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  • Accidental fire won’t be a danger
  • Electricity bills will decrease drastically
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  • Safe and tested oven cleaning detergents
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Professional oven cleaning delivered by Fantastic Services guarantees you a clean and hygienic appliance that will last for years.

  • Responsible technicians - Our oven cleaners are reference-checked, certified, and specially trained in oven cleaning.
  • Fantastic Club membership - As a member, you'll receive exclusive benefits, discounts and priority booking options.
  • Extensive coverage - We provide oven cleaning services to both commercial and residential clients in Geelong.
  • Post-cleaning advice - Maintenance tips will be provided to help you extend the life of your oven and save on energy costs.
  • Easy booking procedures - Contact us by phone, online, or chat 24/7, seven days a week, for a free quote.
  • Weekend and holiday availability - Weekend, bank holidays, and short-notice oven cleaning bookings are all available on request.

Looking to restore your cooking appliances to their former glory? Our professional cleaning service specialises in BBQ cleaning as well. Get your your dirty ovens restored to perfection. With our thorough cleaning cycle and a bit of elbow grease, we'll remove all traces of grime and grease, leaving your appliances looking professionally cleaned and ready to use.

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How does our oven cleaning magic work?

Many homeowners find the oven cleaning to be a very annoying and time-consuming task, so they postpone it until the situation becomes unbearable. And a poorly maintained oven can lead to all kinds of issues, including fire hazard, dangerous fumes, unpleasant smells, and much more. You don’t have to endure all that! Fantastic Services can provide you with a customizable and proven oven cleaning alternative, where you don’t have to lift a finger. Here’s what our oven cleaning service includes:


The entire appliance is closely examined by a licensed oven cleaning technician. Notes are made on the oven model, the condition and any potential issues that may occur.


The oven cleaner puts on protective overshoes and places a cover around the oven to make sure nothing else will be stained during the cleaning. Your oven will be taken apart, so all the removable elements can be cleaned separately - the oven door, any knobs and buttons, the grills, trays, and any other small components.

Deep cleaning

The inside of your oven will be treated with a powerful degreaser, which will require a few minutes to start working. Once it does, the oven cleaning expert will scrub the entire chamber with suitable tools for a good deep clean, to remove all the burnt grease and carbon deposits from it. He will give special attention to the drip tray. Then everything will be rinsed clean to ensure no harmful chemicals are left behind to affect your kitchen appliances.

We use environmentally friendly and eco-friendly productsfor a safe cleaning process. Plus, with our attention to detail, including cleaning removable parts, you can trust us to deliver awesome results every time.

After cleaning

All the parts and the oven itself are then buffed and polished clean. The technician will then assemble the oven and test if it works properly before calling you back to invite you for an inspection of their work.

Experience the Fantastic difference today with a professional oven clean. Don't hesitate to call us! Get your oven cleaned today! The technician will give you a few tips on how to maintain your appliances, you can keep them looking great for years to come.

Have other cleaning tasks handled professionally as well

Why limit yourself with only an oven clean? Our trained professionals provide the people of Geelong with all kinds of other services as well - carpet and upholstery cleaning or a pressure wash with a window cleaning - you name it! Just ask one of our friendly customer service specialists and they can arrange to have all your household needs covered in one day, and you’ll get a discount too.

Range oven cleaning

You can schedule a commercial range hood cleaning with us to have your filters cleaned. The range hood cleaning done by your experienced oven cleaner in Geelong involves manually scrubbing with a degreasing detergent. Rayburns, Rangemasters, Smegs, Agas, and many other brands are suitable for this service.

Extractor cleaning

During this professional deep cleaning, the extractor's filters are removed and immersed in a solution of cleaning solution. Extractor body will be degreased manually using eco-friendly detergents. Especially useful to landlords, tenants, and busy homeowners, this service can save you time and money.

Carpet cleaning

We can clean synthetic, organic, and wool carpets. He can help you no matter if you're moving in or out, need a spring cleaning, or simply want a healthier environment. First, an initial inspection will be done to determine the type of carpet cleaning. Then, the cleaners will pre-treat stains and apply the suitable method.

An inspection will be performed by your technician to ensure the best cleaning solutions are chosen. Next, stain removal products will be applied to stains. The cleaning process uses powerful solvents that provide excellent results without harming fibres.

2h 20min

Average job duration


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Oven cleaning quotes from Geelong:

Deep cleaning domestic ovens

Geelong 27 August 2019
Hi. Two standard domestic ovens need cleaning. One at rental property and one at our new house. Pretty dirty.

Service: Oven cleaning

Oven with range hood clean

Geelong 02 December 2019
Hello, I need deep cleaning for my single oven and the range hood. How much does it cost?

Service: Oven cleaning

Deep clean with oven cleaning

Geelong 14 January 2020
Hi, I am hoping to have my small 2 bedroom, 2 bathroom apartment cleaned including the oven

Service: Hourly, Oven cleaning

How much does oven cleaning in Geelong cost?

On average the cost for oven cleaning in Geelong is $207

Every 8 out of 10 people decided to get the Fantastic Club with their service to save money.

Oven cleaning is the most common service booked with fridge cleaning

131 217 518

*Data has been extracted from our internal database for the past 12 months

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oven clean Geelong
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