Ensure Your Home is Pest-Free with Fantastic Pest Control

The four steps to reclaiming your home from unwelcome pests

1. Simply get in touch with us

We strive to respond fast to emergency call-outs, as some jobs simply can’t wait if there is a serious risk to the immediate well-being of the customer.

2. Free inspection on site

An effective pest management plan is drawn up after a careful inspection of the infested site has been performed by a pest controller.

3. Comprehensive pest control treatment

The pest controllers can resort to a wide range of pest extermination or removal solutions, based on the type of infestation or pest issue you might have.

4. Prevention management & advice

More often than not, a pest problem can be dealt with in one visit, when an effective treatment is applied and aftercare advice is offered to prevent infestation recurrences.

The Fantastic Pest Controllers Deserve A Hug ...

  • The pest removal technicians are certified and experienced
    • Fully licensed and insured to execute the service.
    • Interviewed in person and fully background-checked.
    • Have undergone advanced training with the Fantastic academy.
    • Fully qualified to apply pest control methods, in accordance with health and safety regulations.
  • They employ proven techniques to combat and free you from any pests
    • Experts at evaluating the level and scope of pest infestation.
    • Experienced in providing effective pest eradication solutions:
      • spraying with insecticides/pesticides,
      • baiting and trap setups,
      • manual removal and relocation of protected animals,
      • disinfection and fumigation,
      • sealing entry/exit points and installing barriers, etc.
    • Happy to offer their free professional advice on aftercare and prevention.
    • Ready to respond to emergencies and short-notice call-outs.
  • The pest controllers stand by their Fantastic name
    • Arrive promptly, armed with high-end, industry-powered equipment.
    • Apply only top grade and industry-tested pest control products.
    • Your home is pest-free for long with a guaranteed result.

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If it is a pest, we know how to treat it best!