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Professional roof plumbing services in Melbourne

Maintain your roof and property’s integrity by assigning any roof leak repairs and roof plumbing installations to Fantastic Services!

  • Qualified and experienced roof plumbers near you
  • A range of roof plumbing solutions
  • Provision of quality materials and parts
  • 7-days availability, including public holidays
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How to book our roof plumbing service in Melbourne

1. Contact us via this website

Get in touch with us to tell us about your roof plumbing needs and we’ll get back to you shortly to arrange an appointment with a roof plumber.

2. On-site inspection and diagnostics

On appointment day, an experienced local roof plumbing expert will inspect the task at hand so that we can prepare a precise quote for you.

3. Time to repair

The professional will assess the situation and complete the requested job.

4. Your peace of mind is restored

The roof leak repair, gutter replacement or roof plumbing installation job will be completed with industry-grade materials.

How does your roof plumbing service in Melbourne go?

Most roof plumbing jobs, we usually need to address, are related to roof leaks and gutter repair issues. But we also get requests for some more complex roofing projects, such as gutter and downpipe installations or replacements. Whatever your roof plumbing needs are, the certified specialists we work with will execute the service with your highest satisfaction in mind.

See what to expect from your roof plumbing service:

  1. The roof plumbing technician will inspect your roof and guttering system to diagnose the leak repair problem or to get a clearer picture of what and where you need to install.
  2. If the repair job is on the small side, they’ll proceed with restoring the working order of your roof drainage system there and then.
  3. In the case of a more complex roof plumbing repair, installation or replacement job, you’ll be supplied with a quote via email before the service is completed on another day.
  4. Note that the certified roof plumbers in Melbourne work with quality materials only and thus, they can guarantee the high-standard job results you’d expect.
  5. At the end of the service, the roof plumber will check again that everything is repaired or installed correctly to ensure that your guttering and roof drainage system function as they should.
  6. The technicians will also ensure that there’s no mess left behind upon completion of the job.
Roof plumber working

What the Fantastic roof plumber in Melbourne can do for you

The Melbourne roof plumbers we count on can help you with a wide range of roof repair and installation jobs. Our services come with a 6-years guarantee on all the repair and installation work done. In accordance with the Victorian Building Authority’s legislation, the licensed roof plumbers can provide you with a compliance certificate, when applicable.

Now, have a look below at some examples of how we can help:

  • Emergency roof leak repairs;
  • Roof leak detection;
  • Leaking roof repairs;
  • Gutters and roof repairs;
  • Box gutter replacement;
  • Roof flashing and coverings installation/replacement;
  • Installation of downpipes, guttering and water disposal systems;
  • Stop ends and cappings construction
  • Rainwater tank connection and installation
  • Stormwater downpipes replacement/installation
  • Designing and installing a roof drainage system
  • Sunroof installation
  • Preventative roof maintenance

We work with fully certified roof plumbers, who serve both domestic and business customers in the city of Melbourne and the surrounding areas. They boast expertise and experience in roof repairs, as well as in replacing and installing quality roof drainage systems. In addition, the professionals can replace various roof components that are key for your property’s water tightness and rainwater management, which includes its harvesting and correct disposal.

Roof gutter repair

What common roof plumbing faults our clients experience

Let’s see what issues you may encounter with your roof and guttering system that need to be addressed by a certified roof plumber.

  • Skylights leaks in moderate to heavy rain;
  • Compromised flashing around the chimney;
  • Chimney leaks in rain and stormy weather;
  • Roof leaks in heavy rain;
  • Water leaking through the tiles;
  • Roof ridge leaks;
  • Roof gutter leaking;
  • Damaged guttering and downpipes;
  • Collapsed gutters that need replacing;
  • Loose or worn-out gutters;
  • Faulty downpipes.

The above list, of course, is not extensive, so if you have any other types of roof plumbing problems and concerns, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us and request a professional roof inspection. Furthermore, as we all know, prevention and regular roof maintenance can save you a lot of hassle and future repair costs. So, even if you suspect an issue with your roof drainage system, you better call in a professional to check it out right away.

Frequently asked questions

Q: Why would my roof sometimes leak even if I’m certain that there are no repair issues present?
A: Well, in severe weather, there could be a few reasons for your roof to leak. For instance, it can be caused by the poor capacity of the gutters to dispose of the rainwater. Or strong winds may be forcing water to seep through the roof ridge vents.
Q: Do the roof plumber work at hourly rates?
A: Yes, our roof plumbing services are charged hourly. They are also subject to a call-out fee that includes 30 min of labour. Note, however, that for some more complex roof plumbing installation projects, you may be provided with a fixed quote, inclusive of all the materials used.
Q: What if the roof leak is simply caused by dirty gutters? Can you clean them?
A: Absolutely. Just let the roof plumbers inspect your roof rainwater drainage system, first. They’ll be able to identify the reason for your leaking roof with precision and then, they’ll advise you on the best course of action.
Q: Do you provide drains and sewer repair services, as well?
A: Yes, we do. You can visit the drains and sewers repair and installation service page on this website for more detailed information.