Fantastic Services

Fantastic Services Family started its journey back in 2009. It all began with a meeting of two likeminded individuals, company founders Rune Sovndahl and Anton Skarlatov. Rune needed a cleaner and Anton ran a cleaning business. Very quickly they both realised they shared a vision and could deliver cleaning services in a much better way, by working together.

With two laptops, a sofa to sit on and a shared mobile phone, a small operation, known only as Fantastic Cleaners, was born. The aim was to build something simple but deliver the best service possible for both clients and cleaning crews. We call that philosophy 360 degree happiness.

From these humble beginnings we've now grown into a multi-operational business offering a wide range of services to home owners and commercial customers alike.

These eight brands unite to bring you Fantastic Services, a family of experts to cater for all your home needs. Our ultimate goal is to make your life simpler and this forms the core part of our business philosophy. Today we have 1,000+ experts providing over 25 different services to more than 100,000 customers, helping them in their homes and businesses.

Meet The Fantastic Services Team

The Experts
The Experts

The aim of Fantastic Services is to engender a sense of pride and purpose in all the teams by providing a happy working environment whatever we do. We want to make a difference for customers, employees and partners alike. And to keep relationships strong and productive long into the future.

All the technicians are carefully professionally trained, fully insured and instantly recognisable in their company uniforms. But what’s most important is that they’re approachable, friendly and always helpful.

We’ve recently introduced the franchise side of our business. To date we have 45 franchisees with more than 1000 seasoned technicians and are always on the lookout for new superstars.