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Hedge Trimming Services for a Stunning Green Space

Trust the qualified gardeners to transform your hedges and shrubs

  • Professional, top-quality tools and equipment provided
  • Enhance the appearance and value of your property
  • Safe and proper hedge trimming, tailored to your needs
  • Additional gardening services available upon request
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How it works?

1. Make an appointment

Book your hedge trimming service online fast and easy using our simple booking form. Choose your best convenient day and time.

2. Greet the pros

Your gardening specialist will be there on time, fully equipped with all the necessary professional tools and machines.

3. Time to hedge trimming

They will observe your garden and will start with the tasks according to your priority list. Don't forget to ask for free professional advice.

4. Enjoy your new hedges

Just in a few hours, you will be amazed by the new refreshed look of your hedges. Please, send us your feedback after the service.

Why book hedge trimming from Fantastic Services?

Having your overgrown hedges kept healthy and shaped by experts in the field has numerous benefits. The gardeners we send are supplied with industry-leading hedge clippers and power trimmers. With their expertise and equipment of the highest quality, you can rest assured your hedges are in good hands.

The experts have the skills and experience to deal with old and young bushes alike. They know when and how to stimulate their growth and remove any unnecessary growth. The hedge trimming experts are also covered by full public liability for your peace of mind.

The benefits of having your hedges professionally trimmed

Both young and old hedges need regular pruning, at least once a year. In some cases, this can be performed more often whenever necessary. The gardeners we work with can ensure the healthy growth and proper development of your shrubs and hedges.

Older hedgerows also need pruning to keep a presentable shape. This prevents them from taking over the whole space and becoming an obstacle to pathways and pavements. Properly done hedge trimming makes the outdoor areas of your property tidy and appealing. It also lets more sunlight in the bush and hedge crowns. You can count on the Fantastic gardeners to transform your hedges and make your garden a paradise!

Our professional hedge trimming services explained

The service starts with an inspection of the hedges and is done in line with your priorities. After the inspection, the team will let you know which tasks they need to perform to improve your hedges and give you an estimate on how long it should take. The latter depends on your specific requirements and the condition of your shrubs.

On the very day of the hedge trimming service, the gardeners will carry all the necessary tools and equipment. These include:

  • Professional hedge clippers and power trimmers
  • Cleaning tools
  • Rubbish bags and gloves

And anything else they will need to fully complete the service.

Younger and older hedges will be shaped and tended to carefully, depending on their condition and needs. The gardeners will trim hedgerows and independent bushes with the base kept wider and the top narrower. This way, the bushes and hedgerows are stimulated to grow happy and healthy. Professional hedge trimming ensures that sunlight penetrates the plants, which is essential for their growth.

Frequently asked questions

  • Q: How many gardeners will you send?

    A: Usually, we send 1 professional, but it depends on the amount of hedge trimming work that needs to be done.

  • Q: What is the price of your hedge trimming service?

    A: The cost is calculated based on the number of hours the gardener works. We can give you a rough estimate in advance if you send us pictures of your hedges and shrubs.

  • Q: Do you dispose of the hedge clippings after finishing the work?

    A: If you have a green bin, we will collect and throw them in there. Alternatively, we can dispose of the clippings for you, but a charge will apply for larger amounts of green waste.

  • Q: When can I use your hedge cutting service?

    A: You can book it whenever needed. We recommend you have your hedges trimmed at least 1-2 times a year. We work 7 days a week, including during public holidays.

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