Professional Bed Bug Extermination

Can’t sleep at night? Feel like something’s crawling in your bed? Let us restore your peaceful sleep! Book our bed bug extermination service and you get:

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  • A fantastic treatment according to industry standard;
  • Careful inspection;
  • Fantastic effectiveness;

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Fantastic Bed Bug Treatment. We defend you where you’re most vulnerable!

Bed bugs have the capacity to damage your life beyond the bedroom. They’ve claimed many a reputation. They’ve caused many an insomnia. They can even be the source of post-traumatic stress disorder and ever-lasting anxiety. These creepy crawlies are by far the most dangerous pests for the human psyche. That’s why Fantastic Services Group is here to help! Don't hesitate to book bed bug control and rid yourself of the pest!

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Bed Bug Infestation Signs

A bed bug infestation is usually not difficult to detect. Here are some worrisome signs:

  • Live bed bugs - if you notice small, brown-reddish insects crawling around in your bed, then you can be sure your mattress is infested.
  • Rusty stains - if you notice stains on the mattress or linen, you can be almost certain it’s bed bug excrement.
  • Bites - waking up covered in red spots is never a good sign. Bed bug bites are red, itchy, and irritating. Visit your doctor if you have any such complaints.

Bed Bug Extermination

The bed bug control service includes the following steps:

Inspection - the technicians inspect the property and your mattresses for signs of infestation. They will determine the source of severity so they can figure out the best course of treatment.

Treatment - at this stage, the experts will treat the property. The best practice would be to treat every room. Otherwise the infestation may simply move.

Second visit - bed bug control is a two-visit service. The second visit will determine how effective the treatment was.

  • Q: Is there anything I should do after the treatment?

    A: You should not clean the treated areas for at least 4 days. This means no mopping, vacuuming, washing, scrubbing, or cleaning of any kind. Otherwise you might affect the insecticides and render them useless.

  • Q: What do bed bugs eat?

    A: Primarily blood. They're sneaky and wait for us to go to sleep, then call an open season.

  • Q: How long does the treatment last?

    A: The treatment can last up to a month between the two visits.

  • Q: Are bed bugs dangerous?

    A: Bed bugs come to us in our most vulnerable state - sleep. Waking up in the middle of the night covered in blood-sucking insects can be quite a traumatic experience. They are not physically dangerous, though they’re quite the nuisance. Some people have developed post-traumatic stress disorder because of them.

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