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Rodent Pest Control with Fantastic Services Group

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  • Full service: Inspection + Treatment
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  • Comprehensive protection of your home
  • Elimination of health hazards
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You've got rodents? Fantastic Pest Control is at hand to help!

1. Book rodent removal online with just a few clicks.

2. We send a fully equipped rodent pest control expert at your property.

3. The technician will inspect & treat your place for rodents.

4. Enjoy your pest-free home.

The Risks of Postponing Your Professional Rodent Control Appointment

Fantastic Services will provide you with certified pest controllers , who have the experience to determine the level and nature of the damage that may have been already done by rodents in your home. People are often unsure of whether they are confronted with a single intruder like a possum or they have been exposed to a family of rats, rummaging through their property every night. An expert examination, followed by an effective pest control treatment will prevent you from the detrimental effects that rats or mice can cause in the future.

That being said, if you have rodent problems, it’s most likely you have a rat problem. They are a huge issue in Australia for two reasons:

  • They can damage your property quite easily
  • Spread diseases

Don’t underestimate the damages a rat can make. Like any other rodent rats have to gnaw on their teeth. And they will gnaw on your walls, roof, water pipes, electric cables. A hole in the wall can be easily fixed, but a fire or water damage could be devastating. And those not-so-little critters cause that to hundreds of Australian homes every year.

That’s why we have a very thorough process of investigating the threat and never neglecting an area.

Rodent inspection with endoscope camera.
Pest technician coming for rodent treatment.

But what if you have mice?

Mice should be treated the same way as rats. They are smaller in size and usually don’t leave the same damages, but you shouldn’t underestimate them.

Thanks to their smaller size they can easily fit through all small gaps in your house. There they will find food, shelter and the perfect conditions for a breeding area. Mice can multiply very quickly. One female can have around 7 litters per year on average. One litter can have around 8 new mice. And there is no seasonality. So you can do the math and figure out how quickly they can become an issue for you.

But don’t you worry, we will get rid of them too.

Frequently asked questions

Q: I don’t feel like dealing with the dead rats after your service. Can you help?
A: Yes. You can request an additional visit by a rodent control expert, who will remove any rodent carcasses for you. Please, be aware that there are some limitations to the service with regards to locating the animals. We would not attempt to remove floorboards, for instance, in order to find a dead rat.
Q: I have a cat. Is she at risk when you apply rat baits around my property?
A: Fantastic Services employs pet safe rodent control methods. Your technician will provide you with professional aftercare and safety advice.
Q: Are there other rodents besides mice and rats?
A: A lot! But those are the ones that are considered pests. Guinea pigs, Capybaras and Chinchillas are not exactly a thread for Australians.
Q: I clean my place regularly. Why do I still have pests?
A: Most pests look for shelter and food. So it's not only cleanliness, but your food supplies and water. Cleaning can't help you if you have easy to access food sources.
Is every property treated the same way?
No. Each home is different and has different types of problems.
How many pest exterminators do you send?
Usually only one and that's enough. Sometimes the problem is too big and we can send to people.
Can I book a same-day rodent pest control service?
Yes, although subject to availability applies. Fantastic Services always strives to respond fast to any emergency situations, especially when it comes to our pest removal services.
How do possums actually manage to settle inside the space under the roof?
Possums are able to jump up to about 3 metres. They are very adaptable animals and it is not a problem for them to figure out how to reach locations, situated at certain height. Your garden can offer a variety of means for a possum to climb up to the roof, whether we are talking about the downpipes, a climbing flower lattice or a pergola.
Why rats pester families even when their properties are very clean?
Well, rats and mice are not necessarily looking for dirty places. They are more or less attracted to an available source of food and shelter. Moreover, during breeding season, the rodents will try to find a secure place to raise their young offspring. Hence, the best proofing solution against rat and mice infestation and recurrences is to block points of entry.
Do you deal with insect infestations?
Absolutely. Please, refer to the specifically dedicated page on this website and find detailed information on the types of insect control solutions that are available to you.
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Fantastic Pest Control, part of the Fantastic Services brand, offers express rodent control services for property owners and tenants in Australia. We are an insured and licensed anti-pest service provider, hence, customers can confidently count on our expertise in dealing with all types of pests. The qualified and certified rodent removal technicians will eradicate mice and rat infestations by employing industry-powered methods and techniques. We use only approved and pet-safe pesticides after thorough inspection and evaluation of the scope and type of pest problem you might have. Proofing solutions, prevention and aftercare advice are provided at the end of each pest removal session.