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Lawn mowing is always fun before it becomes a chore. Let us handle it!

Teaching your son how to mow the lawn is always a commendable thing to do on a Sunday morning. Still, would you ever turn this into a regular pastime? Don’t we all skip, sometimes, a gardening task and leave it for another more convenient day? Well, with Fantastic Services, you can be sure that your lawn will never miss a trim.

Count on the Lawn Care Specialists Anytime

Lawn mowing could be an overwhelming job for homeowners and businesses alike, especially when time is scarce. Furthermore, trusting a professional gardener with taking care of your lawn will ensure that it stays lush and healthy at all times. The Fantastic gardeners know their grass and have the right equipment and tools to take care of your green yard.

  • Regular lawn mowing - An established and well-maintained lawn requires regular mowing and watering in drought periods. Your lawn care session includes an expert line trimming, so you enjoy perfectly neat edges.
  • Seasonal lawn care - Spring and Autumn lawn treatment can be beneficial not only for high maintenance lawns. The service involves preparing your grassed area for the Winter and respectively - for the Summer by top dressing and/or fertilising the lawn. The experienced gardener can inspect and detect any health issues with your lawn and advise you on the most suitable treatment.
  • One-time lawn maintenance - You love cutting the grass every week alright. But you feel out of your depth when it comes to boosting your lawn’s health. You can count on us to do that. Additionally, your lawn may also benefit from our weed control solutions.

Fantastic Lawns Come with Regular Mowing & Professional Care

Seasons and weather changes prompt us to adjust the frequency of mowing our lawns. Lawns may be in a semi-dormant state in the winter but they still require regular, although, less frequent cutting. You will always benefit from our discounted rates if you book a regular lawn care service with us.

As sessions are charged per the hour, you can also request an extra one-time gardening job that needs doing. The gardener will be happy to assist you after cutting the grass as long as you have booked a sufficient number of hours for the completion of the additional task. We also offer many other services you may benefit from. Don't forget to check them up!

Frequently asked questions

  • Q: I cannot be present during the service. Do I need to provide anything prior to the gardener’s arrival, such as access to electricity?

    A: Not really, as long as you have provided a clear entry to your property. The gardeners are equipped with high-end petrol mowers and whipper snippers, so electricity is not required.

  • Q: What if I am dissatisfied with the lawn mowing service?

    A: Please, get in touch with our customer service team and share your concerns. Your complete satisfaction with the services we offer is of utmost priority to us. Hence, we will do everything in our power to rectify the issue.

  • Q: Do you work on weekends?

    A: Yes. We operate seven days a week, including on public holidays. We do not charge extra for gardening sessions, performed during out-of-business hours .

  • Q: Do you have any special deals I can take advantage from?

    A: We always offer preferential hourly rates for our regular customers, as well as discounts on combined services. You can book a professional pressure clean for your patio or a gutter cleaning service at the same time as your lawn care sessions and save money in the process.

  • Q: Do you cut the grass in the rain?

    A: It is not recommended to mow the lawn in wet weather as this may damage the grass roots, as well as wet grass can clog up the equipment. However, generally speaking, the gardening technicians, we work with, are not afraid to work in light rain if requested.

  • Q: Whose responsibility is to clear the waste after the lawn mowing service?

    A: Regular lawn care produces manageable green waste that can be collected in the customer’s green bin or compost heap. If requested, however, it will be taken away by your lawn care technician. Additional charges apply.

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