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Licensed and Professional Carpet Cleaning Services

Enjoy the new feel of your clean carpets and rugs

  • Performed by certified and fully insured carpet cleaners
  • Healthier home or work environment
  • Removing stains, dirt, and odours
  • Carpet protection to increase durability
  • Reminder service for regular maintenance
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Our carpet cleaning is easy to get & hard on the stains

1. We send a fully equipped & certified technician

We use professional carpet cleaning machines and chemicals which fight every stain

2. The carpet cleaner inspects your soft coverings

So we can use the correct cleaning solution. Some carpets can be dry cleaned only.

3. Everything is cleaned on site

Begin by vacuuming, then proceed with either hot water extraction or carpet dry cleaning.

4. Enjoy your fresh carpet and healthier home

Now you have fresh, clean carpets looking brand new.

Carpet Cleaning Technician

Why choose Fantastic Services for your carpet cleaning?

Whether it's a comprehensive spring cleaning or simply refreshing your carpets and rugs, we'll handle your floor coverings with professional care.

Professional carpet cleaners

Your service is delivered by certified and qualified carpet cleaners who have expertise in the most advanced cleaning techniques. They are fully insured to operate specialised equipment and safely execute all the industry-approved carpet and rug cleaning procedures.

The most advanced professional equipment

Our carpet cleaning technicians use the latest professional-grade machines for hot water extraction cleaning and dry cleaning. Our service is suitable for all types of fabric floor coverings.

Enhancing indoor air quality

High-traffic carpeted areas tend to accumulate dust and germs. Deep carpet cleaning of your floor coverings significantly improves the air quality in your home.

Available 7 days a week

Our convenient carpet cleaning services are accessible every day of the week, including holidays. You can easily book an appointment online to suit your schedule.

Benefits available with Fantastic Club

Join the Fantastic Club and enjoy exclusive perks such as priority booking, discounted rates, and credits for future professional cleaning services throughout the entire year.

A 5-step carpet cleaning approach to rescue and restore your carpets

  • Our carpet cleaners can assist in moving light furniture if needed. They'll thoroughly vacuum the carpeting, examine the carpet, test the fabric and decide on the best cleaning technique.
  • We pretreat with a specific stain removal detergent tailored to the substance causing existing stubborn stains. This ensures effective stain removal, usually addressing carpet stains from food, drinks, and even pet accidents.
  • We offer two primary service options based on your needs. The hot water extraction method is suitable for synthetic or mixed carpet fibres, while our specialised dry cleaning solutions are ideal for natural materials.
  • We can apply a specialised stain-repelling product to the top side of your carpet for a small additional fee. This protection shields your carpet against potential future accidents that could cause unsightly stains.
  • Deep cleaning your floor coverings notably enhances the quality of the air you breathe at home.
Carpet steam cleaning in action
Before/After Carpet Cleaning

What to expect from our professional carpet cleaning methods?

Carpet steam cleaning

The hot water extraction method is particularly beneficial for heavily soiled carpets with deeply embedded stains, high-traffic areas, or carpets in commercial environments. The steam cleaning process involves pretreating the carpets and then rinsing them thoroughly with a steam cleaning machine. Almost all the moisture, along with the dissolved grime, is then extracted, requiring 4 hours of drying time.

Dry carpet cleaning

For delicate or lightly soiled carpets, the dry cleaning method is often employed. This method uses a dry carpet cleaning detergent that is worked into the carpet fibres using the rotary mechanism of a bonnet machine to agitate the top layer. The equipment effectively eliminates accumulated dirt along with the solvent. Great alternatives for hard surfaces include tile and grout cleaning or high pressure cleaning, which are ideal for concrete surfaces.

Expert rug cleaning services

Cleaning rugs can be more challenging than carpets as they are often made from sensitive materials like wool, silk, sisal, jute, and others. Each material requires specific maintenance. Our Fantastic rug cleaners are experienced in treating each type of rug with the care it needs.

Our service is managed by professionals who excel in cleaning delicate or rare rugs. Our Fantastic steam carpet cleaning specialists conduct fabric tests to identify the most appropriate cleaning solution. The detergents used are industry-tested, ensuring they are safe and gentle on the fabric. The outcome is revitalised and sanitised rugs, restoring their colours and brightness.

How do dirty carpets affect your health?

It's a common misconception that carpets themselves can trigger allergies and asthma. The truth is that allergies are not caused by floor covering. These stains are often a result of poor ventilation and unclean carpets. Even if you walk around your home without shoes, dirt can still enter. Gravity weighs down and traps common allergens like dust, pollen and dander in the carpet fibres.

One of the little things you can do to reduce airborne particulate matter is to have regular dry or steam clean. The same thing applies to mattress and upholstery cleaning.

Technician cleaning a carpet
Cleaner vacuuming carpet cleaning powder

Additional benefits that come with our carpet cleaning service

At Fantastic Services, customers can benefit from our convenient reminder service, allowing them to schedule their next carpet cleaning appointment well in advance. Regular maintenance significantly extends the life of your carpets. Therefore, we recommend requesting our regular carpet cleaning service at intervals of 6, 12, and 18 months or as frequently as needed.

Moreover, you can enjoy additional discounts by bundling multiple services together. For instance, you can book our professional steam carpet deep cleaning service and have the upholstered furniture and mattresses sanitised at the same time. Another excellent option to rejuvenate your home's flooring is tile and grout cleaning.

Frequently asked questions

Q: I have heard that the dry cleaning method makes the carpets dirty again quicker. Is that true?
A: Not really. This myth arises due to the potential adhesive properties of dry solvent or foam residues, which could attract new pollutants to the carpet fibres. However, advanced dry cleaning equipment efficiently removes all chemical residues.
Q: What happens if the cleaner damages my rug?
A: As a professional cleaning company, we're fully insured. We guarantee full compensation in case of any property damage caused by our technician.
Q: What if a stain resurfaces after it has been removed?
A: An old stain might reappear if it was previously treated with an incorrect solution. Some stains are just hard to remove. You should invest in carpet protection like Scotchgard. As a stain repellent, the solution effectively prevents new stains from setting in.
Q: Where can I get the service?
A: We have professional carpet cleaning in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane and Perth. Currently, dry cleaning services are exclusively offered in Sydney. Soon in other cities too.
What is the estimated drying time for the carpet?
The drying time varies based on the carpet type, fabric, and weather conditions. Typically, it ranges between 3 to 6 hours. You can speed up the process by opening windows or using the AC.
Can you remove blood or urine stains completely?
It depends how old are the stains and whether you tried to treat them on your own. We’ll do our best to remove any sign of the stains.
Is carpet steam cleaning included in the end of lease cleaning service?
Steam cleaning isn't part of the standard end of lease package. However, it's available upon request for an additional fee. You'll receive a receipt as proof for your landlord.

Combine End of Lease Cleaning with Carpet Steam Cleaning and save up to $40!

How frequently should I schedule steam cleaning for my carpets?
We advise steam cleaning your carpets every 6-12 months for optimal maintenance.
Do you move furniture?
Usually, carpet cleaning is carried out by a single technician. We're able to assist by moving lightweight furniture or cleaning around and beneath larger pieces if they can't be easily relocated.
Can you steam clean upholstered furniture at the same time, as well?
Absolutely. We can sanitise your mattresses using the hot water extraction method. Upholstered furniture and mattresses are steam cleaned using the same carpet cleaning equipment with added attachments, making it practical to have them cleaned simultaneously. Discounts are applicable when multiple services are booked together.
Can I walk on my carpet after it has been steam cleaned if it is not completely dry?
Yes, if you step on barefoot or you wear protective overshoes. To accelerate the drying process, consider turning on your heating/AC system or opening windows for improved airflow.
Is it really worth investing in a Scotchgard type of carpet protection?
We suggest applying the carpet protector on high-traffic areas, especially in households with small children and pets. This solution serves as an effective stain repellent, offering added protection to carpets in frequently used rooms.
What detergents do you use?
We use eco-friendly and safe cleaning detergents that have proven effectiveness. These solutions are entirely safe for both humans and pets.
Will you charge me if I reschedule or cancel my appointment?
If you need to cancel or reschedule your booking, we kindly ask for a notice of at least 48 hours before the cleaning session. Otherwise, a cancellation fee will be applied according to our terms and conditions.
Will there be a lingering wet smell after the carpet cleaning process?
The smell appears if the carpet was wet for too long. To prevent any residual wet smell, try opening your windows or turning on your AC to improve ventilation after the cleaning.
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