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Our remarkable weed control service prevents the spread of seeds!

  • Help stop soil erosion
  • Maximise soil nutrients
  • Minimise plant disease
  • Avoid impacting the health of your grass and flower beds
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Here are the four easy steps of garden weeding

1. Make an appointment

Book your gardening service fast and easy using our simple online booking form.

2. Meet the gardeners

Your gardeners will arrive on time, fully equipped with everything required to get the job done.

3. Time to weeding

The pros will observe your garden, and then make a plan depending on the specifics and your priorities

4. Enjoy the results

Now the first step of your weed control schedule is done you can enjoy your free time in the garden.

How our garden weeding service will help you

Weeds are not only an eye-sore, they can also choke your lawn and foliage, depleting the nourishment your plants need to stay healthy. Without proper control, the problem will worsen.

Our weed removal service involves the application of tried and tested methods to prevent unsightly weeds from growing. You can also combine this service with Fantastic Services’ comprehensive garden maintenance programme to ensure long-term success.

Weed Services

Why you need a weed service

Keeping your garden free from weeds is a job that needs to be handled by professionals. Why? Effective weed control requires specialist knowledge and an understanding of the types of weeds that can grow in your garden.

There are many locations on your premises where weeds need to be dealt with - your lawn and turf, gravel drive, sidewalk, patio, and landscaped beds. Only skilled and trained horticulturists will carry out your weeding service, and all tools required will be included in the hourly rate.

Common weeds that need eliminating include ryegrass, crabgrass, and creeping bentgrass. Broadleaf weeds such as Alsike clover and sowthistle can also be removed and prevented from growing in the future.

If you don’t resolve your weed issue, the water and nutrients that get to your plants will be affected. Some weeds are poisonous, so taking care of them appropriately is a must. Keep in mind that our weed removal service is safe for your family, pets, and the environment.

Weed Control Service

How our weed control works

Our pre-emergent and post-emergent weed control services will be carried out like so:

  • Your particular weed situation will be assessed.
  • Our treatment plan will be customised according to your specific requirements.
  • A weed control schedule will be organised and implemented - usually just before or during spring, or in the early autumn.
  • You’ll then get maintenance advice that’ll help you keep the weeds away!

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How can I get a quote?
A: You can request a quote online, or alternatively, get one over the phone. If you require us to complete a specific weed job, we can arrange a survey appointment. Or you can send us photos and we’ll discuss a plan.
Q: What happens if there’s bad weather?
A: We’ll check the daily forecast, and if the weather proves to be too extreme, we can change your appointment for you.
Q: Are the gardeners trained and qualified?
A: Yes, all the gardeners that we work with are fully certified and insured. They’re also background-checked, experienced, and skilled in a wide range of gardening.
Q: Can you perform garden maintenance after my weed removal service has been completed?
A: Yes. We can carry out on-going garden maintenance on a fortnightly or monthly basis. And we’ll do our best to send the same gardener each time.
Do I need to be there?
Not necessarily. As long as there’s easy access to your property we can come and carry out the service. You can meet us there before you leave if you’d rather, or simply let us know what’s needed in advance.
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