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Enjoy a rodent-free home environment with our effective mice control

The mice extermination specialists operate in Melbourne, Sydney and several other major Australian towns!

  • Safe, industry-approved and innovative methods
  • Experienced and qualified pest control technicians
  • Blocking of entry points and prevention tips included
  • Same-day, weekends and public holidays availability
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Our mice pest control service in 4 simple steps

1. Request your service online

Scheduling mice control with us is easy - just complete the booking form on our website or via our GoFantastic app!

2. Your assigned expert arrives

We will send you a friendly local mice control technician to inspect your property and locate the access points.

3. Employing the mice treatment

The specialist will rid you of the rodents in a safe and efficient manner and advise you on how to mice-proof your home!

4. Safe and sound home environment

Now, when the pests are gone, you can enjoy the cosiness of your home, knowing that you and your property are safe!

How to identify mice infestation signs

Mice are sneaky and fast, so spotting a mouse in the house can be a difficult job. Luckily, these furry creatures leave plenty of telltale signs behind, which can tell you that you are dealing with rodent intruders. Below you can check the most common signs of a mice infestation.

  • Scratching noises: from the mice scurrying along the floor and scampering around cabinets and inside walls;
  • Mice droppings: typically found near food sources, in cupboards, under sinks and in hidden areas;
  • Gnaw marks: on plastic food packaging, walls, furniture and cables;
  • Tracks and runaways: such as smudge marks, footprints and urine stains that can be seen under a blacklight held at an angle;
  • Musky odour: from the urine of the rodents, which has a very distinctive stale ammonia smell.

Mice infestation signs can be easily confused with those of rats. However, while both rodent species may share certain similarities, the main difference is that rats are bigger and their gnaw marks, footprints and nests tend to be larger.

If you are still unsure whether you are dealing with mice or rats, don’t worry, just call us and a pest control specialist will come to inspect the situation.

What can you expect from our mice control solutions

To deal successfully with the mice population in your home, Fantastic Services will use traps and baits. This method has proven to be highly effective in this case, since mice are curious and bold creatures, which can be easily lured to new things, unlike rats, which are known for their neophobic behaviour and tendency to avoid unfamiliar things. Here, you can check the steps the specialist will take to make your property mice-free:

Property inspection

Your local mice control technician will arrive promptly, bringing the necessary equipment. Their first job will be to thoroughly inspect your property. They will check for possible entry points, locate the mice nests, as well as determine the level of infestation.

Mice treatment

The specialist will use expanding foam or another sealant to patch all entry points. Next, they will set bait stations in strategic locations around your house. The technician can also decide to use traps, either as an alternative to the bait stations method or as an additional treatment.

Post-treatment visits

We also offer a guaranteed mice control service, which we recommend for infestations that are on a larger scale. Should you choose to benefit from this option, if you think that the rodents haven’t been fully eradicated or they’ve returned, you can request the professional to return after the initial treatment and check the situation.


While the expert is still on-site, they will be able to tell you the possible cause of the infestation and advise you on what preventative measures you can take to avoid the mice from returning.

What to expect with our mice control service

Mice are sneaky, destructive and disease-carrying creatures. What’s more, they tend to multiply at a rapid rate, meaning that a couple of mice can quickly grow into an infestation and cause you big trouble. However, by resorting to the help of Fantastic Services, you can solve your mice problem easily and efficiently. And to offer you a real first-class service experience, our mice control service has been designed to provide you with a value-for-money solution to the problem:

  • Licensed pest control technicians
  • Every specialist is vetted, professionally trained, certified and works with first-class products and specialised tools only.

  • Safe pest control methods
  • We can guarantee you that the mice treatment we employ is safe for you, your family and any pet in the house!

  • No more property damage
  • With our effective mice treatment, you will forget about any scratched surfaces and the mess caused by the mice in no time!

  • Eliminating the health hazard
  • Mice are known to spread dangerous diseases, so by removing them, we significantly reduce the health risk for your family!

  • Commercial mice control
  • Our service is suitable for tenants, landlords, residential and commercial building owners, as well as for real estate agencies!

Need help with another type of pest? Fantastic Services is here for you!

Did you know that you can also turn to Fantastic Services if you have a problem with any other type of pest? That’s right, we operate throughout Australia and specialise in the treatment of various kinds of insects, rodents and even wildlife intruders! Whether you are looking for reliable rat control, effective ant treatment or safe possum removal, just contact us and we will be sure to come to your aid promptly!

Frequently asked questions

  • Q: How to tell I am dealing with a mice infestation?

    A: The most common signs indicating the presence of mice are gnawed cables and furniture, cylindrical droppings and a musky odour. You can also make certain that you have rodents in the house by sprinkling some flour or baby powder on the floor and checking for tiny footprints the next morning.

  • Q: How did the mice manage to get into my house in the first place?

    A: Mice are very sneaky creatures. They can easily crawl through tiny holes and cracks in walls, ceilings or near windows. They can also enter a house through the sink and bathtub drains, sewer pipes or the gas heating system.

  • Q: Do mice pose a health hazard?

    A: As cute as these rodents may look, they can be very dangerous for your health! Mice are known to carry numerous diseases that can be transmitted to people either through their droppings or bites. That’s why you should never try to approach a mouse if you see one in your house.

  • Q: Will you be able to remove mice nesting behind walls?

    A: Yes, this won’t be a problem for us! Even if the mice are nesting inside your walls, they will need to come out of their den at some point for food. When this happens they will be lured to our strategically placed baits.

  • Q: How can I make changes to my appointment with you?

    A: You can use your Fantastic account to manage all your current bookings with us. Just log into it, proceed to the Dashboard section and from there, make the amendments you would like. But please, make sure to notify us at least 48 hours in advance!

  • Q: Do you offer any discounts?

    A: Absolutely! You can enjoy regular discounts, reduced rates, credits towards future services and many more perks once you become a member of our Fantastic Club!

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