A nature-friendly approach to the services you love

Everything we do is done with nature and sustainability in mind. Fantastic Services combines modern technology and intelligent service design so you can take care of your home or place of business in a more nature-conscious way.

We are certified by:

Our nature-friendly ways

  • Eco-friendly detergents
  • Electric-based machines
  • Lower travel distance
  • Delivering real trees
  • Responsible waste disposal
  • Restoration over replacement

Our road to sustainability

Get the services you love without guilt

We make your place squeaky clean with nature-friendly methods and detergents. And we use electric-based equipment instead of petrol-based. And sometimes we don’t use detergents at all. For example, we do external window cleaning with purified water so no chemicals are required at all.

Don’t throw it away when you can have it fixed or cleaned

The mattress, upholstered chairs and seats, the sofa, carpets and rugs, the oven and fridge. And many other items. We can clean them professionally in order to make them look (almost) as good as new. This way you don’t have to throw them away if they are fully functional. It’s a great way to reduce waste.

Saving about 30,000 miles/year (18% of travel time)

The Fantastic professionals travel fewer miles thanks to our custom-built travel optimisation software. This allows us to save about 18% of travel time and significantly reduce CO2 emissions.

Opting for real trees

Back in 2019, we started a tree-planting initiative. Property owners who have yards can have a tree planted for free! Also, we encourage people to get real trees for Christmas because it is far better for the environment than the plastic alternatives. We deliver them right to your doorstep!

Responsible disposal of waste

We offer convenient and reliable responsible waste disposal. So if you really have to throw something away, we come to your place, we load it, and we take it to the nearest suitable facility where it will be sorted out accordingly.

Phone calls are bad, go online instead!

Did you know that about 57g of CO2 is produced for every minute of a phone call? That is why we encourage online communication. All our services are easily accessible through our website and GoFantastic mobile app. It’s all connected and easily manageable in your Fantastic account.

Building a sustainable business model

To us, sustainability goes beyond the norm. Fantastic Services is an international franchise. We work with local communities and service providers and we teach them about our nature-friendly ways. Nature takes care of us so we can take care of each other so can take care of nature.

Easy sustainable living tips from real experts

Often living sustainably is about forming new habits that are healthy for you, your family and the environment. Our tips will help you get you started.