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Licensed Rug and Carpet Cleaning

Enjoy the new feel of your clean carpets and rugs

  • Combine with disinfection and sanitation services against viruses
  • Healthier home or work environment
  • Removing stains, dirt, and odours.
  • Carpet protection to increase durability
  • Reminder service for regular maintenance
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Our Carpet Cleaning is Easy to Get & Hard on the Stains

1. We send a fully equipped & certified technician

We use professional carpet cleaning machines and chemicals which fight every stain

2. The cleaner inspects your carpets

So we can use the correct detergents. Some carpets can be dry cleaned only.

3. Everything is cleaned on site

First we vacuum, then we use the hot extraction machines or do the dry carpet cleaning.

4. Enjoy your fresh carpet and healthier home

Now you have fresh, clean carpets looking brand new.

Why Choose Fantastic Services for Your Carpet Cleaning?

Whether you're having a full-blown spring cleaning or you just need to refresh your carpets and rugs, we'll treat your carpets professionally.

Professional carpet cleaners

Your service is delivered by certified and qualified carpet cleaners who boast expertise in the most advanced cleaning techniques. They are fully insured to operate specialised equipment and safely execute all the industry-approved carpet and rug cleaning procedures.

Carpet steam cleaning

Heavily polluted carpeting that suffers from deeply embedded stains, high traffic areas or carpets in commercial environments usually benefits from being cleaned by employing the hot water extraction method. The steam cleaning process involves pretreating the carpets and then rinsing them thoroughly with a steam cleaning machine. Almost all the moisture is subsequently extracted along with the dissolved soiling. A drying time of about 4 hours is required.

Dry carpet cleaning

Delicate or lightly polluted carpets are often cleaned by applying the dry cleaning method. It incorporates the use of a dry carpet cleaning detergent, which is worked in the carpet fibres with the rotary mechanism of a bonnet machine in order to agitate the top carpet layer. The equipment removes the encapsulated dirt along with the solvent. Very good alternatives of this service for hard surfaces are tile and grout cleaning or high pressure cleaning, which are perfect for concrete surfaces.

5-step Carpet Cleaning Formula That Will Save Your Carpets

  • We examine the carpet, test the fabric and decide on the best cleaning technique.
  • We pretreat with stain removal detergent after the carpet has been vacuumed.
  • We apply the steam cleaning or the dry cleaning method.
  • We protect your carpet with Scotchgard if you wish to pay the additional fee.
  • Our expert home service leaves you a happier person to enjoy your fresh and sanitised rugs and carpets.

Expert rug cleaning services

The service is brought to you by professionals who boost confidence and proficiency in cleaning delicate or rare rugs. The Fantastic steam carpet cleaning specialists always test the fabric to determine the most suitable cleaning solution. The detergents they use are industry-tested, safe and gentle on the fabric. The result is freshened up and sanitised rugs, where colours are revived and look bright again.

Rug cleaning is a bit more tricky than carpets. Rugs are usually made from more sensitive materials like wool, silk, sisal, jute and more. Each of them has its differences and a special type of maintenance. The Fantastic cleaners know how to treat each individually.

Dry carpet cleaning process

For carpets and rugs that don’t allow using hot water extractions, we recommend the carpet dry method.

First, we will vacuum the surface to remove bigger particles and debris. Then, if there are stubborn stains, we will pre-treat them according to the surface and stain type. This will ensure better cleaning results. Then we apply the dry carpet cleaning powder.

Benefits here are - almost no use of water, which is more eco-friendly and means there is a significantly smaller drying period. Smaller chance of harming sensitive materials. Still, this method is not effective for every type of stain.

How do dirty carpets affect your health?

It's a common misconception that carpets themselves can trigger allergies and asthma. The truth is that allergies are not caused by floor covering. They are caused by bad ventilation and dirty carpets. Even if you walk around your home without shoes, dirt will still find its way inside. Gravity weighs down and traps common allergens like dust, pollen and dander in the carpet fibres.

One of the little things you can do to reduce airborne particulate matter is to have regular dry or steam clean. The same thing applies to mattress and upholstery cleaning.

Additional benefits that come with our carpet cleaning services

Fantastic Services offers customers the opportunity to take advantage of the convenient reminder service, where the client is invited to book their next carpet cleaning appointment well in advance. Taking systematic care of your carpets will prolong their life. Hence, we advise you to request our regular carpet cleaning service at 6, 12 and 18 months intervals or as often as you need to.

Additionally, you are eligible for further discounts if you combine several services. For instance, you can book our professional steam carpet deep cleaning service and have the upholstered furniture and mattresses sanitised at the same time. Tile and grout cleaning is another ideal option for refreshing the flooring in your home.

Frequently asked questions

  • Q: I have heard that the dry cleaning method makes the carpets dirty again quicker. Is that true?

    A: Not really. The myth comes from the fact that the adhesive properties of any dry solvent or foam residuals may facilitate new pollutants to stick to the carpet fibre. However, advanced dry cleaning equipment removes all chemical residues.

  • Q: What happens if the cleaner damages my rug?

    A: As a professional cleaning company, we are an insured service provider, and you will be fully compensated if the technician has damaged your property in any way.

  • Q: What if a stain resurfaces after it has been removed?

    A: An old stain can reappear when it was treated with the wrong solution in the past. Some stains are just hard to remove. You should invest in carpet protection like Scotchgard. As a stain repellent, the solution will effectively keep new stains at bay.

  • Q: Where can I get the service?

    A: We have professional carpet cleaning in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane and Perth. Dry cleaning is only available in Sydney at the moment. Soon in other cities too.

  • Q: How long does it take for the carpet to dry completely?

    A: It Depends on the type and fabric of the carpet and the weather conditions. It usually takes between 3-6 hours. If you leave the windows open or if you turn on the AC you may speed up the process.

  • Q: Can you remove blood or urine stains completely?

    A: It depends how old are the stains and whether you tried to treat them on your own. We’ll do our best to remove any sign of the stains.

  • Q: Is carpet steam cleaning included in the end of lease cleaning service?

    A: Steam cleaning is not included in the standard end of lease cleaning package. Upon request we’ll clean them at an extra cost. You’ll get a receipt as a proof for your landlord

    Combine End of Lease Cleaning with Carpet Steam Cleaning and save UP TO 40$

  • Q: How often should I have my carpets steam cleaned?

    A: We recommend you to steam clean your carpets every 6-12 months.

  • Q: Do you move furniture?

    A: Usually, the carpet cleaning is done by one technician. We can help you move light furniture or clean around and underneath bigger pieces if they’re not possible to be moved.

  • Q: Can you steam clean upholstered furniture at the same time, as well?

    A: Absolutely. We can sanitise your mattresses by applying the hot water extraction method, too. Upholstered furniture and mattresses are steam cleaned with the same carpet cleaning equipment by attaching additional add-ons, so it does make sense to have them cleaned at the same time. Discounts apply when more than one service is booked at the same time.

  • Q: Can I walk on my carpet after it has been steam cleaned if it is not completely dry?

    A: Yes, if you step on barefoot or you wear protective overshoes. You can speed up the process of drying by switching on your heating/AC system or by opening the windows.

  • Q: Is it really worth investing in a Scotchgard type of carpet protection?

    A: We recommend that the carpet protector is applied on high-traffic areas or if you have small children and pets. The solution is an effective stain repellent, so carpets in rooms with a high level of use would benefit from additional protection.

  • Q: What detergents do you use?

    A: We use eco-friendly and safe cleaning detergents with proven effect. The solutions are completely safe for both humans and pets.

  • Q: Will you charge me if I reschedule or cancel my appointment?

    A: If you need to cancel or reschedule your booking, we’ll appreciate if you contact us at least 48 hours prior to the cleaning session, otherwise a cancellation fee would be applied as per our terms and conditions.

  • Q: Will be there wet smell after the carpet cleaning?

    A: The smell appears if the carpet was wet for too long. Open your windows or turn on your AC to improve the ventilation and to avoid wet smell.

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