Entrust Your Garden Project with Fantastic Services

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1. If gardening is not your thing, leave it to us

You can do this by calling us or book online any time of the day! If regular garden maintenance , tidy hedges and perfectly trimmed lawns are what you need, we can help!

2. Say ‘Hi’ to the Fantastic gardeners

The skilled gardeners are equipped with industry-powered tools and machinery. They have extensive knowledge and expertise in garden care and in order to bring back the exuberant look of your lawns or revive neglected overgrown areas.

3. Why choose us for your garden needs

We believe that gardening is an art that requires skill, dedication and above all - passion! And when you entrust your garden with us, we make sure that it is returned or maintained in its natural state of beauty according to your requirements.

4. It's not just your neighbours who will notice

That’s right! Your estate agent will also reevaluate your property accordingly. Still, it’s you, your family and friends who matter the most! What more can one wish for than to spend their recreational time in the beautiful surroundings of their private outdoor space?

Meet The Fantastic Gardeners

  • Skilled and experienced horticulturalists
    • Fully qualified and insured gardeners.
    • Proficiently trained by the Fantastic Academy.
    • Friendly, polite and neatly uniformed.
    • Knowledgeable, with a vast understanding of plants & plant care.
    • Hard-working, reliable and efficient.
  • Professionals who are passionate about what they do
    • Considerate about every unique aspect of your garden, the pros will customise your service to match your vision & the specific conditions of the outdoor area.
    • From planting, lawn mowing and hedge trimming to pruning, mulching, weeding and fertilising - whatever your garden needs.
    • Your garden is a natural extension of your home, so the gardeners focus their efforts on the overall aesthetic look of your property as an end result.
    • The pros understand the importance of having a garden that you can be proud of, enjoy and share with family and friends.
    • Free advice, regular maintenance 7 days a week and gardening all year round, whatever the weather - Courtesy of Fantastic Gardeners.
  • You don’t need to provide any equipment
    • The gardening technicians are fully equipped with high-end gardening tools.
    • No electricity required - they employ professional petrol-run whipper snippers and lawnmowers.
    • All tools and supplies are included in the hourly rate.
*As part of the Fantastic Services Quality Standard, Fantastic Gardeners use only equipment provided by established and well-known local suppliers.

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We try to cover all major cities in Australia. Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane and Perth are examples with full city coverage. Here is the full list of cities we cover:

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