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  • Discounts for regular lawn maintenance
  • Prompt and efficient service with 100% satisfaction guarantee
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How we tackle lawn care services?

1. Book your service

Schedule an appointment online via our fast and simple online booking form.

2. Meet the pros

Or don't. It's not necessary to be at home. Just provide us with access to your garden and detailed instructions.

3. Time to lawn care

The Fantastic gardeners will observe your lawn and will start with the most priority task.

4. Enjoy your beautiful lawn

You'll be more than happy with the new look of your well-maintained lawn. Enjoy it!

Why trust Fantastic Services for lawn maintenance?

The gardeners we work with are fully trained, certified, and dedicated to meeting your every need! They use the latest gardening methods and techniques, plus industry-grade equipment and specialised, eco-friendly products.

Fantastic Services, we not only provide optimal results but also have strict company procedures and offer excellent customer support. The gardeners we send will follow your instructions and make sure you are 100% satisfied with the service.

Enjoy your leisure time and leave it to the pros to revitalise your lawn!

Advantages of professional lawn maintenance

Prevent damage to your lawn

Improper lawn care such as under/overwatering, cutting the grass too low or not enough, and using toxic products can cause serious damage to your lawn and take a toll on its appearance. An expert gardener knows exactly what your turf needs to be healthy and vibrant, including how often the grass should be cut, the proper cutting height, how often it must be watered, how to improve aeration, and how to fertilise and keep your lawn healthy.

Saves you time and effort

Most people lead a busy lifestyle and often don’t have the time or energy to maintain their lawn properly. This is where we come in. The technicians we work with are certified to do any lawn care task and will handle the hard labour for you. Devote your time to yourself or your family and leave it to the experts to revitalise your green space!

Increases curb appeal and property value

The first thing a potential buyer sees when visiting your property is the lawn. If it is maintained properly and is eye-catching, it can improve the chances of a purchase. At Fantastic Services, we offer one-off or regular lawn maintenance services to keep your property in prime condition. Have peace of mind and schedule an appointment now!

A beautiful lawn maintained by Fantastic Gardeners
Fantastic Gardener mowing a lawn

What the Fantastic lawn care service consists of

We offer a range of lawn maintenance jobs that will transform your garden, such as:

  • Lawn mowing;
  • Pest control;
  • Scarification and core aeration;
  • Thatching and power raking;
  • Weed control;
  • Mulching;
  • General tidy-up.

On the day of the appointment, a team of two gardeners will arrive at your property. They’ll come fully equipped with high-end tools and eco-friendly products. The technicians will carefully follow your priority checklist to ensure they meet your every gardening need.

The gardeners highly advise customers to consider lawn aeration. It promotes healthier and more durable grassroots, allows water and air to flow to the soil and roots, helps break up dense and highly compressed soil, allows better fertilization, improves drought resistance, and prevents pest infestations.

We aerate the soil by implementing the fracture-tine method, which involves cutting small holes in the lawn. This helps shatter the soil and ensures good airflow. When the other mandatory tasks listed above are also completed, the team will do a general tidy-up of your lawn and leave it looking better than ever!

Gardener repairing a lawn

Frequently asked questions

Q: I cannot be present during the service. Do I need to provide anything prior to the gardener’s arrival, such as access to electricity?
A: Not really, as long as you have provided a clear entry to your property. The gardeners are equipped with high-end petrol mowers and whipper snippers, so electricity is not required.
Q: What if I am dissatisfied with the lawn mowing service?
A: Please, get in touch with our customer service team and share your concerns. Your complete satisfaction with the services we offer is of utmost priority to us. Hence, we will do everything in our power to rectify the issue.
Q: Do you work on weekends?
A: Yes. We operate seven days a week, including on public holidays. We do not charge extra for gardening sessions, performed during out-of-business hours .
Q: Do you have any special deals I can take advantage from?
A: We always offer preferential hourly rates for our regular customers, as well as discounts on combined services. You can book a professional pressure clean for your patio or a gutter cleaning service at the same time as your lawn care sessions and save money in the process.
Do you cut the grass in the rain?
It is not recommended to mow the lawn in wet weather as this may damage the grass roots, as well as wet grass can clog up the equipment. However, generally speaking, the gardening technicians, we work with, are not afraid to work in light rain if requested.
Whose responsibility is to clear the waste after the lawn mowing service?
Regular lawn care produces manageable green waste that can be collected in the customer’s green bin or compost heap. If requested, however, it will be taken away by your lawn care technician. Additional charges apply.
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Fantastic Gardeners

Lawn care is offered at competitive hourly rates as a one-off lawn restoration solution or on a regular basis if you require professional grass cutting, edge trimming and systematic lawn maintenance. Powered by Fantastic Gardeners, a subsidiary of Fantastic Services, the service is suitable for busy homeowners and tenants, as well as commercial property owners.

Your lawn care can be combined with our general gardening, garden clearance and many other services to suit your best your needs.