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The Risks of Postponing Your Professional Rat Control Appointment

Fantastic Services will provide you with certified pest controllers, who have the experience to determine the level and nature of the damage that may have been already done by rodents in your home. People are often unsure of whether they are confronted with a single intruder like a possum or they have been exposed to a family of rats, rummaging through their property every night. An expert examination, followed by an effective pest control treatment will prevent you from the detrimental effects that rats or mice can cause in the future.

Property damages: These may include chewed on wiring and insulation; roof insulation damages, ruined plasterboards and wallpaper, holes in floorboards and claddings, etc.

Noise pollution: Nocturnal rodents can easily trigger insomnia in humans by scratching and screeching relentlessly through the night.

Health risks: Rodents and especially rats are disease-transmitting pests. They are a dormant health hazard, as they will contaminate food, left in the open. Mice and rats can be also flea-infested and can double the trouble for you and your family.

Additional Pest Removal Services

Possum Removal - The native to Australia marsupial is a protected animal and only licensed specialists can deal with a possum if it has found harbour in your property. The trained technicians will try to catch the animal and relocate it away from your home. Alternatively, the marsupial will be lured out and all the entry points will be sealed off to prevent the possum from returning. The service includes at least two visits.

Bird Control - Birds are, of course, part of any urban landscape but sometimes they can become a pest. There are plenty of available solutions, which will deter pigeons, sparrows and other birds from causing problems to you and your property. Fantastic Services offers comprehensive bird control solutions, provided by experts who hold the appropriate licenses and qualifications.

Frequently asked questions

  • Q: I don’t feel like dealing with the dead rats after your service. Can you help?

    A: Yes. You can request an additional visit by a rodent control expert, who will remove any rodent carcasses for you. Please, be aware that there are some limitations to the service with regards to locating the animals. We would not attempt to remove floorboards, for instance, in order to find a dead rat.

  • Q: Do you deal with insect infestations?

    A: Absolutely. Please, refer to the specifically dedicated page on this website and find detailed information on the types of insect control solutions that are available to you.

  • Q: I have a cat. Is she at risk when you apply rat baits around my property?

    A: Fantastic Services employs pet safe rodent control methods. Your technician will provide you with professional aftercare and safety advice.

  • Q: Can I book a same-day pest removal service?

    A: Yes, although subject to availability applies. Fantastic Services always strives to respond fast to any emergency situations, especially when it comes to our pest removal services.

  • Q: How do possums actually manage to settle inside the space under the roof?

    A: Possums are able to jump up to about 3 metres. They are very adaptable animals and it is not a problem for them to figure out how to reach locations, situated at certain height. Your garden can offer a variety of means for a possum to climb up to the roof, whether we are talking about the downpipes, a climbing flower lattice or a pergola.

  • Q: Why rats pester families even when their properties are very clean?

    A: Well, rats and mice are not necessarily looking for dirty places. They are more or less attracted to an available source of food and shelter. Moreover, during breeding season, the rodents will try to find a secure place to raise their young offspring. Hence, the best proofing solution against rat and mice infestation and recurrences is to block points of entry.

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