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Our End of Lease Cleaning Services Come with Numerous Benefits

The thorough cleaning service that gets your deposit back!

  • Service without a time limit - we do it until it’s done
  • Coordinated with REA end of lease cleaning checklist
  • 72-hour bond back guarantee
  • Fully insured vacate cleaners
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Book our bond cleaning services in just 4 steps

1. Book your end of lease cleaning service online.

2. Clear the rental property of any personal belongings.

3. A friendly team of professional cleaners will come for a top-to-bottom clean.

4. The place is ready to be presented.

End of lease cleaners in action

What sets our end of lease cleaning services apart?

Our experienced and dedicated local cleaners are extensively trained to deliver high-quality professional vacate cleaning, following REA-approved checklists. They won’t leave the premises until all cleaning tasks have been done for the final inspection to the highest standard.

Accessible every day of the week

Explore our bond back cleaning availability, and secure a booking for a schedule that suits your needs. Benefit from our exceptional customer service.

Environmentally friendly cleaning techniques

We employ eco-friendly cleaning products and methods to reduce our impact on the environment.

Oven cleaning included

Deep oven cleaning is part of our move-out cleaning service. Rest assured, we'll ensure the oven, inside and out, is cleaned to perfection, nearly restoring it to its original state.

Bond back guarantee

With our 72-hour re-clean guarantee, we're confident in our service. Our end of lease cleaners will clean all spaces in your rented property, ensuring your landlord or property manager is impressed with the results. In case of any complaints, we'll re-clean within 72 hours, free of charge.

Fantastic Club perks

Fantastic Club members enjoy various perks like discounted service rates, priority booking, and exclusive access to special promotions and offers.

What to expect from your end of lease cleaning service

Clear the property of personal belongings

To enable the exit cleaning service, clear the rental property of all personal belongings before the end of lease cleaning team arrives. Also, make sure to turn off the freezer and fridge at least 24 hours before the service for proper defrosting.

Meet the local cleaners

Our bond cleaning team will arrive at your property, equipped with the necessary tools and top-notch cleaning supplies. They will carefully inspect every corner to ensure all areas requiring attention are included in their comprehensive bond cleaning checklist.

Top-to-bottom thorough cleaning

Once their equipment is indoors, the end of lease cleaners will start immediately. They'll clean all reachable surfaces in the property using suitable detergents, with a focus on the toilet, bathroom, and kitchen areas. They'll wipe everything clean and attend to the floors with either mopping or vacuuming as needed.

Deep oven cleaning

As part of the service, the oven will receive an extensive cleaning. Its removable parts will be placed in a cleaning solution to soak while the professional cleaners thoroughly attend to the appliance's main unit. Every part will be wiped inside and out. After that, the soaked parts will be rinsed and put back in place, the appliance will look nearly brand new.

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Agency-approved end of tenancy cleaning checklist

  • Kitchen cleaning
    • Wipe cupboards inside and out
    • Sanitise the sink and drain
    • Wipe and polish tapware
    • Professionally deep clean the oven inside and out
    • Clean the stovetop and rangehood
    • Dust and clean the extractor and the exhaust fan
    • Wipe the benchtops and all surfaces
    • Clean and polish splashback
    • Sweep and mop the floor
  • A bathroom cleaned by Fantastic Cleaners after renovation works
    • Dust and clean all cupboards in and out
    • Disinfect and clean the toilet, behind it and the toilet seat
    • De-lime and descale shower, bathtub, shower screen
    • Sanitise and polish the sink and tapware
    • Wipe and dust-free the exhaust fan
    • Polish mirrors, windows and window tracks
    • Clean and descale wall and floor tiles, remove mould and soap suds
    • Wipe the space behind and under appliances
    • Clean and polish all surfaces
  • Bedrooms
    • Remove cobwebs
    • Clean dust from light fittings and light switches
    • Clean wardrobes, built-in cabinets, cupboards and drawers inside and out
    • Wipe dust from furniture
    • Clean doors, door frames and doorknobs
    • Wipe dust from windows inside, window sills, clean window tracks
    • Clean the space below and behind the furniture
    • Clean dust from skirting boards
    • Thoroughly vacuum carpets and rugs
    • Vacuum and mop floors
  • Living room cleaning
    Living areas
    • Sanitase and polish all surfaces
    • Remove cobwebs
    • Clean dust from furniture and shelves
    • Clean all windows inside, wipe window tracks and sills
    • Wipe clean and polish mirrors
    • Clean dust from doors and door frames
    • Sanitise light switches and doorknobs
    • Wipe dust from skirting boards
    • Thoroughly vacuum all carpeted floorings
    • Mop all the hard floors throughout the entire property
bond cleaners

What standards must the property meet for the end of lease cleaning?

To deliver the most exceptional bond cleaning services, we have a few specific property requirements:

  • The exit cleaners arrive fully equipped to provide the service, but their effectiveness relies on the availability of running water and electricity at the property.
  • The property should be completely unfurnished and free of personal items. While the cleaners are fully trained for the job, small items could obstruct the cleaning process and might be at risk of damage.
  • Convenient parking near the property is essential for the technicians, especially if carpet steam cleaning is necessary due to the heavy machines they use.
  • If you won't be home during the vacate cleaning, it's important to arrange access for the cleaners. Set up a meeting or establish a key pick-up location.
  • If a freezer cleaning is scheduled with your lease clean, remember to switch it off at least 24 hours before the service. The freezer should be defrosted to allow the experts to properly clean it.

Moving out from a big property? Your bond cleaning can require some additional services

Our end of lease cleaners offer additional tasks like exterior window washing, deep cleaning the fridge and dishwasher, dusting blinds, wiping walls, and more. These tasks can be included in the move out cleaning service upon request for an extra charge. For any inquiries, our sales agents are available to assist and answer your questions.

Book end of lease cleaning in combination with other of our high-quality cleaning services, and you can get discounts! End of lease is most often booked with: tile and grout cleaning, upholstery cleaning, mattress and curtain cleaning, carpet steam cleaning, window cleaning, high-pressure cleaning, bbq cleaning and more. You can rely on Fantastic Services for all your domestic and office cleaning tasks.

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Frequently asked questions

Q: Is window cleaning included in the vacate cleaning service?
A: The end of lease cleaners will thoroughly clean window frames, sills, and tracks as part of the standard cleaning process. Any request for exterior window cleaning will incur an additional charge. Please ensure the windows are accessible from the outside for this service.
Q: Do you bring cleaning detergents and equipment?
A: The local cleaners arrive fully equipped with cleaning detergents and machines. They only require access to electricity and running water to complete the service.
Q: How many cleaners will come to the property?
A: Usually, our cleaning teams consist of two cleaners, tailored to the property size. Upon receiving details about your property's size, we'll assign the appropriate team. For bigger jobs, we can arrange teams of three cleaners to ensure efficient completion.
Q: Is carpet cleaning included in the exit cleaning?
A: As part of the vacate cleaning services, carpets and rugs receive thorough vacuuming. However, if you desire carpet steam cleaning or stain treatment, it's necessary to make a specific request, as these services aren't included in the standard package and will require an additional cost.
How do you clean carpets?
For standard types of fabric, we use the Hot Water Extraction method and use powerful equipment to ensure the best results. Firstly, the cleaners will vacuum the carpets and pre-treat any stains. After that, they proceed with steam cleaning. You'll receive a receipt as proof for both the landlord and property manager.
Is oven cleaning included in the bond cleaning service?
Yes, the oven will be deep cleaned inside and out as a part of the service. The stovetop and range hood will also be wiped at no extra charges.
What isn't covered in the standard end of lease cleaning package?
Not included in the bond cleaning packages are wall spot cleaning, blind wiping, exterior windows cleaning, fridge/freezer cleaning, carpet steam cleaning, balcony, garage and outdoor cleaning. Additional fees will be incurred if you wish to include any of these in your service.
Is your pricing based on hourly rates or a fixed fee for the entire job?
The end of lease cleaning service is not limited in time. The price depends on the size and layout of the property and if there are any extra services booked with the standard package. The cleaning team will stay until everything is cleaned up to standards.
What if there are dirty spots missed?
If, by rare chance, the cleaners miss any cleaning areas, we'll arrange a re-clean at no extra cost. Remember to inspect the property, and any issues should be reported within 72 hours after the initial cleaning.
How soon can the cleaners come to my property?
The cleaning team usually start at 7 am. If you have specific requests, we're open to making alternative arrangements.
What if the cleaners broke or damage something in the property?
The cleaning teams are fully insured, so if any accident happens you’ll be compensated accordingly.
Do you clean ceilings and chandeliers?
The chandeliers can be dusted upon request. Ceiling cleaning is not part of the standard package. On-site, the cleaners can provide a quote for this service based on the condition of the ceilings.
Do you charge extra if the cleaning is done during the weekends or on Bank Holidays?
No. We do not charge extra during weekends and Bank Holidays.
Are the cleaners trained?
Yes, all cleaners pass a professional training program with our Quality Control managers to guarantee a high standard of end of lease service.
Are they any hidden charges?
All of the prices include GST, const of detergents and equipment. The only additional cost that might apply is the parking fee. Hence, we kindly request arranging free parking if possible.
I am selling my house soon. Can I book your bond cleaning service in this instance?
The purpose of the bond cleaning service is to guarantee the safe return of the rental deposit by meeting specific requirements. However, you can still benefit from a thorough cleaning of your property by booking our one-off deep cleaning service, which is hourly based. The choice is yours regarding whether you prefer to pay per hour or per job.
Can you clean mould from the walls and ceilings?
Mould removal is an independent service, and we can provide you with a quote after conducting a thorough inspection of the property's condition on-site. Please note, mould in bathroom silicone cannot be cleaned and should be replaced instead.
I own several properties for rent, which need a good clean. Can you help?
Of course. We can be of assistance to any multiple property owners, whether they are rental investors or property developers. Preferential rates may apply.
What are your working hours?
Our working hours are 8:00 am until 6:00 pm. Appointments beyond these hours can be arranged, but please note that additional charges, particularly for evening bookings, may apply.
Do you clean blinds and curtains as part of the service?
The bond cleaning package includes dusting the blinds. If you want them to be thoroughly wiped or if you want steam cleaning the curtains, you need to order the special end of lease package which comes with an extra charge.
Do I have to pay for parking?
It will be great if you could arrange free parking in front of or close to the property. The cleaners come with lots of detergents and heavy equipment. If that is not possible, the parking fee will be included in the end price for the service.
What happens if my Landlord is still unhappy with the condition of the property?
Your vacate cleaning service is covered by a 72-hour guarantee. Within this timeframe, the cleaners will re-clean any areas that did not meet your landlord's expectations.
Is wall cleaning included in the service?
The cleaning service includes wall dusting and cobweb removing. Upon request, the cleaners offer stain and spot treatment for an additional fee. You can book wall spot cleaning per wall or as a package covering the whole property size.
If I want to clean my fridge or freezer, is it necessary to defrost it?
Yes, the fridge/ freezer must be defrosted 24h prior to the cleaning service. This will enable the cleaners to thoroughly clean the area. Have in mind that fridge/freezer cleaning is not included at the end of lease cleaning service and you should pay extra if you request the service.
What happens if I book for a certain time, but the cleaners finish earlier?
The end of lease cleaning service is not time-based. The cleaners will stay on the property until everything covered from the package is left. sparkling clean. For small properties, the service usually takes 3-4 hours, for bigger ones it can take 6-8 hours. The service price is discussed before the service. You can also opt for additional services to complement the package in case you missed including something during the initial booking.
Do I have to stay home while the service is being performed?
No, your presence at home during the service isn't necessary as long as prior entry arrangements have been made. We can collect the keys from your landlord or lease agency, within a 5km radius of the property. Alternatively, you can leave the keys with a neighbor or specify a location for the cleaners. We'll keep you updated before, during, and after the service. It's advisable to inspect the house/flat before the cleaners finish if possible.
Does the service include cleaning light fittings?
As part of the standard cleaning package, the cleaners will dust all light fittings in the property. However, if you prefer a thorough wipe, kindly take them down, and the cleaners will clean them accordingly.
What payment methods do you accept?
We accept card payments.
Do you work on Public holidays?
We operate seven days a week, including on national holidays. You can reach us anytime via call or chat, and you can conveniently book a service online as well.
What areas do you cover?
You can take advantage of the professional end of lease cleaning in all Melbourn, most of Greater Melbourne, Sydney, most of Greater Sydney, also in Perth and Brisbane.
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Our full coverage of end of lease cleaning in Australia

We provide end of lease cleaning services in most major cities in Australia and a full city coverage in locations like Melbourne, Sydney and Perth. For a full coverage information, check out the link below:
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Our end of lease cleaning service in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane and Perth is available with Fantastic Cleaners, part of Fantastic Services, on a non-time-limited basis. The service is covered by a 72-hour guarantee for your peace of mind. You can also benefit from a wide range of other professional cleaning services, which cater for specific indoor or outdoor areas of your property. Whether you require hard floor cleaning, pressure cleaning, upholstery treatment or carpet stain removal solutions, you can count on the extensive expertise and high-end professional equipment of qualified cleaning specialists, who have joined our Fantastic crews.