licences to free and proof your premises against pests in a safe and effective manner. Request a service online, by phone or via the GoFantastic app and count on our expedient response.