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Don’t let termites turn the foundations of your house and your furniture into an open buffet. Book a professional termite inspection and treatment today! With Fantastic Services, you get:

  • Well-equipped and fully insured pest control technicians;
  • Discrete termite control, catered to fit your individual needs;
  • Diligent termite inspection;
  • Industry-powered products;

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Fantastic Termite Control. Exclude your home or office from termites’ diet!

Termites feed primarily on cellulose, but they’re in it for a nasty surprise with our termite control services! The destruction of their colony is simply a matter of time when you give us a call. The technicians use professional solutions geared toward high-end termite extermination. But don’t just take our word for it - give us a call and see for yourself!

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Termite Infestation Signs

There are several ways you can detect a termite infestation. None of them guarantee success, which is why we recommend a professional inspection, but here’s what you can look out for:

  • Tunnels in the wood - when termites announce open season on the wood in your home or office, they always leave their mark. You will find hollow tunnels in the wood. If the infestation is particularly serious, you may even see holes.
  • Cracks in the wood - noticing cracks in wooden surfaces may also point toward an infestation.
  • Screeching - screeching sounds and termites walk hand in hand. If you hear weird sounds coming from wooden surfaces or furniture, it’s more likely to termites than ghosts.
  • Weakened structural integrity - if the wooden materials around your home or office seem weakened, this may point out to a termite invasion.

Termite Control

When you book the Fantastic termite control, you get professional results. Here’s how it works:

Inspection - the first step in the process is inspection. The goal is to find out as much about the infestation as possible. The technician attempts to identify the type of termite, source of the pest invasion, and the white ant colony.

Termite Treatment - after the inspection is concluded, the technicians will administer the treatment. Depending on several factors, they might use bait stations, spray, dust, or a combination of the three. If the situation is severe, the treatment might require a long time and several visits. Ask our friendly customer support representatives for more information.

Prevention Tips - you can enquire how you can prevent such an infestation in the future.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Q: Can’t I just wait for the termites to die on their own?

    A: Termites have an average lifespan of one to two years. However, their queens can last decades, supplying the colony with new workers and soldiers the entire time. Over her lifetime, a single queen can hundreds of millions of eggs. So we wouldn’t count on the infestation going away on its own.

  • Q: Should I remove damaged wood to contain the infestation?

    A: It may seem intuitive to do so, but we advise against this. It’s entirely possible it will cause the white ants to transfer to another, safer region, causing the infestation to spread faster.

  • Q: Why are termites called “white ants”?

    A: Many people confuse termites with ants. At the first glance, they may appear similar to the uninitiated. However, their bodies are pigmented and broader than ants, and there is no clear separation between segments. Not to mention their antennae are straight.

  • Q: What are those noises I keep hearing from the wood?

    A: If you have a termite infestation, then you’re probably hearing the white ants communicating. They do this by hitting the now hollowed wood.

Say "bye" to the termites!