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Upholstery Cleaning for Sofas, Curtains, Leather and More

Get a new, clean couch, without having to buy one

  • Effective removal of stubborn stains
  • Improved living space with furniture that looks as new
  • Reinvigorated colours and bacteria-free fabrics
  • New lease of life with Scotchgard protection
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How it works

1. Make an appointment

Book your service online using our simple booking form or just give us a call.

2. Say "Hi" to the cleaners

Your expert cleaners will arrive on time, fully equipped with professional cleaning machines.

3. Time to clean your upholstery

They will start with start observing and pre-clean, if necessary, then will treat your upholstery.

4. Enjoy the results

Enjoy your fresh and brand new looking upholstery.

Upholstery Cleaning That Lets You Witness the Difference

When your sofa is stained and your curtains need refreshing, opt for an upholstery cleaning that deals with everything on the spot. We'll send an experienced, fully equipped technician to your place who will take care of the upholstery on site.

Our Couch Cleaning Makes Buying a New Sofa Unnecessary

Residents of Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane and Perth, we present to you our couch cleaning service at a glance:

  • We determine the right cleaning method after a free inspection is performed.
  • Dust and hard particles are removed with an industrial-strength vacuum cleaner.
  • If stains are present, a two-stage procedure is employed before their successful removal.
  • The furniture is, then, dry cleaned or steam cleaned. Please have in mind that dry cleaning is only available in Sydney at the moment.
  • Perfect service to be used with bond cleaning services. Combine them and that might just be enough to guarantee getting your bond back.
Upholstery cleaner applying cleaning solution
Upholstery cleaning machine used by Fantastic technicians in Melbourne and Sydney

When the Fantastic Upholstery Cleaners Arrive at Your Doorstep

  1. The qualified and comprehensively insured upholstery cleaning technicians arrive promptly at your premises and put on their overshoes. The floor area around the furniture is protected and covered with a sheet.
  2. The cleaning operative examines the fabric and checks for the presence of stains. A suitable cleaning solution and the best cleaning method are agreed upon.
  3. The piece is vacuumed carefully.
  4. Stains, if any, are pH-tested and pretreated with the right detergent.
  5. The furniture is steam cleaned if the fabric allows and is left to dry for about 4 to 6 hours. In the case of suede, microfibre or other delicate type of upholstery fabric, the piece of furnishing is dry cleaned with a bonnet rotary machine and the use of a suitable dry solvent. Drying time is not an issue with this method.
  6. Scotchgard protection is available at additional costs, hence, it is applied only if requested.
  7. Aftercare advice on regular maintenance is offered also upon request and free of charge.
  8. You can also request upholstery cleaning as part of your spring cleaning appointment.

More Fantastic Upholstery Cleaning Services to Add to Your Bucket List

Leather sofa cleaning

This is another specialised domestic service, which Fantastic Services provides for residential and business property owners. The technique incorporates only the use of detergents, designed for cleaning leather, soft brushes and a cloth. The technician finishes off the cleaning process by buffing the lounge with a special leather rejuvenator. The recommended drying time is about an hour.

The service can be also requested for cleaning eco-leather pieces of furniture. Please have in mind that leather cleaning is not available in Perth at the moment.

Mattress cleaning

The process involves professional steam cleaning of your bed piece with a high-end hot water extraction cleaning equipment. The steam cleaning method removes allergens, dust and unpleasant stains.

It sanitises your mattress from deep within the bed piece layers.

Fantastic pro cleaning a black leather sofa

Your furniture now looks brand new? Would you like matching carpets?

You freshly cleaned sofa might be the star in the room, but stains on your carpet will steal the spotlight. To prevent that from happening match every piece of your home to your newly cleaned furniture by pairing your upholstery cleaning with our carpet cleaning service. Every home has different needs but most often upholstery cleaning service is also booked with pressure cleaning.

Frequently asked questions

Q: Do you clean upholstered walls?
A: Usually, individual pieces of tapestry and upholstered walls are maintained by regular vacuuming, which successfully removes any dust buildup and other airborne pollutants. Spot cleaning, removal of stains and cleaning mouldy patches can be requested and booked. Please, give as many details as possible to your customer care representative and you will be advised on the best cleaning solutions, available to you.
Q: How often should I clean my sofa?
A: This depends entirely on the level of use and the manner of use, your furniture is subjected to. You should regularly vacuum your soft furniture and spot clean any new stains. You can book our regular upholstery service once or twice a year, where you will be reminded in advance prior to your next routine cleaning session.
Q: Do I have to pay double if I want both sides of my mattress to be cleaned?
A: No. If the bottom side of your bed piece needs sanitising, it will be steam cleaned at no additional cost.
Q: I am moving out from my rented apartment soon. Can you clean the upholstery as part of my bond cleaning service?
A: We can incorporate the cleaning of any upholstered furniture in your move-out cleaning service at preferential rates.
Can you treat suede furniture by using the steam cleaning method?
The hot water extraction cleaning technique is not recommended for delicate fabrics like suede. We usually dry clean suede furniture by applying a suitable dry solvent.
Do you restore leather items of furniture?
The upholstery cleaning specialist may be able to fill small scratches and remedy light damages on your piece of leather furniture with an appropriate leather repair kit. Please, let your customer service provider know, should you require such assistance.
How soon can I use my upholstery after the service?
The upholstery need 4-6 hours to completely dry. Turn your AC on or open your windows to improve the ventilation and speed up the process.
Can you apply fabric protector on my sofa?
Yes, we can. You can request a quote from our customer support agents or our cleaners when on property.
Will the floors be safe during the cleaning service?
Yes. The cleaners are well trained and they know how to take precautions to avoid floor damage.
What kind of chemicals you use for cleaning?
We use safe cleaning detergent. In case, you’re highly sensitive to certain chemicals, just let us know, so we can provide alternative.
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Fantastic Cleaners

Fantastic Cleaners provides professional stain removal and cleaning of upholstered furniture. This is a specialised service, which caters also for delicate, bright-coloured and suede fabrics, as well as leather furnishings.

The professional cleaners, we work with, can offer a variety of other cleaning solutions for your hard floors, outdoor areas, BBQ, windows, tilled services and more. For any queries, please, get in touch with our ready-to-help customer care team.