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When it's time for a basement cleanout

Strong backs and willing hands make light work of basement cleaning.

  • Quick and efficient basement clearance - includes loading, transportation and disposal
  • Eco-friendly rubbish removal - anything that can be reused goes for recycling
  • Combine junk removal with basement cleaning services
  • Saves hours of your time and some heavy labour too
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Here are the four easy steps of basement cleaning and junk removal

1. Book a service

Make your appointment using our fast and easy online booking process.

2. Greet the pros

Your professionals will arrive on time, fully prepared to provide you with the best service.

3. Time to clear the basement

Fantastic specialists will start with the job according to your priorities list.

4. Enjoy your tidy basement

You will be amazed by the new look of your basement and the free space available.

Combine basement cleaning with junk removal

If your basement has turned into a space for storing junk and you'd like to use it for something more useful, the size of the task ahead might seem daunting. Worse yet, who cleans a junk room?

Don't worry, professional help is at hand. Contact Fantastic cleaners to get a team in to take care of the basement clearance, then follow it up with basement cleaning. Simple!

Basement Cleanout

Make the most of your cellar with a basement clearout

Using your basement to store unwanted furniture, broken electrical appliances and old exercise equipment really isn't the best use of the space. Maybe your basement could be a games room, a cosy area for cool winter nights, or...well, whatever you want it to be.

But nothing can change until you get rid of the clutter. After the basement cleanout, it's time for the basement cleaning. And isn't it handy that you can use one central contact point to set both of those things up?

Basement Clearance

Getting the most from your basement clearance service

When you get in touch you'll be asked a few questions. Things like access to the basement and to the unwanted items in it, and the volume and nature of rubbish for removal. Use our app or online booking platform to contact us and you could send photos to show what's involved. From this, we'll help you work out how many rubbish removers you need, for how long, and the size of the van required to take everything away.

With the details agreed you'll get a quote and choose a convenient day for the work to be done.

On the day of your service, your team will arrive and set to. They can take away piled up rubbish or, with your direction, sort through the room, removing the things you don't want and organising the things you do. It's your service, the rate you're quoted covers the length of service you've requested. How you use that time is really up to you.

With the junk gone, the cleaners can come in. Again, you book the time you need, so just book a long enough period to get all the tasks on your wishlist taken care of. That could include dusting, vacuum cleaning, window cleaning, cobweb removal and anything else that's required to make your decluttered basement ready for whatever you want to do with it next.

Frequently asked questions about basement cleaning and junk removal

Q: What if I don't want any cleaning done, just rubbish taken away?
A: That's absolutely fine. Many people find that with the junk gone, it's an ideal time to deep clean the basement but if all you want is a basement clearance service we'll give you a quote for just that.
Q: How many people should I book?
A: This mainly depends on how much stuff there is to get rid of. Two or more people working together is generally more efficient than a single worker. If you have heavy items of furniture to dispose of you will need to book enough people to lift them safely.
Q: What sort of rubbish do you take away?
A: General household waste, green waste and builders waste. Basement clearance usually involves removing general household waste, things like old appliances, furniture, unwanted clothes, cardboard and so on. We don't remove hazardous waste.
Q: When can I book basement clearance?
A: This service is available whenever your local tip or recycling centre is open. This varies regionally so we'll discuss it when we have your details.