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Reliable and effective ivy removal

Forget about the invasive vines and let your garden thrive

  • Expert ivy removal at ground level and at height
  • Reduce competition for air, light, and nutrients
  • Improve your trees’ health and virility
  • All tools and equipment included
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How do our ivy removal services work?

1. Book your service online

Make your appointment fast and easy using our simple online booking form.

2. Meet your gardeners

Fantastic Gardeners will arrive on time, fully prepared to provide you with a high-quality service.

3. Time to ivy removal

Your professionals will start with the ivy removal, leaving your garden neat and clean.

4. Enjoy your beautiful garden

Now you can sit back and relax, enjoying your protected and good looking garden.

Why entrust Fantastic Services with ivy removal?

At Fantastic Services, we offer ivy removal done by highly experienced professionals. The expert gardeners we work with have all the skills and equipment needed to get rid of this invasive plant without damaging your trees or shrubs. When turning to a specialist, you can rest assured that the vines will be removed properly and save some free time, too.

What’s more, it spares you the risks of injuring yourself when working at height.

Professional Ivy Removal

The importance of ivy removal for a healthy garden

While ivy can bring a fairytale-like look to a cosy cottage, it’s still an invasive plant. It competes with the rest of your greenery for air, light and nutrients, and if left unchecked, it can suffocate your garden. When growing around tree roots, ivy also retains moisture and increases the risk of fungal disease. In canopies, it suppresses bud formation, causes irregular growth, and adds weight which results in structural stress to the tree.

If you want to ensure your plants thrive, there's really no other choice - it has to go!

Professional Ivy Removal

Our professional ivy removal service explained

Once the service is arranged, the expert gardeners will arrive at your property, bringing a range of tools to help them complete the job.

Then, they will get down to business, working patiently to ensure the ivy is properly removed and your trees and property remain intact.

Ivy sap can cause skin irritation, which is why the gardeners come equipped with protective gear. After the ivy is fully removed, they will gather all trimmings and prepare them for disposal.

If you’d like us to take care of the waste for you, the experts can dispose of them for an additional charge.

Frequently asked questions about ivy removal

Q: Do I need to be there while the work is done?
A: No. As long as the gardeners have access to the site and clear instructions on what needs to be done, there's no need for you to be present.
Q: How do I get a quote?
A: All gardening work is charged by the hour. Since it's difficult to say exactly how long ivy removal will take, the experts will conduct an on-site survey and provide you with an estimate.
Q: What happens to the ivy trimmings?
A: They can be gathered together for you to dispose of, placed in your green waste bin if you have one, or for a small extra charge, we can arrange to have them removed.
Q: Can I book ivy removal as a stand-alone service?
A: Yes. If you wish, you can also combine it with other gardening or property maintenance services, such as window or gutter cleaning.