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Why trust our carpet steam cleaners in Sydney?

Our professional cleaning services in Sydney will have your carpeting look as good as new!

  • Trained and Insured Carpet Cleaning Professionals - Our professional carpet cleaners are trained and certified to do the job without much trouble.
  • Eco-Friendly Carpet Cleaning Solutions - The Sydney carpet cleaners use organic detergents and professional equipment to ensure your carpets are cleaned properly.
  • After-care Advice - Our carpet steam cleaners will advise you on taking care of your carpet after the cleaning process is complete.
  • 24/7 Customer Support - Our polite and helpful customer support employees will respond to your inquiries 7 days a week, at any time of the day or night!
  • Fantastic Club Benefits - Members of our Fantastic Club benefit from preferential rates, exclusive discounts, priority booking hours and more!
  • Additional Services Available - Aside from carpet cleaning, we offer other professional cleaning services in Sydney, such as window cleaning, upholstery cleaning and more!
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How we do carpet steam cleaning in Sydney

Our rug cleaning experts help improve your home's air quality!

Carpet Inspection

The first step our Sydney carpet cleaners will take is inspection. The carpet cleaner responsible for your booking will arrive at your property at the specified time. They will proceed to inspect your carpet.

During the inspection, the carpet cleaner will check the carpet’s overall condition, as well as determine the material from which it is made. They will also note tougher stains. Once the carpet cleaner completes their assessment, they will determine the appropriate course of treatment and move to the next step.

Carpet Pre-treatment

The second step to steam carpet cleaning is pre-treatment. Our carpet cleaning professionals are instructed to vacuum your carpeting and pre-soak any spots and stains before they start the main course of cleaning.

Pre-soaking spots and stains will help loosen them, as well as lift the carpet pile so every single fibre gets clean and tidy. If your carpeting is synthetic, the pro will steam clean it with a hot water extraction machine. On the other hand, natural fibre rugs would benefit the most from our dry cleaning method.

Carpet Cleaning

The third step in our carpet cleaning service is the main course:

Carpet Steam Cleaning

For synthetic carpets, our local carpet cleaners in Sydney will apply the Hot Water Extraction (HWE) method. Using an industrial vacuum cleaner, the carpet cleaners will inject your carpet with a mix of hot water and detergent.

Simultaneously, a powerful suction attachment on the steam cleaning machine will take all the moisture out, taking all the dirt along with it. With the HWE method, 95% of the moisture will be extracted during the service so your carpets will dry in as little as 3-6 hours, as opposed to ~12 hours for classic rug cleaning methods.

Dry Cleaning

The dry method is an alternative to our steam cleaning method in Sydney. Your cleaner might decide on it if your carpet is made of natural fibres. The dry carpet cleaning method consists of spreading cleaning powder with very little moisture and using it to extract any grime or dirt from your natural fibre rugs.

After spreading the powder, the cleaner will use a rotating brush to tackle the stains. Finally, a powerful vacuum cleaner will suck out both the powder and the dirt, and leave your natural fibre rug looking neat and refreshed.

Carpet Post-treatment

After the carpet cleaning service is over, your technician will answer any questions you might have about carpet maintenance and preventing future stains. If you want, you can opt for additional treatment - Scotchguard protection.

Scotchguard protection consists of coating your carpets and rugs in a defensive chemical layer that prevents dirt from sticking to your carpet and can keep it fresh for up to 6 months. Most clients add Scotchguard treatment to their carpet cleaning appointment during the booking process, but if you didn’t, it’s not too late to change your mind! Simply tell your carpet cleaner you’re interested, and they’ll do the rest!

Service combinations with carpet steam cleaning in Sydney

We could clean more than just your carpets!

Window cleaning

Looking to improve your property’s kerb appeal? Count on our window cleaning service to help! We use 100% eco-friendly detergents. Our window washing service usually covers the external surface of your windows, but we’ll clean them on the inside, too - just let us know you want us to in advance. Whatever your needs are - we can meet them, and exceed your expectations.

Upholstery cleaning

Soft furniture tends to get dirty over time. Whether it’s made of synthetic or natural materials, we’ve got the perfect solution. Let us restore the former glory of your upholstered furnishings while our carpet cleaning professionals work their magic. Just specify what you need to be cleaned, and we’ll handle the rest.

End of Lease cleaning

Vacating your rental property? Our end-of-tenancy cleaning service is performed by skilled professionals. All our technicians come equipped with advanced cleaning equipment and carry all the needed detergents with them. Is there an easier way to get your bond back?

Pressure cleaning

Mould and mud, among other things, are pretty common for patios, deckings, pavement or driveways. We can get rid of the dirt for you with our effective jet washing equipment. Any hard surfaces, regardless of the materials they are made of, can be spruced up. Trust the Fantastic cleaning experts to take care of your property while you lay back and relax!


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Carpet cleaning quotes from Sydney

2 Bedrooms, 1 Hallway

Sydney Feb 11, 2024
Hello, I need carpet cleaning for 2 bedrooms and 1 hallway. I am moving out and they need to look spotless and smell amazing for my landlord.

Service: Carpet cleaning

1 office carpet

Sydney Apr 4, 2023
We accidentally spilled wine on a carpet in our office. It hasn't been cleaned for a while so we want you to clean the whole thing.

Service: Carpet cleaning

Carpet - 180 m²

Sydney May 23, 2023
Just enquiring as to whether you do once off carpet cleaning for an office. If so, the office space is 180 sq m. The best way to contact me is via email.

Service: Carpet cleaning

How much does carpet cleaning in Sydney cost?

The average price of carpet cleaning in Sydney is $127

The most common service people combine with carpet cleaning is upholstery cleaning

The majority of people, who book rug cleaning in Sydney have 2-bedroom properties

The average duration of the carpet cleaning service is 1 hour and 52 minutes

FAQs about steam carpet cleaning in Sydney

Can you remove all the stains on my carpets?

Answer: Our Fantastic technicians use efficient detergents and industry-grade equipment to clean carpets. However, if a heavy stain, like red wine or ink, is left untreated for too long, it might become permanent.

Is there a way to protect my carpets and rugs from stains?

Answer: Of course! Our Scotchguard protection treatment can help clean carpets remain that way for up to 6 months!

Will you bring all necessary cleaning products and equipment?

Answer: The Fantastic carpet cleaning technicians always carry everything they need along with them. Dirty carpets are all you need to provide.

Do professional carpet cleaners vacuum first?

Answer: Yes, vacuuming stains and pre-soaking them are parts of our service that come prior to the main cleaning.

Should you vacuum after getting carpets cleaned?

Answer: You shouldn’t have to worry about anything other than drying your carpets after our service.

How long does it take carpets to dry after cleaning?

Answer: With regular carpet cleaning companies, cleaned carpets are left to dry for up to 12 hours. With our Fantastic company, as well as the hot water extraction method, 95% of the moisture inserted into the carpet will be extracted during the service itself.

Your carpeting should dry out about 6 hours. Open your windows or turn up the A/C if you wish to increase the speed of the process.

Is my carpet too old to clean?

Answer: Every piece of furniture has an expiration date. For carpets, it could be anywhere between 10 and 20 years, depending on how often you have it cleaned, and how well you take care of it.

If your carpeting is more than 15 years old and has a visible colour loss, wrinkling, or the carpet pile is crushed, it would be best to consider getting a new one.

Does professional carpet cleaning remove dog urine?

Answer: Dog urine (or any pet urine) is usually hard to remove. However, for our Hot Water Extraction method, urine stains are among the easiest things to clean. Our carpet cleaners can effortlessly tackle urine stains on your behalf!

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*Data has been extracted from our internal database for the past 12 months

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