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Tree trimming services for a tidy garden space

Expert tree surgeons with the skills to shape young and older trees

  • High-quality work with aesthetically pleasing results
  • Professional advice on the best course of action
  • Fully insured tree specialists do the work
  • Available all week, including weekends and public holidays
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How do our tree pruning services work?

1. Book a service

Make your appointment online using our fast and simple booking form. Choose the best convenient day and time for you.

2. Meet your gardeners

They will be there on time, fully equipped to provide you with the best service. Just provide them with access to your garden.

3. Time to tree pruning

They will observe the condition of your trees and will discuss with you the best options. Then will start with the job.

4. Enjoy your well-maintaned trees

Your tree specialist will leave your garden neat and clean. Now, you can sit back and enjoy your refreshed and healthy trees.

Why rely on Fantastic Services for tree care?

The experts we work with have extensive experience in all kinds of gardening services, and tree trimming is one of them. The specialists have proven skills in shaping and trimming various woody plants. This has a significant impact on your property’s appearance.

The qualified tree surgeons can shape tree crowns and lower the risk of damages caused by wild branches. They will also remove fallen branches whenever needed. They can remove whole trees from your garden, which guarantees your plants grow happy and healthy.

Tree Pruning Services

The benefits of tree pruning in a nutshell

Properly done tree care services provide a large number of advantages to your green areas. For example, the removal of dead, damaged and broken branches protects the property from potential damages. Additionally, the experts can carry out developmental pruning of young trees, which grants structural improvement. What is more, this reduces the chances of expensive problems occurring and provides extra support for the plants.

Developmental and later tree crown trimming allows for new branches to grow. Thanks to this, young trees develop fully easier. Removing dead branches increases airflow and sunlight exposure, which is essential for the trees to absorb more nutrients.

Tree pruning can enhance the appearance of your outdoor areas and reduce the risks of falling limbs or branches and storm damage. It can also help you prevent problems with paths, driveways, and nearby buildings. What’s more, proper tree pruning can improve your property’s value!

The gardening specialists we work with are fully insured. They are trained, qualified, and supplied with top-grade equipment that is specially designed for pruning and shaping young and mature trees alike. So, you can rest assured that your garden is in safe hands!

Our tree pruning service step by step

On the day of the service, the gardeners will inspect your trees and advise you on exactly what needs to be done. They will arrive fully equipped with all the necessary gardening tools. After the inspection, the service will begin:

  1. The gardeners carefully craft a plan, starting with a safety analysis, and choose the most suitable course of action.
  2. The team reaches the tree’s crown with gardening equipment and ropes. Then, they secure the spot and the nearby tree crown areas.
  3. Using both climbing saws and hand saws, the experts remove excess leaves and twigs. They trim back overgrown branches and shape the tree canopy.
  4. Next, they neatly collect all the tree branches, leaves, and clippings from the garden area.
  5. The tree surgeons chip larger branches using a wood chipper.
  6. The team removes all green waste and clippings from your garden by either disposing of them in the green bin or collecting them in a bag.

The gardeners we work with are experts in both developmental trimming and shaping of young and mature trees. They will make sure to tidy up the trees and their crowns, making them grow healthy and look presentable.

Tree Trimming Services

Frequently asked questions

Q: How long does the tree pruning service take?
A: It depends on the work that needs to be done. Overall, this may take from 15 minutes up to an entire day, according to the species, size, and condition of the trees.
Q: Why should I have the trees in my garden trimmed by experts?
A: Apart from the benefits to the plant itself, a specialised tree care service will reduce the risk of hurting yourself or causing damage to your trees or your property.
Q: Is there any difference between tree trimming and pruning?
A: Actually, there is. Tree pruning is much wider in terms of modifications. It includes full tree maintenance: shaping, trimming, lopping, etc. Tree trimming, on the other hand, involves smaller changes, such as reducing the length of branches and leaves.
Q: What does the work of a tree surgeon involve?
A: This is an expert in trees, who can implement full tree care and maintenance, and consult you on various topics related to your trees’ wellbeing.
How much do you charge for your tree pruning services?
The exact price depends on the type of work you need to be done, as well as the size of the trees.
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Tree pruning is available within the range of services, provided by Fantastic Gardeners, which is a branch of Fantastic Services in Australia. Fully insured and experienced, the Fantastic garden specialists can help with planting, pruning, hedge trimming, lawn edging, mulching and more at attractive hourly rates. For proprietors with busy schedules, we also offer complete lawn care services, which are designed to restore and maintain your grassed plot in perfect condition.