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Sparkling clean oven ready for your meals

  • Regular oven care improves its efficiency
  • Eliminates smoke and fumes
  • Prevents from needing repairs
  • Enhances food flavour and taste

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Deep Oven Cleaning is No Challenge to Our Trained Teams

Cleaning the oven is one of the messiest tasks a homeowner or renter could try to do. We can all agree that scrubbing build-up grease off the oven walls isn't the nicest activity. That's why we ask you to leave it to the professionals. With our special cleaning solutions and techniques, we can turn your dirty oven to a clean and sanitary place to cook your food in.

Cleaning Prices for Oven, BBQ and Other Kitchen Appliances

Appliance Type Fantastic Club price Non-members price
Single Oven - 60cm. $142 $149
Double Oven - 90cm. $161 $179
Stove Top - up to 4 burners $41 $45
Range Hood - 60cm. $41 $45
Large Cooker - 90cm. $179 $199
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The Fantastic Oven Cleaners Deliver Expertise

  • All models and types: We use safe detergents that are suitable for your particular oven, based on the fuel it uses and the material it is made of.
  • Certified and insured: The technicians apply their know-how by employing specialised tools and their proven strong attention to detail.
  • Usable straight after service: Your oven is brought to a showroom like condition and can be used immediately after it has been cleaned (allow 15 minutes for it to heat up before placing food)
  • Additional services: Does your BBQ need cleaning too? Other kitchen appliances (dishwasher, fridge and freezer) and the rangehood of your oven can be cleaned upon request and at an additional cost. Oven cleaning could also be part of bigger services like end of lease cleaning or book it in a regular cleaning session. While we're in the kitchen why not clean your duct and air conditioning?

We Focus on Every Detail During Your Oven Cleaning Service

Your oven detailing service is powered by the technicians; close adherence to industry-approved procedures and company integrated standards:

  1. Your appliance is thoroughly examined and the most appropriate cleaning products are selected.
  2. The immediate area around the appliance is covered with a protective mat.
  3. The oven cleaners take your oven apart, so individual elements can be cleaned separately - the oven door, trays, racks, removable grills, etc.
  4. The chamber is sprayed with a suitable degreaser, which is left to work for several minutes.
  5. Burnt-on food and carbon residuals are carefully scraped off.
  6. The oven interior is wiped clean, including all hidden areas around the fan in convection ovens, above the grill element, if it can be pulled down, etc.
  7. Special attention is given to the oven door, which is thoroughly degreased and polished with a glass cleaner. If the seal is removable, the space between the glass is also diligently cleaned.
  8. All the dismantled elements are put back together and in place. The appliance is polished on the outside to a perfect finish (the stovetop, the door handle, knobs, buttons and switches).
  9. The technicians check if the oven functions the way it should.

Frequently asked questions

  • Q: How often should I clean my oven?

    A: We advice you to have thorough cleaning of your oven every month or every two months.

  • Q: Can you clean my BBQ as well?

    A: Yes. As BBQ cleaning requires similar expertise, you can take advantage of the service by booking it at the same time as your oven cleaning. Discounts may apply.

  • Q: Do you clean commercial appliances?

    A: Yes. We are properly certified to service businesses in the food industry. We clean ovens in commercial kitchens and other industrial settings.

  • Q: Am I eligible for discounts if I book a regular oven cleaning service with you?

    A: Most certainly. And you can benefit from our reminder service, so you do not miss a due oven cleaning session. Depending on the level of use, your oven can be professionally cleaned at 4, 6 or 12-month intervals.

  • Q: Do self-cleaning ovens require a professional cleaning service?

    A: We would recommend so. About once a year, an oven cleaning and detailing specialist should check your self-cleaning oven and service it. In this way, you will ensure that the appliance continues to operate as it should.

  • Q: Do you provide services in the evenings?

    A: Fantastic Services offers evening cleaning appointments at no additional cost. The same applies to weekend and public holiday bookings. We have always endeavoured to be as flexible as we can.

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