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Call us immediately! They look like fluffy little animals, but could be dangerous.

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Why you should get rid of possums quickly

At first glance a possum is not a very dangerous-looking creature. They are kind-of-small and fluffy. But there is more than meets the eye.

Possums could be a danger to your kids and pets.

Think of the children! Like any other wild animal possums could be carriers of different diseases. Their urine and faeces are the main source. It’s well known kids like to touch all dirty surfaces. And this way they can catch a variety of infections transmitted by these pests. For example:

  • Buruli ulcer - a skin and soft tissue infection
  • Tularemia - a bacterial infection that causes fever, ulcers, sore throat and more; it can be transmitted through a scratch or bite from a ringtail possum or from infected ticks or fleas

If that’s not enough, the sole fact that possums, like all wild animals, can carry ticks and fleas creates a risk for your kids and pets.

Another issue with pets is stress. Cats and dogs have a strong sense of smell and hearing. Imagine some critter constantly moving in your attic, screeching and releasing new odours. This could drive your pets mad. If you’ve seen your pet being nervous and staring at the ceiling, this could be the reason (or ghosts).

Possum Control Melbourne

Possums can damage your property.

This is the main reason why people don’t like these pests.

Possums love hiding in attics, ceiling voids and rooftops. It’s easy for them to access them as long as there is a hole the size of a tennis ball. Those spaces are cosy, protected and provide the perfect shelter.

The problem is you might have a lot of wiring moving through there. A possum could chew through the wires and cut your power. Or even start a fire.

Also, they can chew your weatherboards and plasterboard.

And let’s not forget the smell they can leave.

possum control Melbourne

But you can’t kill possums. You have to gently put them away!

According to the Wildlife Act 1975 possums must not be harmed in any way. You cannot harass them or interfere with their lives. This is the catchy part.

Still, if they are living in a building there is the option to catch them, using a specialised trap, and release them no further than 50 metres from the capture site. Read more here.

So what should you do?

Call a professional possum catcher who can help you out. All licensed rodent control experts have the proper equipment, know the law by heart and will treat the little animals humanely. Don’t choose any pest controller. Trust the people with experience. And since you are here, you can call us at 1300 233 268 for more information.

It’s better than doing it yourself, because inappropriate treatment of possums could cost you a lot.

The types of possums you can encounter

There are two types of possums in Melbourne and Australia - Common Brushtail and Common Ringtail.

The common brushtail possum is grey and about the size of a regular domestic cat and as the name suggests, have bushy tails (black in colour).

Common ringtail possums are much smaller. Think of a guinea pig. They also have grey backs, but the bellies are white and rusty-looking limbs. The name comes from the long tail, which has a white tip.

Both types see great in the dark.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How do I recognise whether I’ve got rats or possums?
A: Call an expert and they will tell you. Usually possums are a lot noisier, since they could be bigger.
Q: I have possums in the garden. What can you do?
A: Unfortunately not much. Possums can be dealt with when they are in buildings. But when they are in the garden out in the open, you just have to let them live their lives. You can put motion-activated sprinklers, plant strong-scented plants or place a possum nest box in a strategic spot and well away from your immediate property.
Q: Are you insured?
A: Yes we are!
Q: Do you use only humane methods for catching possums?
A: Absolutely! Possums cannot and must not be harmed in any way.

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